Renegade 2.0 170hp Multijet II Trailhawk (auto) 4×4

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    Long time lurker, due to change the car Q4 but looking round now at options. I know that things can change from quarter to quarter but no harm in looking and getting opinions.

    Does anyone have this car, Renegade 2.0 170hp Multijet II Trailhawk (auto) 4×4 or have any experience of it.

    All views welcome.

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    JS (justsaying)

    I have an ex brother in law car salesman that’s Jeep made, they have come along way and I must andmit looks wise the compass did appeal to me, not sure how it got on real world but there was a couple on the forum that took it it up, personally I’m not sure or keen on the renegade (personal opinion) it looks dated and slightly cheap looking and for most is dealership far a few between,

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    Thanks…………JS (justsaying)

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    The Jeep Renegade was on my short list – we signed for a Toyota C-HR yesterday.
    The Renegade – in Limited spec – would have suited my wife well, but there were too many downsides.

    On the positive – it is a comfortable ‘box on wheels’ with good access, good headroom and a comfy driving position. To my eyes it was quite old fashioned inside (not a bad thing) but retained most of the technology she wanted. It is a Fiat in drag, so it has a very European feel to it despite the USAnian dress it’s wearing – and I’d trust Fiat’s reliability over any American factory (and that’s saying something!)

    But – to add the ‘bolt ons’ that she wanted to make it into a 21st Century car – if I remember rightly these were the Function Pack, Reversing Camera and <something else> it came to a serious wedge of cash up front, more than we were prepared to pay. The icing on the cake were the dealers – despite visiting two Jeep dealers, they just weren’t interested, and I don’t know if that was because it was a Motability deal, they’d sold their target of Renegades, or we didn’t fit the profile of the average Jeep buyer. If the sales side is like that, what’s the service going to be like?

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    theres apost elsewhere about issues with a software update/problems with the compass not sure if it applys to the renegade. personnally i quite like rugged look 4x4s prefer the renegade to the compas definately.its one on my watch list for when my lease ends in 18 as i get wpms the ap is attractive.

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    A dealer, who sells them, told me they were terrible, full of faults and very poorly built

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    Not a great dealer then!

    To be fair, all magazine reviews confirm its no better than average.

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    Thanks all.

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    we have had our renegade longitude for 2 and a half years.

    the dealer at Tunbridge wells was great and the cars been 100% reliable. Not one thing ever gone wrong with it.

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    radiomark can i ask how the ride is in one of those as its on my longlist along with the new jimny if we get any in this country by the time my renewal comes up. havent been able to get a testdrive yet.

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    Thanks radiomark, most helpful information.

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    hi sorry for delay in getting back.

    this was our first motability vehicle after running an ldv convoy anything is going to be more comfortable than that.

    the ride is great in my opinion ,handles bumps fine.we have driven from sussex to durham without any comfort problems.

    the smaller diesel engine is plenty powerful when it gets going and cruises nicely.

    it does bog down a bit at junctions if you dont rev it enough though from first gear.

    as i said been 100% reliable

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