Seat Leon Fr Sport

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    Good Morning,

    Finally picked up a car this weekend!

    Absolutely love this Seat Leon Fr Sport.

    In Feb we ordered a Golf R Line and after constant delays and then finally last week being told “You will be lucky to get the golf in 2021” Quickly cancelled, went on Autotrader found a Seat Leon that was available on the scheme called up the dealership and was in the car within the week. The Spec on the car is so much better and came as standard whereas the Golf all had to be added as extra.

    Seat Leon

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    Looks good especially in black. You did well to get it so quickly which proves it’s well worth doing the research to source a ready built vehicle.

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    I’m the polar opposite I picked up the Leon FR 150 February this year and I absolutely hate it.

    I contacted Motability a month after picking the car up to see if there was anything I could do but as it’s my wife’s PIP and not my own and she liked the car then no I’m stuck driving this for 3 years.

    I wasn’t able to test drive the car but I’d previously had a Leon ST 1.6 TDI and then the 2.0 TDI thought it would have been similar with some differences going from diesel to petrol but I just don’t like this new version.

    I would have thought after a month of driving and living with your chosen car you find that you just don’t like driving it you would be able to change it and not left with a vehicle for 3 years that you don’t enjoy.

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    Glos Guy

    Smart looking car. You can tell that a Cupra is a Seat, as this looks like the Cupras on the TV ads.

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