Sainsbury Vulnerable customer list

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    If like me you where struggling to get through to them, try the following number i got through on third attempt no options to hang up on.  Takes 24 hrs after getting through too authorise, They asked for a previous delivery number, so if you have account look through previous orders. Now have delivery arranged for friday evening. 0800 0525500


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    Excellent, thank you 🙂

    I’m on hold now with Muzak, better than being cut off!

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    I’ve been to Sainsbury’s this morning during there NHS and old gits like us hours and was a waste of time having to queue to get in because by the time I came out it being now after the restricted hour, the queue had gone and the shelves were no more empty than when I went in.

    Not sure I will bother using the restricted hours next week because its just causing pointless congestion though at least there were still plenty of BB spaces in the car park.

    Coming home I past Lidi and hardly any cars in the car park even though they were open so hopefully things are settling down now with panic’ers not having any more money or no more space to store anything.

    Still seems to be a problem at Sainsbury’s and Asda with there milk deliveries and I can’t think of one reason why that should be as it’s not panic buyers as the shelves don’t have much milk on them at the start of the day and don’t think for a minute the farmers and delivery drivers are all out sick.


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    11 mins on hold and now on the magic list 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Well that worked!, checked this morning and as if by magic I can now get a delivery this week 🙂

    Many thanks to Honey Monster for the info 😀

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    I did see a post yesterday mid afternoon regarding 1 of the local Asda stores, saying the store is virtually free of customers so now is the time to come & shop. Hopefully with all the bulk buyers not needing to go & shop for a while, the supermarkets supply & demand logistics are more in sync.


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    Thank you honey monster getting my shopping delivered this Friday, you’re a star ⭐️ only rang yesterday on the number you gave, had been trying all week on the other one, so much appreciated. Take care and be safe peeps x

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    Well you have to give the supermarkets credit for looking out for the vulnerable but a shame I can’t say the same for chemists.

    Took 4 journeys to my local chemist, twice not open despite on their web site it says they are, another journey and a big queue outside so returned home and again today the forth time but still a big queue.

    As our prescriptions are now running out and we are running out of time for getting hold of the prescription so my wife had to wait in the queue for over and hour because there letting one customer in when one comes out, this being a 2100 Sq Ft store, just imagine if they were doing that in the supermarkets.

    Just to add to the disorganised cock-up they only had the wife’s prescription and not mine despite me being told last week to put the order in early to avoid problems and just been on to the local surgery to be told were not due that prescription for another week so another one of life’s adventure next week because of misinformation.

    Just happened to pass the doctors surgery coming back from the chemist and there’s a queue of unfortunates there of about 200 yards long of whom many are vulnerable people in wheelchairs or on mobility scooters so they must be using the same one in one out system too.

    Thank you Sainsbury’s and Asda for caring but no credit for Boots the Chemist I’m afraid to say and may I add a shop/chemist that should know better and if you must sale tooth paste, ladies make-up, perfume and electric razors at this time form a separate queue for the folk who are collecting prescriptions……you morons.

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    That’s a disappointment ChrisK we seem to be blessed here, pharmacy is delivering prescriptions to the vulnerable and local shops deliver too.

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    Went to our local Morrisons & they had everything except toilet rolls, pasta & rice. Webt to lidl afterwards & they had everything no shortages & almost no one in there too was almost pleasant.

    Got a big meat order from Musclefood coming on 3rd so that’ll help. Butchers still have fresh dog food at 50p per pound. Only thing I need to get is Lidl Maxx cola at 39p fir 2 litres it’s my one guilty pleasure lol

    Only thing disappointing is the numbers of second homers who have appeared & acting like they’re on holiday they’re still strolling around the village now

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    Got my Sainsbury’s order delivered tonight, driver seemed very rushed.  Only after unpacking it I realised we were several items missing including several packs of part baked baguettes and petite pan so no bread now 🙁

    Website no help at all, ringing the store directly just gives the usual pre-recorded message to ring the customer help line that cuts you off or is engaged.  Tried their Facebook and Twitter accounts, same result.  Finally remembered the number on here, on hold for 90mins and gave up!.  Will try again in the morning.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Waitrose have the first hour everyday and had more stock than my Sainsbury pasta toilet rolls milk is plentiful

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    I went to my local Aldi at 17:30 today car park empty  shop handful of people and they had everything in bulk they even told me they have the stock back is full and building across is full of stock to.they say no need to bulk buy. I agree but with 2 Kids  in all day everyday and not wanting to go back to shop soon I do need more than normal to last me at least a week.

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    Well done young Jane I went last Thursday early6.30am to my big Tesco was near empty and all shelves stacked

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    Waitrose to expensive for me

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    Thanks very much for the telephone number HoneyMonster. I called to register this morning and got connected to an advisor imediately who took my details and set me up. He told me to wait 24 hours and then I should be able to log on and select delivery times up to 3 days ahead and was allowed to make 1 order per week. This has taken a great weight off my mind.

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    I went to our Sainsbury’s, No hygiene measure in place at all. Staff standing around talking in groups of two and three, close and no wipes or gel seen anywhere all the time I was there. Saw someone I know who said they clearly don’t care, staff aren’t  protected at all and it’s horrible. I won’t be going back, I couldn’t wait to get out and get home to wash. So different from the way Tescos are operating.

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    Yes young Elly it’s Tesco all the way and club card points

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    Marlene Clabbie

    Hi, I am almost 68 and have diabetes.  I also have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and I walk with a stick.  Can I be considered to be put on the Vulnerable Customers List please so I can get a home delivery

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