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    I read an item in Irish times concerning lead times ,waits, for new cars UK. Volvo ford mercedes & others are offering cars with no cross traffic alert and many other items missing that are heavy on chips,so you can get your car sooner, no mention of price difference as cars all more expensive ,new & used, chip problem will go well into 2022, I would not accept a car with safety spec items missing , they can keep the half finished cars ,not interested in that at all ,leave them stacked up on an airfield I will extend present car & renew Q4 2022.

    Loosing interest in it all.

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    Want a new car look towards 2022/3

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    Its certainly a pain if they changing things and don’t tell us.

    I currently have a Tiguan on order and have a detailed specification PDF sheet of the car as it was on the day of order and I check once a week that nothing has changed.

    Up to now its been OK with no changes to spec or delivery time, delivery time I’m not too worried about but omitting items from the car could well bring a cancellation and looking at something else. It’s not something I normally do but even after putting an order in for a car I’m still looking out for alternatives just incase.

    I understand your feeling of losing interest as I sat on the fence for a couple of months with my lease extended but then started to get worried about manufactures price increases that everyone is getting, Motability or non Motability customers.




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    Fully agree.  Car should be delivered with the specification advertised.  I suspect that there is something hidden in the small print.

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    I’m sure there’d be trouble with Trading Standards, amongst others if advertised features weren’t delivered.  More likely (and certainly in the case of Volvo) optional extra packages which include features like cross traffic alert are simply not available until the chip shortages are resolved.  All cars have to meet safety standards and insurers work with manufacturers to make each generation safer than the last.  No-one is selling unsafe cars, despite whatever the Irish Times might say.

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    i heard they were asking you to sign an exceptance that missing features will be retro fitted by dealers when available… which could be never tbh..

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    Yes I’m told they are asking paperwork to be signed accepting car in some country’s ,Irish times said,, Volvo pergeot,ford mercedes BMW ,are removing safety items saying safety is not effected ???

    Really, sod that ,car manufacturers loseing sales of  7.1 million cars, they are desperate to shift cars, & the chip shortage will be sorted WHENEVER it’s sorted mid 2023.

    I would never accept my mercedes without paid for spec, I am told I’ve lost uprated sound system, kick under car to open back, hands free phone charger, that’s ok not bothered and maybe multbeam headlights,I will accept that because of situation, but loss of cross traffic alert etc etc NO ,they can keep the car park it up in Hungary or sell it cheeper to someone that will take it on . Or I pay for BASIC CAR .

    Pergeot are makeing new cars all analogue,mercedes are not changing prices they say it’s pandemic not their doing,well I s not our doing iether.

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    stay safe.

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    Is it worth waiting for.


    I think so IF IT IS DELIVERED 

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    Glos Guy

    Micky – you say that you wouldn’t accept a car without paid for spec, but then go on to list a few grands worth of kit that you say your car will no longer have??? If that’s correct I would be walking away unless the AP has been reduced to compensate for it, which I would bet it hasn’t.

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    Lee Bengough

    Not a safety item but recently on the New Citroen C4 page a buyer in Europe was offered a cash incentive if he was prepared to have his top of range C4 Shine Plus like mine without keyless entry due to chip shortage.

    i thought oh is that going to become a cost a option now on UK versions but surprisingly no it’s still standard.

    only thing they have really changed on uk spec cars is the AutO dimming interior Rear View Mirror is no longer being fitted to C4 Sense Plus Models. Just Shine and Shine Plus.


    oh and Citroen has done away with the 1.5 BlueHDi 130 EAT8 Sense Plus and the 1.2 155 EAT8 Shine.

    So my sister had her 1.5BlueHDi 130 EAT8 Sense Plus in time really.

    I can see why with the 155 mind as most of them are ordered in the Shine Plus trim.

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    Well the situation is we have had poxy pandemic ,this has affected nearly everything including manufacture of cars using Sillican chips of which there is huge shortage as you know, it’s wrong for car producers to reduce spec to  supply cars ,they can’t untill 2022/3 , they are loseing money so they will try to get you to accept items missing & deliver your car,  they are desperate to get cars moving I,Iknow people that have said NO.

    But I will accept my car with BASIC SOUND SYSTEM,NO PHONE CHARGER HANDS FREE,KICK UNDER REAR DOOR TO OPEN, MULTY BEAM LIGHTS this I think is anti dazzle oncoming traffic, & I think SELF PARK HAS BEEN DELETED.

    BUT NOTHING ELSE MISSING I want MBUX fully functioning augmentive reality satnav etc etc.

    Or I will just wait a year, can’t do anything about it .

    From what I have read I think ???? My car will show up may 2022 ,ordered in June 2021 with accepted items not there, but I’m cautious ,if alot more is missing ,they can keep the car,I will just plod on with my Mondeo ST estate that has only done 7500 miles. Haveing said this no one ,no one seems to know anything,

    Keep safe.

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    I’m told that mercedes will not adjust AP because their view is pandemic not their fault, cause of it not their fault , it may increase because cars are hard to get now new & used ,big demand it’s all very confusing .

    And apparently THERE IS HUGE DEMAND FOR MERCEDES CARS, different dealerships may offer something as compensation but ???? That’s up to negotiation by buyer ,

    And I suppose equally there are more important things in life ,I wish you and hope you get your new cars on order,and me lol.

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    Micky, can you not change to a lower spec car that doesn’t have these features in the first place?

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    Glos Guy

    You must really want that car Micky. With that many equipment deletions, a ludicrous wait and zero communication I would have given them two fingers months ago! The chip shortage isn’t Mercedes fault, but they seem to be far more affected than most manufacturers. Surely you can’t be expected to pay the same price with a few grands worth of equipment missing?

    Have you test driven a Merc with augmented reality Sat Nav? I had a GLB for a week recently and was really looking forward to trying it (it was a key reason that the GLA had been on our short list). Frankly, I was disappointed. It didn’t add anything and was quite distracting given that the screen isn’t in your line of sight, so you have to take your eyes off the road. I’m now a great fan of Head Up Displays as you get the turn by turn directions directly in your line of sight, as they look as though they are projected on the road ahead of you.

    I guess that the problem that you have now is that there is no comparable car left on the scheme now and if you order something else you go to the back of a very long queue. That’s where everyone is now over a barrel.

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    Hi Glos guy ,yes I want all those features ,I have them now on my Mondeo but not augmentive satnav, im told once used you will always want to use it ? Augmentive satnav which is in line of site on CLA right in front of you plus headup display ,I guess I won’t pay for driver ass pack if I don’t get it, AP is £5600  I’ve paid nothing yet, but my order is firmly in,my dealer is good but like alot of mercedes people know nothing. Customer service UK mercedes just can’t be bothered with customers.

    I got email address to mercedes customer service UK in Holland ?, I emailed them to make an enquiry 3 Months ago ( DEAR SIR  AS A CUSTOMER WITH NEW MERCEDES CAR FACTORY ORDER IN FOR NEW CAR ,IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN CHECK ON BUILD OF MY NEW CAR & POSS GET UK DELIVERY DATE.)

    I got reply very polite he said I will enquire and get back to you ,don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions,

    Then month later I had email that said  ( your dealership apologise and are doing what they can )

    I know that,then today an email from one of this blokes assistants that said

    ( With ref to your (complaint) ?? There is shortage of chips so your car is delayed, we know all that don’t we ,waste of time, mercedes know nothing .

    Dealership knows little but know more than mercedes UK do, it’s a waiting game that’s it wait wait

    & If your lucky ,,one day

    WHOOPEE as long as it’s all there .



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    Yes placing order now is back of que ,if they will accept an order ?? many models removed from scheme, all car manufacturers have same problems some not accepting new orders on scheme  or not ,Volvo BMW ford etc etc ,worst hit pergeot ,I read BMW 3 available but not on scheme ,& mitsbushe stock piled chips, land rover jaguar,yes not on scheme but are  takeing  no orders until mid 2023 ,pergeot are building cars with all Anolog car features no digital.

    Maybe we will all laugh about this some day ????

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    Oh & wigwam I guess so but you will understand apart from

    kick to open rear door

    Advanced sound system to basic

    Hands free phone charger

    Maybe anti glare headlights

    I don’t know yet exactly how car will be

    If I will get car or its delivered

    Its waiting guessing game because no body seems to know anything from mercedes.

    Just can’t get any answers except my orders in.

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    I was told some time ago mercedes deleted self park system as npack wasn’t happy with it ?. You still paid for it .but was disabled

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    There is no way I would pay such a ridiculously high AP for a car that is essentially missing all the bits that make it so expensive.

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    i read that the big german companies want to charge more for less and keep everyone waiting longer as a matter of course. they also intend making fewer vehicles per year; just charge more for them.they believe it makes their products more desirable and that people will pay for the marque. im not really into marques as such, although they often make better cars, its not always the case.

    i remember when skoda were top of pile and vw were way down list.

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    Struth ,yes I think mercedes could well find the way they have ,are,treating customers will backfire ,eventually loseing them customers, as I’ve read people do not forget their Experiances with way they have been treated,mercedes have said they find a mercedes customers that can afford to order new cars how ever they do that ,always return & stay a mercedes customer,well ,this could backfire easpecially the way things are going ,and if they are egnoreing lower sales car orders builds to concentrate on higher value orders & electric car orders ,customers will not forget .

    Buyers will only take so much abuse,then try to find alternatives.

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    Just found an item


    This lot is pikeandbeacham


    VW 6 MNTHS

    VOLVO now  6NTHS


    MERCEDES 8 MNTHS but many different model times


    it’s a mess.

    It’s wait.

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