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    Richard Harding

    I have decided on the Koleos as my next car and wondered if anybody knew of any deals available on it. Ideally it would be a stock vehicle as my change date is the 19th September. I am prepared to travel a reasonable distance for the right deal

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Have you driven one? These use a CVT gearbox and not everybody gets on with them. Make sure you have a good go in one if possible.</p>

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    Personally I would go for the X Trail (and I did) as the styling is better and its basically the same car BUT with a sunroof. Why 4WD on the Koleos precludes a sunroof will always be a mystery to me.

    Also beware the CVT auto box, I drove one for almost 4 years and it was hell!

    Good luck with whatever you choose 🙂

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    I tried one when I was looking for my next car, very comfy seats, better built than the X-Trail and slightly wider. The engine is great unless you like to travel foot down everywhere. I’ve had CVT’s before, you soon adjust and this one has plenty of go, so you don’t need to always floor it like my wee Nissan of old.

    Lots of reviews both UK and Australia. See Honest John’s long term test for a 6 month view.  The car is built by Samsung in Korea ,so its a French version of a Japanese car built in Korea…lol.

    Just got back from a month in NZ driving a 2.5 petrol CVT Rav4 (not the new hybrid), similar size & power, albeit petrol & it was no problem over 1700 miles.

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    You spend ages agonising over what to get and then people tell you it’s a bad decision……lol.

    It’s a good looking car and Renault’s are always comfy, my only reservation would be the CVT. I’m assuming it’s the same gearbox Nissan use and that I have in my Juke and it’s bloomin’ awful unless you keep it in sport mode all the time which isn’t so great for economy.

    The Toyota CVT is arguably one of the best available.

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    My original post disappeared, so here we go again!

    I had a Koleos 4WD diesel Auto for an extended 2 day test drive last year, and to be honest I was glad to hand it back.

    Firstly as is said above, the CVT gearbox was truly awful. When pulling away at roundabouts etc, the delay before the vehicle actually started to move was frightening. On a wet road, it was even worse.

    Driving it is sport mode was better, however returned mpg in the 20’s, which for a diesel was not good.

    The 4WD drive system is one of those which reverts to 2WD above 25mph unless the car thinks it needs to be in 4WD. On snowy/wet (as it was during the test drive) country roads when I wanted it in 4WD for better traction, the car thought otherwise, and I got stuck twice (the tyres on it which are conventional summer road tyres probably didn’t help either).

    Other than the actual centre of the seats, the sides parts/wings of the ‘leather’ seats were actually ‘faux’ leather (in other words 1970’s vinyl). With the heated seats on, it made for a sweaty time either side of my back.

    I don’t want to rain on your parade, but make sure you do get an extended test drive in the Koleos as I thought it looked great on paper and in the brochure – until I actually tried it out.


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    If you’re getting it for the 4×4 aspect then don’t bother, apart from the hideous CVT box the 4 wheel drive system is truly horrible and absolutely useless plus the fact it would be on eco summer tyres.

    You would be better off getting any other 2 wheel drive and fitting proper all season tyres with the snowflake symbol on as they will do you year round.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The main point here is that the original poster may happen to like the CVT gearbox but it’s important that you try it out on a decent test drive and not 5 mins round the block. We are all different and like what we like but to me a CVT box doesn’t make much sense on a diesel as it negates the torque advantage of the diesel by allowing the revs to climb too high out of the optimum rev range and then holds it there!</p>

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    Richard Harding

    Thanks for all your thoughts and I got a decent unaccompanied test drive so I was able to get a good feel for the car and as a CVT hater I was very pleasantly surprised by the gearbox

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    If you like it Richard then get it and enjoy it.

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    Sure, if you like the cvt then get it, just don’t expect the 4 wheel drive to get you out of any situation that requires actual grip.

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    I have just had a quick look at the Motability site, it shows the 2WD being a little better on fuel and a couple of hundred pound cheaper. Personally I not sure about the 4WD, but hat is down to choice.

    Regarding the CVT transmission, Renault originally fitted this 2 litre engine and transmission to the X-Trail, but due to poor sales dropped the CVT transmission, I believe the X-Trail replaced this engine with the new 1.7 and no longer uses this engine. I get the impression Renault Koleos is using up all the old powertrain technology, but I am looking at it as an engineering. There is an art to driving a CVT transmission, it does not suit lead foot driving, if you are a careful driver and press then lift on slightly you will get the best of the CVT transmission.

    Have fun with your new car

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    Nissan has indeed switched to the new 1.7/ 1.8 (1749cc) 150hp diesel, but the auto option is still the “x-tronic” CVT unless you go for the petrol, when you get a DCT. The 0-60 times for the new engine are as bad as the old 1.5 DCT diesel, 12.7sec. So the CVT clearly struggles.

    Renault will offer a facelifted Koleos with the same 1.8 150 engine (2wd only) from October & the 175 diesel is going up to 190. All will be CVT only (taken from Autoexpress article)

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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