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    I know that Motability will pay for rear sensors if the car doesn’t have them, but will they still do that if the car comes with a camera?



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    Which Mobility Car

    I do not believe they will, as a camera ‘trumps’ sensors in the options list. Should you need the audible alert due to a medical condition, talk to Motability.

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    In the case of Mitsubishi, no rear sensors are not added if the car has a rear camera.

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    Dolphin rear parking sensors can be fitted for around £120-£140 including mobile fitting’

    I had some fitted to a previous car after speaking to the dealer about factory ones being retro fitted and he suggested the dolphin ones as that is what they would do as they don’t fit factory ones except during the build.

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    How about front sensors? My BMW X2 front end is high and broad making it hard to see what is happening when parking etc. Would motability fit them?

    Car like mine and no front sensors is ludicrous

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    I wonder what medical conditions would they deem necessary for them?

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    If the vehicle is fitted with a parking camera, it is not required for the car to be fitted with parking sensors also.

    It’s important to note that Motability will not directly pay for any car to be fitted with these devices; it is a pre-agreed pricing arrangement with the manufacturer. For example, all Ford vehicles will have rear parking sensors if sold to a Motability customer.

    If the car does not have them fitted as a factory standard (so let’s say a Ford Fiesta that is at the dealership with no sensors), the dealer is expected to retrofit them for you or order a car with rear sensors. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Should you need anything else, such as an optional extra or adaptation for medical reasons, and you are unable to afford to do so, you could ask Motability for a one-off grant.

    Bottom line: if there’s a camera, there is no requirement for parking sensors also. If you want to check this or ask for support, call Customer Services on 0300 456 4566.

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    I wonder what medical conditions would they deem necessary for them?

    I guess people with neck or certain spine injuries.
    saying that a lot of cars these days have terrible rear visibility anyway.

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