Really struggling to choose

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    Having now been on the scheme 9 years and have always gone back to BMW we are really struggling to find a car on the scheme.

    Sadly we got caught out with a new model of CLA coming into production and therefore our CLA in January was cancelled. Since then Mobility extended our 3 year period for a further 6 months.

    We have waited to see if the CLA comes onto the scheme in July, if not then our only option is either the A Class Saloon AMG Line or the Q2 Black Edition.

    Ideally we would have liked the CLA or a Audi Q3


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    What about the Peugeot 508 5dr or estate, similar shape to the CLA.

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    Not my cup of tea. Ideally wanted stay with BMW or choose Audi or Mercedes

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    Get a further lease extension and wait it out

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    I’ve already got a 6 month extension on our 3 years that ran out in Mid April. I can hardly see them extending the lease after October

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    Hi Craig  have you looked   at the Alfa   Giulia   ?

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    As I understand it motability will consider upto a 2 year lease extension. Not sure if they will allow that in multiple short periods but one thing is for sure, don’t ask don’t get. Make a call and see what motability have to say.

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    I m sure that’s fine if you car hasn’t done over 60’ooo miles.

    You can extend it.

    You also get a higher good condition payment towards you next car.

    £800 instead of £500. If you keep it the max two years more.

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    You can extend up to 2 years and change anytime within that 2 years, you don’t have to wait the whole time so if you find a suitable car in say 5 months with a 3 month delivery then just order it to suit you and contact motability for the pin etc.

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    Thanks everyone. I’ll bear that in mind. Our car hasn’t even done 30k in 3 years

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    ( What about the Peugeot 508 5dr or estate, similar shape to the CLA )


    really dont like that car at all. Looks like some American dodge car. And at £3000 AP for a Peugeot I’ll give it a wide berth.

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    Is the a class saloon available on the scheme? I’ve seen the hatchback but didn’t know if the saloon was on? I really like the saloon

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    Thanks everyone for the heads up. I’ve just come off the phone to Motability and they have agreed that given our order was cancelled way back in January because the car was being superseded we can have a further Two extensions if needs be taking us well into September 2020.

    Apparently it also helps when you’ve paid a higher AP on your last order as well to get these extensions.

    Anyway result all round and no need to rush now in choosing something we don’t want.

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    Something to also consider is the increased Good Condition Bonus when you extend Craig – 3 years is £500, 4 years £600, 5 years £800.

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    test drive a Tiguan r-line 😛 I did and made the switch, the std extras in the car, would have been another 3000-4000 in a bmw 😉 and remember VW are really the same as audis really 😛 all come from vag group.. The R-Line tech really handles well too which was surprising to me having drove mainly mercs and bmw’s all my life.

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    Glad you’re sorted bud, chill for a while, see what comes along ….. who knows maybe a Merc GLB eh ???

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    Yeah Cheers Macca

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