Scooter hoists – does anyone know of used ones supplied & fitted?

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    Hi All

    Computer crashed after I had a list of quite a few installerts that offered to supply & fit used scooter hoists in a vehicle + offered acceptable guarantees on them from around £595.

    I now can’t find any when googling them. I know there was 1 in Filton, Bristol but can’t find any mention of it or any others.

    Can anyone help me with this? It’s a large expense otherwise unless you want to go through motability, which I’m not sure is the route we want to take.


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    I tried googling myself Wwishes, but unfortunately drew a blank.

    Only thing i did find was someone asking the same thing in August last year on a different forum, which again drew a blank there.

    Fingers crossed someone local to Bristol may have a better idea, as I guess whoever does it doesn’t want an online presence… if they are still in business that is.

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    Mike 700

    If you try e bay for used hoists, some sellers will be professional, and will offer fitting and guarantees .

    Hope that helps?


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    I would suggest searching or approaching the distribution companies via email that are mentioned in following link they should be able to state approved suppliers and fitters that may well do reconditioned units.

    Motability may also have a list of approved suppliers fitters you could approach privately too, bearing in mind officially if it’s thier vehichle they have to give permission for any add ons.

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    I’ve tried a few of the approved fitters BUT they just are not interested in fitting a secondhand hoist. Found someone in Nuneaton? or thereabouts that will come to you to put a secondhand one in but again that’s well over £1000. Has anyone managed to get one fitted by a normal garage? I think to get the VAT off the hoist must be fitted before the car leaves the dealership. Unless anyone knows better. £1500 – £3000 is way too high a price for a hoist. The Nuneaton chap told me that his hoists are just a year old as motability insists on changing them every year. – Hmmm I don’t think that’s correct BUT would love to know if it’s true.

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    If you search “reconditioned mobility scooter winch” then click on “images” under the picture it will show link to web site, most of these are suppliers and fitters websites click on link and you should be able to get contact details.

    a lot of the times searching images compiles better search results.

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    Hi Wwishes

    I don’t know if its the same people but the adaptors who fitted my hoist are near Filton, Bristol and here’s a link if that’s what your looking for.


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    Thanks for that ChrisK. This isn’t the one I saw. I have a feeling that I rang them & asked them if they could tell me the garage that was offering the hoists at £595 incl of fitting. Needless to say they said they didn’t know. Filton must have grown a lot since I was last there. lol

    JS – I tried but just managed to see 1 in the Birmingham area. I guess I’m going to have to pay the extortionate approx £2,000 to have a new one fitted to a purchased car IF we go down this route after today. Just about ready to sign for a new Skoda Kodiak SEL after getting a price from a local dealer that was quite a few hundred more expensive than CarWow offer but local not 100’s of miles away. Then I pulled out the paperwork to get it VAT free & salesman said ‘We don’t do that, our finance team won’t deal with that!’ I’m awaiting a call back tomorrow on a definate yeah or nay. I would have thought that a zero in the VAT box would have been easy to add up, maybe not?? 🙁

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    If the problem with VAT is anything I had with a supplier for a spare battery box and batteries for my previous scooter is anything to go by they would not give me the VAT zero rating because they’d been hit by the taxman to pay for all the batteries they’d sold as VAT free over a year and they went bankrupt.

    They were told that VAT had to be paid on the batteries because the same batteries can be used in kiddies toy electric cars and golf buggies but that didn’t explain why they wanted to charge the VAT on the battery box itself as that could only be used with a mobility scooter and has no other use. I got the items elsewhere VAT free but shows the minefield that shops have to go through with just a poxy scooter battery box and they are liable if the buyer is found to be not qualified for VAT free goods.

    When it comes to a car and the vast amount of VAT you can see why a dealer can be cagey about it and more so because I believe, but don’t honestly know for sure, that the zero VAT on cars only applies if the car itself has been adapted and altered for a persons disability and fitting a hoist is not counted as an alteration because it can be easily removed.

    There are some on here somewhere that know the ins and out’s of this a lot more than I do so stand by.

    Best of luck.

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    A hoist according to the Vatman is OK to get the vat zero option. After all it’ll probably cost in the region of 2K. I think a LOT of the problems surfaced because a few were taking advantage of the zero vat, along with the garages so 1 person had 20+ cars over a year, sold back to dealer. Nice little earner! Apparently they had these by just adding a removeable steering ball. Govt stopped this by just allowing 1 car every 3 years & it now has to be parts that can’t be removed that easily.

    Crazily you have to have a wheelchair ro get this, a mobility scooter doesn’t count. Often times hubby has to use his wheelchair as often I’m unable to lift the parts of his scooter, whereas I can just about struggle with wheelchair if we take the large wheels off. It’s getting harder though & depends on how my arthritis (in shoulders, wrist + other places) is doing.

    I’d be interested if some did come here that have managed to get car with zero VAT.

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