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      Has anyone had the DiamondBrite package when ordering their Renault please?

      I’ve just ordered the middle Austral and was going to order the boot liner and better mats too but was told if I had the DiamondBrite package, both these were included. Just wondering if these items are the genuine Renault ones.

      I’ve never gone for the DiamondBrite package on any of my previous leases.

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        Its not something I would entertain having with a Motability car and for a private car , I would go to a valeter who would make a far beter job of it, than the dealer.

        As for mats, I always buy aftermarket tailored fit mats, which are on par with the manufacturers quality, but muvh cheaper.

        I would check on Reno “build your car site” that the better mats are part of the Diamondbrite package or whether the dealer is trying to pull a fast one!


          I’m pretty sure the dealers don’t do these things themselves anyway requires too much attention to details and patience lol.

          I’m pretty sure it’s like other specialisms like dent removal they get contractors in and take a % cut. Dwalwrs really don’t seem to actually do much these days, including finding out where your car is lol

          I’m assuming it’s something like a scotchgard package. I’ve agreed to take it on the Enyaq as it was offered at half price of £250 (I’m sure everyone gets half price cynical me) but what was offered was scotchgard inside and out so with kids and dogs thought it’d keep the car nicer for me, sod motability and the next owner.

          Ask the dealer via email if the mats are the exact same ones then you’ve got it in writing.


            Dealers have there own valeters Rich 🙂

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              For the Diamond Brite product, if you can guarantee it’s been applied by someone who knows what they are doing it’s worth it. Unfortunately alot of cases it’s just been applied by the resident car wash guy who probably won’t do the correct prep work.

              Floor mats, you get standard ones for free. The ones in the package are Alpine ones, same quality as the standard mats its just you get the Apline blue logo in them.

              Boot liner, should be the official Renault one listed on their accessories page.

              Back to the floor mats, some dealers have been taking them out and trying to sell them. If this happens contact Renault UK and they’ll either issue you a refund or send you some for free (some people even received the Alpine ones at no extra charge)

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                  Took delivery of our Pearl White Kia EV6 AWD end of January. Dealer applied Diamond Brite inside and out to swing the deal FOC. Would recommend but would not pay extra for it. Does make a difference, rain peels off.

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