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    Hi I hope everyone is as well as can be, I am considering retracting my current order but on the date I made the order I paid around 3k for half the AP and some optional extras. Will my money be refunded in full if I ask to retract my order? Thankyou so much!

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    lou a few points £3000 payment up front being half the advance payment £6000  is a lot what did you order .

    you do not need to pay anything up front you pay when you collect the car, yes you can cancel the order up until you enter your pin, will you get you 3k back  it will depend on the dealer and what you signed  ,  i would say yes , contact the dealer tell them you want to cancel your order you dont need to give a reason .

    the dealer might say you need to pay for the extra or there is a cancellation fee ,

    if they dont give you it back contact motability .

    when you order your next car dont pay anything until the day you collect it providing your happy with the car

    hope this helps

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    I think the AP was around £2350 and then I payed for some options, the dealer wouldn’t accept the order without me paying that first.

    I was told I would be getting fortnightly updates but haven’t heard a word since walking out the dealership back in Oct and Iv been making contact 1-2 times a week since mid Dec. It’s really disappointing and putting me off going with motability 👎

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    motability is fine its the dealer , what did you order

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    I guess you was given the forms you got when you order the car, setting out the amounts and on the rear is the terms and conditions and in there should be a section on cancelling. mostly it’s part of the comsumer credit act and each maker has slightly different terms and a time scale should be clearly set out. They may of also sent you emails like honda did due to covid i could not sign stuff so had to be done electronically. Sometime consumer law is on ourside and  is your friend you should get the full 3k back. The only reason i can see it being an issue is if you do it after they have registered the car to Mb.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I ordered an X1, Rox your correct with the forms being signed in the dealership but Iv been told the vehicle won’t be ready until at least the end of April (it was originally March) so I haven’t signed the final forms as it’s not yet been collected. Hope this makes sense, I’m getting quite stressed and anxious over it</p>

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    it is stressful but you will get through it

    contact them tomorrow and cancel your order

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    I totally get the stress, It’s clear that for 2 months they have not replied back to you…and that really suxxs

    It maybe that person is no longer at the company or been furloughed again. Thats why sometimes a call to them is the best option imo or popping in but as they closed right no one cant just pop in? even though they still open behind closed doors.

    As your x1 has been delayed beyond the original agreement you can cancel the order under the terms it’s the law and maybe it might just be best to call motability explain your issues and the stress it is causing you and they will call the dealer on your behalf.

    When you go to collect the car you sign nothing really all you do is you give them the pin mb sent you (only once you looked at and are happy with the car) that signs the agreement for the actual lease (what ever maker or dealer) They just the broker and act on the behalf of mb..

    Some try to get the pin from you without you looking over the car but they should not… Not all are 100% trustworthy, some are but i trust no one, when it comes to contracts and no payment should be made towards the ap when ordering. Maybe the day before you collect as alot want BT now over a certain amount and most no longer take cash.

    Extras that’s different i guess but i don’t order extra’s ever so cannot comment on that on my 4th car on the scheme now and not once have i paid anything upfront. But i have heard bmw and mercedes asking before they will order. I’d tell them ok then i won’t order then and i’d get something else or call mb tell them…

    All the stuff is done and signed when you order the car I take it you do have a copy of the order, best thing is call and speak to mb asap.

    Call centre opening times:
    Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm

    Saturday: 9am – 5pm

    Tel: 0300 456 4566



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    Thankyou martinod & Rox you have been so helpful and put me slightly more at ease. I have rung multiple times and emailed often twice a week every week…I have a relative in intensive care on a ventilator at present and am grieving my partner so my stress is already high, I was flashed some papers in the dealership and asked to sign the dotted line plus the large payment but I was not given anything to keep myself. This is my first motability vehicle so it’s all very new to me and quite overwhelming/confusing. It’s quite worrying trying to sort it all over the phone as I like to be doing these sort of things in person and have it all slowly explained. I have previously informed motability of this dealer and no communication which they have logged so i think now Iv given it a couple of months I will contact them further. It’s just so disappointing, Thankyou so much for your responses you have definitely made things a lot clearer for me and the tip for double checking the vehicle before inputting the pin is a massive help as I had no idea.

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    I think when we first join the scheme we all know very little indeed and this forum is a big help and source of info.

    Although some info is a personal choice and  one can cancel right up to when to enter the pin, but i’d find that very hard to do for a few reasons the main one there only a few dealers that are local to me and they always been great(The oners i have used) bmw audi and mercedes are not local so they non starters for me just because of servicing etc and it fitting in with life having kids still at school etc and I’ve never cancelled one order as yet and only because of covid and the 1st lockdown was there a delay in exchanging to the new car after the 3 years are up, you order 3 months before and always been ready i have been firm on that to them..

    I have always got some paperwork when i placed an order and often also emails so that i find very strange indeed that you got nothing at all. no wonder you confused and wondering if the scheme is for you..

    I’d say it’s that dealer and it seems some bmw and merecedes dealers are not so great and i have heard of alot of people having the same issues and alot of the time it’s the same group or dealers. they say this and that just to get the sale but then do not keep to the order date or even place an order as so i have heard they need to have build slots and have non or give your slot to another customer whom buying using finance so they make more £££ from the car often on cars that they offered say £500 off the ap on.. So sad indeed..

    personally it being your 1st car you maybe able to get a stock car quicker but that may mean limited choice on trim and colour combos available and no joke you could be in one of those in 7 days to 2 weeks. So that maybe something to consider if and when you do cancel..

    Please feel free to ask for more info and let us know how you get on so we can help you more..

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    Thankyou Rox, it was a local dealer to myself which isn’t too bad but with lockdown it’s a bit more difficult. I won’t want to cancel right up at last minute which is why I’m trying to resolve this as quickly and easily as possible. This experience alone is making me worry about what itl be like in the future for change overs.

    I have heard of the companies selling people’s cars or not ordering them too, I rung up the manufacturer and quoted my order number but the vehicle still hadn’t had a build slot at that time (nearly 2 months after order).

    I mentioned that other dealers were offering £500 off the AP and the dealer said it would simply be coming out of the GCB and to stick with him (without the £500 off) which I did because I knew no different and believed him.

    Il definitely be looking at all options before re placing an order once this one has been cancelled & will certainly come back with any questions/queries. Would it be worth motability re logging the situation or adding to my previous complaint?

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    Seems as if this dealer has lied alot imo and that only adds to your protection under the consumer credit act regarding misleading selling imo, I got £250 off my last car and got my £600 gcb in the post 2 days later from mb so it bs. What i’d do is just call Motability on monday and start looking at other cars specs and prices. which sometimes not easy sometimes you gotta build them to see the full specs.. some you can compare depends on the makers. some you need to look at the extras to see what you don’t get as standard.

    it all depend what you need/want though not me or anyone else only you know..

    The Ap is taken on behalf of Mb but the extra’s i am not sure they are.. Like i said i never added any at all..

    Unless you plan to buy the car at the end I personally see no point in adding extras. As it’s money you will never get back.(but that is up to the individual and i got no problems with those that do, just as long as they informed decsions)

    So i look for a car with all the things i do need as standard and for me that has de-seleced alot of cars everytime and only I’ve only had 2 options max in the end to test drive that intrested me and met my criteria.

    Also all bmw’s, merc’s and audi’s and volvos / acc comes as part of a driving pack at £1k to £1.5 on top of the ap, but on the honda civic it came as standard for The Ap and alot of other stuff also.. I am really loving the car especally how it drives. The only thing it don’t have is heated seats but i am not really missing them that much as the heater is awesome much better than in any car i had so far and i guess i could get a plug in one, if it was a big issue they cost like £10

    One of the big reason’s as well i got the civic sport this time was my son he passed away in 2017 and he was only 16. He loved cars. So i understand your loss and where you at right now, Even now it still makes me feel sad / everyday. it’s because we care so much.

    It was one he showed me not long after i got my golf back in 2017 it came out and he knew my first car was a honda. I was i like it, first civic with a turbo as well. maybe in 3 years i said?  he was my car buddy and it was not easy looking at cars without him and his feedback. brought me to tears.

    The last two cars I have gone for lower down cars as i now need at auto and sometimes something has to give to get things like adaptive cruise control and comfortable seatsthat one needs and  that within my budget. Plus after getting a golf I came to the conclusion I prefer low down cars as they handle better and i do have issues getting into all cars, so really it make not much difference at all to me..

    I spend most of my time inside the car anyway not getting in and out.. I just don’t park kerb side as that really helps alot.


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    I ordered my X1 in June and was told it would be ready mid September,I had been promised with fortnightly contact I have had none so I have rung them and been told early December that did not happen then 2nd week of feb now it will be March. I have only had contact because I rang them.I also paid £500 deposit and I got £500 off the £2500 AP. My current car which has been faultless is a Ford Focus st3 when I ordered it I was told straight away pay the full AP or we just won’t order it,Iphoned motability and they said it’s down to the garage what deposit they ask you to pay and that was 3.5 years ago it’s now common place.


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    Was it wrong of the dealer to tell me the £500 AP discount in other dealerships were coming out of customers GCB? This really confused me.

    myself & my partner had a privately owned q3 which was perfect in every way but went for a typical hatchback when we changed and it was too low, small and unsuitable for myself. I am now on a waiting list for major surgery so hope to have things sorted soon.

    We planned to get another q3 due to the comfort, height and room (plus extra features) which is why it’s been too of my list alongside the X1.

    Rox I send sympathies your way sincerely. My partner was also my car buddy and we spent  lot of time together in ours…he was a hgv driver and my driver so I do get what you mean in that sense, I hope to buy my vehicle at the end of lease and possibly place another order if there is something suitable (I have a feeling a lot will change by that time).

    Richard you sound like you have had an awful time with your X1, what spec, colour/options did you go for? I’m pleased you got the £500 off AP, my dealership wouldn’t do it and said it comes out of the GCB! Iv been ringing and emailing mind i feel hopeless.

    I do hope you get yours soon and enjoy it very much, could you give us a show when you have it?

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    Advance Payments
    This is an amount payable upfront to your Motability Scheme dealer in addition to your weekly mobility allowance. The Advance Payment is not a deposit and is therefore non-refundable. If an Advance Payment is required, the amount is fixed at the price available when you order your car.

    Why it’s needed
    Your mobility allowance may not cover the cost for some larger or more expensive cars. These cars are allocated with an Advance Payment which represents the difference between the amount your mobility allowance covers over the three-year agreement period, and the overall cost of the car you choose

    How it’s calculated
    Each Advance Payment is calculated by considering factors such as the cost of the car, its servicing and maintenance and its expected resale value at the end of the lease agreement. Our expert team negotiates with manufacturers every three months to get the best price for our customers

    When you pay it
    The amount is payable in one lump sum to your Motability Scheme dealer either before or on the day you collect your new car. Some dealers do ask for a holding deposit when you place your order, but any deposit paid will be deducted from the Advance Payment you pay when collecting your car. If you want to pay by cheque, this must be given to your dealer at least seven days before you collect your car, to allow funds to clear.

    Trade in your old car
    If you are new to the Motability Scheme, you can trade-in your privately owned car to help finance the Advance Payment of your new car. Around a quarter of Motability Scheme dealers offer this and the dealer will arrange the trade-in with you directly.

    Advance Payments for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)
    All new WAVs come with an Advance Payment to cover the cost of the five-year lease. The Advance Payment varies across the range of WAVs from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to lease a WAV then a Nearly New WAV might be for you. Nearly New WAVs have a lower Advance Payment than the equivalent new WAV and are sometimes available at no Advance Payment. Speak to the relevant WAV converter for more information.

    Our price guarantee
    Our price lists are usually updated every three months, so you can be assured you’re getting the best prices from each manufacturer. New prices are usually published at the start of January, April, July and October.

    The Advance Payment on a car can change throughout the year. We operate a price guarantee, which means the Advance Payment of the car on the date your order is accepted won’t change, even if it changes while you are waiting for the delivery of your car. The only case where the price may be altered is if the car description is changed subsequent to the original order.

    More about Charitable Grants

    If you lose the allowance during your lease , we will make arrangements for the return of the car and you will not have to make any further payments for the lease. Your Advance Payment will be refunded to you on a pro rata basis.

    Optional extras
    Choosing a car with optional extras such as electric windows or air conditioning will increase the amount you need to pay to your dealer upfront.

    If you are a WAV customer , your WAV converter will be able to give you a price for extras such as parking sensors or separate air conditioning controls for the back of the vehicle. But please note that payment for these will be dealt with separately from the Advance Payment.
    Any adaptations ordered will be outlined in the customer acceptance letter we send with your PIN. The cost of any adaptations, less any grant awarded, is payable directly to your dealer together with the Advance Payment before you take delivery of your car.


    Richard I’ve paid all four of my AP’s on the day of collection even the lastest car which i got in june 2020 and the Ap was £1599 minus the £200 discount i got. I ordered in mid jan and the dealer had the car at the start of feb for the april handover but covid lockdown happened. There was only 3 available in the uk, in the spec, colour i wanted and no build slots before april. So they secured it and there it sat at the dealers till june.

    Not once have i even been asked for the part of the ap or it in full when ordering. They’d get a frank that’s a no from me then and i’d get something else.. The reason they do that imo is so they can mess you about like they doing as you paid and they can make it harder for you to cancel or so they think, but still the consumer credit act applies and it will be in the terms and conditions of how you can cancel your order and under what terms and time frames and maybe when a cost would be occured. It’s law

    They promised you for sept then x y and z, now it’s 9months later from ordering and thus you have a reason to cancel the order simple as.. They have not held up there end of the agreement, period and in the ap is not refundable, mb means after you paid and driven the car away. Then it’s is pro-rata.

    I guess one can read the terms of the mb lease, as well as the dealers terms as they two different things and some we not actually bound by till we sign the actual agreement when we collect the car.. as we lease the car from a 3rd party and the car is supplied and the agreement is processed by dealer.

    Thats also imo why any extras added is between you and the dealer not you and mb.

    That don’t sit well with me that and i herd of quite a few case’s where it’s happen before that they got £500 off and was asked to pay a deposit or they will not order it and then 9 months later still no car and no date for a car.. which is crazy imo..

    I get it prices may have gone up it that time and you still want the £500 off so you wait and wait.. meanwhile you still driving the old car paying the same fee every month rather than for the new car. It’s deceitfull imo..

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    @Lou it was wrong of the dealer to tell you the £500 AP discount in other dealerships were coming out of customers GCB?

    it’s actually a dealer contribution or some give it as a cash back.

    It is nothing to do with Mb the discount at all they pay the £500 discount to mb on your behalf, if the AP was £3k then you’d pay £2.5k but mb would still get 3k and not all dealers can offer it.

    was not easy to get the £200 of the honda but it had risen £600 in two 1/4’s before i could actually order it and it was too much then as when i test drove it the ap was only £999 but i could not order then.. had to wait till jan.

    It’s mainly big dealer groups that get big discounts for ordering cars in bulk and often they have to sell them before the month is up or they start to get charged interest from say bmw (it’s how the car industy works) plus insentives to sell a certain number so they can afford to then offer a £500 discount. often it’s says from stock to be registered before x date. often shows the latest deals about.

    The gcb is paid to you after you hand back the car from mb and the dealer takes the ap on mb’s behalf so it’s a clear lie..

    Also you could order a car from any dealer but normally you’d have to go there in person twice once to do the paperwork and to order and then to collect the car, but you can service at your local dealer or another if you wish.. right now due to lockdown you can order ob=ver the phoneand email stuff to them.

    hope that helps clear that up.. i know some travel a few hundred miles to get a deal and in you postion you ready to order and recieve asap as it’s your 1st car so as i said before that maybe a better option than a factory order.

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    I think a lot of dealers are getting wise to the number of cancellations from Motability customers and this is why they are asking for extras to be paid up front.

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    I thought the dealer was being dishonest with me, he seemed more focused on getting me out the door. I only had the 1 visit to the dealership and was given a strict 15 minute test drive with the same trim but completely different engine which made me feel less confident.

    I could have travelled a little further out for the AP discount but after being informed it would only come out of the GCB I thought it would be a bit pointless.

    Is the online ordering straight forward and easy? I wish the option to test drive was still available.

    I think I paid for 1 of the 2 packs when I placed the order.

    Rox it’s cleared a lot up for me and made me realise how easily duped I have been, Thankyou for your info and advice it’s helped me a lot

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    I think a lot of dealers are getting wise to the number of cancellations from Motability customers and this is why they are asking for extras to be paid up front.

    It could well be Or it could just be that they know that they cannot get the car to you in the time frame setout and will extended the date and by taking a deposit they have some hold over you cancelling, allbeit imo a weak one in that situation.. Alot of people it seems who paid a deposit, that i’ve heard of that has been the case.

    3 months turns into 9 months and still no car..

    The only issue i see a dealer having is if you cancel after they registered the car and then you cancel.

    I am not saying some don’t cancel after ordering but that is your consumer right to do so and they know that, it’s also written in law.

    Many car sales fall threw alot due to finance or other reasons and i have never been asked. Even prior to being on the scheme for a deposit to secure the car or to order it from the factory.. So why in our case’s is it any different as mb are buying the car outright from the maker at a set price and they the dealer are only the broker.

    Extra’s are different though and nothing to do with Mb in anyway apart from them saying yes, you can add them and they reap the reward at the end of the lease if you do not buy the car.

    I have never added extra’s. but still that should not affect your consumer rights unless they have incurred loss and imo the only way that can happen is if you cancel too late and they registered the car to mb or to a person if you buying privately. or the dealer go’s bust otherwise if they refuse to refund then one would have to take them to court and in most case they got no loss to claim from you so cannot keep your money.. it will just cost them more money..

    So they will refund they may try and mess you about and lie and mislead you but they done that in this case clearly from the start imo.. What gets to me is also, it’s usually people that don’t know and stand firm and refuse and walk away. I bet they call you saying i spoke to the manager and he said we can order it.. just this time..

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    @lou It’s pretty normal that the test drive is in a car that’s not the exact spec or engine as for the rest it can vary some dealers give 2hr or even 24hr test drives some 30 mins but 15 mins thats crazy imo..

    Some now even following you in another car so i heard, covid deffo being used as an excuse as well.

    plus we have to keep the car for 3 years so it has to be right for us, lockdown could last a while longer than they 1st said, so thats another issue altogether.

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    I wouldn’t of minded if a dealer followed me separately but I would of liked at least a couple of hours rather than the small 15 minutes. I’m lucky in the fact we previously owned a q3 so know that model should be ok (and welcomed back) but it does make this first experience a very poor one for myself.  Covid has certainly made things harder for everyone, it’s ashame it’s being used for a lot of excuses/reason aswell

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    My only experience of getting a deposit returned is when I ordered my last car and had to cancel due to the delivery date changing from 5 months to 9 months, though that sounds petty today with the delivery dates we have now.
    I knew the car was going to be perfect for me and my disability so when the dealer asked about a deposit I thought nothing of it and was more than happy to pay £500 up front.

    After 4 months pass I was hearing rumours of the delivery date being 9 months and could not wait that long so decided to cancel. After several calls to the dealer it seem like the dealer was avoiding me, like they do after signing on the dotted line, but he was always busy according to the receptionist and never returned my call after requesting it. I couldn’t appear in person because I too was on a £500 discount from the dealer and the dealer was 77 miles away.

    End of story, rang Motability and told them and the very, very nice lady said “would you like me to ring the dealer and cancel your order and demand the refund” well you can guess the answer to that and within minutes the order was cancelled and a few days later I got a cheque for my £500.

    Hopefully Motability will sort this for you Lou as quickly as they did for myself.

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    That sounds very similar to what I’m going through, I think after reading this il contact motability as I have already had it logged before xmas.

    I do hope it can get resolved as quickly as yours was chrisK

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