Question: When is a Ford Puma Titanium NOT a Ford Puma Titanium?

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    Answer: When its the higher spec Ford Puma ST Line.

    Initially i ordered the bottom of the range Ford Puma Titanium because the very nice man at Ford Guilford had told me that he had a red Puma Titanium in stock which i could have very quickly otherwise it would be some time before my preferred choice the higher specification “Vignale” model could be made at the factory. Time was of the essence for me so i went with the Titanium’ option.

    Fast forward to yesterday afternoon when i happened to bumb into an old friend in the car park of my local Tesco who immediately congratulated on choosing the rather gorgous ST Line Puma. If only it was the ST Line model, or better still the Vignale i replied. But your car is the ST Line he responded! he then proceeded to point out to me the 10 inch aluminium foot scuff plate thingy that clearly states in bold lettering “ST LINE”

    In summary: It appears that the very nice man from Ford has actually supplied me with the higher specification(ST Line) instead of the lower spec Titanium model that i ordered.

    Thank you very nice man from Ford Guilford!

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    I guess i’m not the most observant person in the world because the evidence indicating that my new Ford Puma is an ST Line and not a Titanium’ model is pretty compelling.

    Flat bottomed leather sports steering wheel.

    Metal gear shifter.

    Colour co-ordinated wheel arches & body trim.

    Sport exhaust.

    Adjustable seat lumber support

    10 inch aluminium foot scuff plate stating in bold lettering “ST LINE”

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    The more important question should be, what exactly does it say on your Motability paperwork and particularly the RSA Insurance certificate?

    What does the badge on the back of the car say it is?

    Is there any difference, performance or engine wise between the two and are both available on the scheme (Titanium and ST line)?

    There was a thread on here recently where someone had been given the wrong vehicle (a Mercedes I think) which caused all sorts of problems, but I think was eventually resolved by senior management at Motability.

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    Hi Big Dave,

    Looking at the insurance and Motability paperwork it states:

    Make and Model: Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoostHybredm HEVST-line, Profile Code: WBAO. Clearly therefore i have the ST Line which i’m very happy about because i was only required to pay for the Titanium AP of £495 + a further £150 for the premium red paint.)

    According to Ford’s configurator the price difference between Titanium and ST Lines is approx £1000

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    Well, at least it looks like the Motability paperwork matches the vehicle you have.

    What you do about it is upto yourself and your conscience. Going by your other posts here, you have only had the vehicle a week or so, but you are now obviously aware that a mistake has been made somewhere along the line.

    It sounds like a dealer error, but don’t forget there may be some poor soul (not necessarily a Motability customer) who may have ordered the Puma ST Line and are about to be given  a Puma Titanium spec car instead. I don’t think they will be quite as happy as you are.

    You may want to speak to the dealer or dealership principal about it – being upfront about the mistake may work in your favour and you have come away with a bargain – providing the incorrect vehicle spec is available on the scheme and the dealership pays the difference in vehicle cost to Motability.

    The worst is that the dealership in conjunction with Motability recall your current vehicle and you get given the vehicle you should have been given. Remember you are just the lessee, not the owner of the vehicle, so it could be down to both Motability and the dealership to decide what the future pathway is.

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    My conscience is clear Big Dave.

    Please never again question my moral code.

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    Seems to me Graeme that you have paid the correct AP of £645 (£495 + £150) for an ST Line and that is what you have received. Red paint is £250 extra on the Puma options list and the dealer would have been rather stingy looking for extra payment for that. I got my paint colour for the Focus ST Line X at no extra charge, the RRP was £550.

    Happy motoring…beep beep.

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    Dave G

    I believe what BigDave meant was to be careful as harsh as it may sound. These kind of situations can get yourself into more problems further down the line, I did see the Mercedes thread also, Motability were insisting to return it even if it was a “mistake” from the dealer’s end.

    Of course, your conscience is clear but the way your post came across sounded like you wasn’t aware of your spec. Sometimes dealers do tend to double cross you by putting in a complete different order and spec etc and members still continue to keep the vehicle but legally on paper it’s written something else! We’ve witnessed alot of this and still happens to this day. Nonetheless, great looking spec and deal you’ve got there! Congrats!

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    Anybody can post anything

    Just watch out when you take it for a service. Maybe take it to a different garage just incase the demoted sales person doesn’t want revenge

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    As long as the scheme has insured the car happy days.
    How are you finding the 1.0 engine?

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