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    Ordered a Seat Tarraco FR 2.0 Tsi DSG in Dolphin Grey about 3 weeks ago, and dealer told us would be about 12-16 weeks.

    Anyone else have a Tarraco on factory order been told anything different, as worried with the chip shortage the time scale quoted might be inaccurate.

    Just trying to work out if I might need to try and extend my current car term.

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    You won’t need to extend, you keep your car until new one arrives.

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    I ordered FR 190 TSI in Oryx White, no options, 6 weeks ago and it was build week commencing 5th July, I have emailed the dealer today to see if that is or was still the case. He has not replied yet, will give him 2 more days to reply before I call up. He said to me originally when I ordered that it should be here end of July early August. Don’t know if that was just to get the order in, though.

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    Actually dreading paying 4k upfront to be honest. Wish I ordered the petrol 1.6 180 pug5008 at the start of the year 😪 for 2400 up front if that

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    Thank you for replies.

    Puts my mind at rest on current car thank you.

    Figures crossed you will get your car on schedule, purely for selfish reasons as I know will get mine on schedule lol. Not jealous much haha.

    The £4k up front I am comfortable with as the spec and car is worth it, as a car would have depreciation if purchased.

    I purchased a Mercedes e class new in 2016 and sold it in 2018 and lost £18k, so £4k is great in comparison. That’s the way I look at and convince my wife lol.

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    John Morris

    4k AP? Wow. I can’t see a reason to get the tarraco over the Ateca, some extra space but not much and certainly not worth an extra 2.5k on the AP.

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    Hi John

    It’s not a matter of choice its simple physics my scooter will not fit in the cheaper Ateca fully assembled but will go in the Tarraco without even the need to worry or think about an extra inch or two.

    However that said when I get around to visiting one of the two Seat dealers near me I will have my trusted two metre folding measure to re-check the Ateca boot space because it is better value for money but I’m not sure that the Ateca has the back seats that slide forward for those important extra inches but 4 or is it 5 years have passed since I last looked at that car so will check again soon.

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    The Ateca does not have sliding back seats.

    The Tarraco also isn’t just “some” extra space, the entire car is almost half a meter longer, with the boot being 40% bigger (700l to 500l).

    This isn’t taking into account the boot “shape”, the Ateca has a huge loading lip and doesn’t actually feel that big, although on paper it’s not supposed to be small.

    In that size region, you really don’t have many options. The 5008 and the Tarraco, maybe the Touran, and that’s about it if you don’t want to basically drive a delivery van. The Tiguan Allspace won’t be coming to the scheme for at least a while (especially with the normal Tiguan now being removed), so.. yeah.

    We were looking at the Tarraco, but it’s too big for us. We have certain requirements that the car doesn’t meet, for example turning radius due to the hospital that we need to visit often – the multi story there seems to be made for remote control cars. The Tarraco simply wouldn’t get around corners without doing three point turns.

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    Hi Rene

    Yep that the bottom line “if you don’t want to basically drive a delivery van”, my sentiments exactly and yet that’s where Motability seem to be pushing us with their ever decreasing circles of cars suitable for disabled people who carry disabled equipment.





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    I need the tarraco for the 6 seats and don’t want to drive a van. The touran is 4100 ap and very outdated and the Sharon is no longer being built (would have chose that)


    Just had the dreaded email from my dealer


    Just checked the car now. Still not built I’m afraid. I have just had a word with my Sales Director, and he has said that no Tarracos have been built since week 22. There may be a component problem, we aren’t sure, as SEAT hasn’t communicated anything to the Dealers.

    As soon as we hear anything, I will let you know.


    Sad but expected. Roll on Christmas lol

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    Fingers crossed – VW removed Tiguan, T-Roc and certain Golfs from the scheme, rumours are that Skoda is removing cars too.

    If that’s the case, SEAT will too.

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    John Morris

    Ah. Very good reasons. Sorry if I come across a bit flippant but I found the difference minimal inside the actual cabin of the tarraco but I can see the need for storage and space in the boot.

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    John Morris

    And no the Ateca back seats do not move at all aside from the 60/40 old fashioned split

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