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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Has anyone else had the latest Samsung update in last few days. I fear they have gone and done an apple as my Samsung is going slower and internet is all over the place. Thinking of uninstalling the update grrrr</p>

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    Yeah, on my s8+, now on android 8 and samsung experience 9 – chrome browser seems fine, though my canon printer app isn’t working – got a work-around till they fix it – no lagging issues or anything like you suggest.

    Got a feeling though you can’t rollback these updates, once they are done there is no going back – saying that they are normally quick at producing a patch to iron out any issues.

    Normally i see the difference with a major update like this, not really noticed anything this time – same as i normally upgrade my phone every 12 months, but not bothered this time around, the s9 has really only had changes in the camera and mine works well as it is…. so either the tech is starting to stabilise or i’m getting to be an old fart who now likes things just the way they are lol

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    Hi Nick,

    I would wait a couple of days to see if things improve. I notice at holiday times things tend to slow down, this could be due to an increase in the volume of traffic, less staff to optimise servers and also companies I worked for used holiday periods to carryout major IT updates. If there is no improvement by Wednesday then I would start looking at a fix.

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    Hi Trev

    If I get one of these smartphone like the Doro we have been looking at will I have to have a samsung update? If so will it make the Doro phone go all wrong like Nick’s?

    If so i think I would rather stick with my Alcatel flip phone I don’t get any samsung updates with that!


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    nick gray

    good news, I had an update a few days ago and as posted above seemed to go all wrong, this morning at 2am I had another update titled android update to fix bugs, so installed it and all it good, looks like they knew something went wrong and fixed it.

    ive always loved nokia phones until they sold them to Microsoft then a few years later Microsoft sold it back, so I went to Samsung, best phones ever. ive had mobiles from when I was 15 so that’s back in the day before digital was born and the phones then was fun. then came 1-2-1 otherwise known as t mobile, walked into a tandy store paid 149 and walked out with the phone no credit checks back then. 15 a month and all calls free 7pm until 7am and all weekends, those where the days, the came orange and nokia, great phone for its time snake was the game to play lol. any ways that’s my trip down memory lane. ps back then no texting or apps or facebook , it was good to talk !

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    No lightbodyae55, samsung updates are only for samsung manufactured phone, Doro will do their own updates which you can choose to update or not.

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    Hi Trev

    Thanks for the info, I guess a phone update is like an update on your pc/laptop with an update of the OS!


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    exactly that lightbodyae55 🙂

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    Hi Trev

    I understand now!! doh

    Its been a bad day! See thread re bank holiday afternoon.


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    Hey lightbodyae55, no worries – just i just read and commented. But please take care of yourself too.

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