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    I’m looking for help and advice if anyone can help please? I’ve been in Astra ST models for a number of years now but due to problems with Vauxhall and my local dealership I’m looking towards changing to a different manufacturer.

    I had thought of going to a Ford Kuga but was advised that delivery times are unpredictable and into next year already so I wouldn’t want to go down that route again. I have little knowledge of cars from other manufacturers so I’m looking for suggestions with possible estate or SUV replacements for the Astra ST  if anyone can help please?

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    I think you’ll struggle to get anything quickly, the current situation is really bad for manufacturers.  You could ring round to see what dealers actually have in stock,  Hyundai seem to be one of the few makers that seem to be able to keep going, so you could look at the Tuscon, or if you want to change to electric, the Kona is an amazing car and the AP and delivery times are the best out there right now.

    Good luck, it’s not a great time to be hunting!

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    Thanks for the reply, really appreciate the help.

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    Toyota corolla touring might be worth a look . I had a test drive the other week and I was quite impressed.

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    Been looking on the Motability pages at the Corolla Touring but they all seem to be automatics which is quite surprising.

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    They are all hybrids, so auto.

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    I can also recommend the Corolla but just don’t get the basic spec.

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    What about seat leon estate?

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    I’m hoping for a test drive in the Leon, it’s just the availability that worries me.


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    You will find that they have a lot of Seat leon st`s in stock, you just need to contact different dealers to find what is available to them.

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    It was a 13 week order  in March am due mine very soon its in the UK ready for collection to dealer. It did jump down from week 23 to week 21 build if that helps. I did try a few dealers after the order for stock models but failed to find anything

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    @MrFunky -Which of the many Leon models did you go for?

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    Only went for the cheapest ap the fr 1.5 130bhp but wished I had gone for sport maybe next time

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    It was my wife paying not me lol

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    @MrFunky Hope you enjoy your choice. I just contacted my local Seat dealership and they said there was “roughly” a four to five month build time at the minute.

    Still really well worth thinking about.

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    Reading down the lines seat are working over August but they usually shut down for the month, I Could of got a silver one when I ordered mine stock model that week but thought 13 weeks wasn’t long to wait and think its been the hardest 13 weeks in my life waiting. Week 21 was last Monday and I messeged them Tuesday to see what delays there was and it was on its way to the port, collected Thursday in UK monday just the wait to be collected 7 – 14 days to go to dealer

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    Have you looked at Peugeot 508 Estate but might be high ap

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    I just came home from test driving the Kia Sportage & Soul EV, both with stock available immediately and more unallocated cars arriving in 2 weeks.

    The Sportage was nice, but the Soul has swung us to the EV camp, I spent 2 hrs driving on motorways at 75, A roads at 62 and B roads at whatever felt right & it averaged 4 miles per kw. Very comfy, better than the Kuga for me at any rate. Ride is a bit hard after the S-Max, clearly Kia doesn’t have the same suspension engineers as Ford as the two cars are practically the same kerbweight at around 1800kgs. The acceleration is addictive & overtakes on A roads are done in a flash. Given my mileage we will save between £2000-3000 per year over the S-Max just in fuel, let alone the £1500 lower AP. We will place our order this week for delivery end July.

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    @Abercol Thanks for sharing your test drives, sounds as though you had a great time.

    Not really a fan of the Soul’s body styling, to me it’s exactly what an electric car should look like. The first EVs from years ago had similar body shapes.


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    Any help or views please on the Toyota Sports Touring models?

    I have been told that cars are available for the end of July and the list of features sounds really good. The model the Motability specialist spoke about on the phone was a 1.8 Hybrid which I have to admit means very little to me apart from it being an automatic which could be a problem as I’ve never driven one before.

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    I used to have the 1.8 hybrid touring as my company car. It was a lovely car except for the seats which gave me a numb bum after around 20 mins of driving. However this could have been due to it being the base model with cloth seats. The engine is excellent and even with my fast driving style I was averaging 62mpg. I wouldn’t hesitate to have another but would look at the 2.0l hybrid and higher spec with leather seats.

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