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    Good morning,thank you so much for contacting us regarding potentially making a claim for the diesel emissions lawsuit. Our interpretation of the eligibility to join any class action claim against some manufacturers is limited to those who have owned a vehicle during the relevant time or who sourced their vehicle via a financial arrangement with the manufacturers Financial Services. We are not in a position to offer any legal advice regarding making a claim and do not intend to join any suits against manufacturers. Please seek independent advice on your eligibility to do so. Many thanks

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    My guess would be if there was any chance of a claim on Motability part they would simply do a deal with VW on future AP’s for there group of cars or if you like, sweep it under the carpet. 😉

    We will never know of any outcome even if they did make a claim and I don’t even think any staff at Motability would be aware of any such claim should there be one other than top level management.

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    Brian Hindmarch

    I had a VW Passat CC a few years ago through Motability  which was one of the cars in Dieselgate. scandal.

    I have an active claim through one of the law firms currently pursuing VW through the courts, It”s not about the cars its about being deceived about how clean they were supposed to be.

    I get regular updates from my legal team and the claim is very advanced with VW having lost on a lot of issues  in the court. The action is not just for owners but for lease customers who were affected too.

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    Brian Hindmarch

    If you search for Slater & Gordon VW Emissions Action,  Its on a no win no fee, and when I signed up it stated Motability leases included  but its up to the individual to make a claim and nothing to do with Motability

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