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    Vaun Earl Norman

    hello you lot of lovelies,

    I hope you’re coping with lockdown as well as can be expected. Horrible innit. I self isolated from March 9th to end of August last year due to my illnesses.

    anyway, I was wondering if anyone leases a mini Countryman PHEV , and if so, what is the ride like. I’ve read and watched wherein they they say that it is firm and fidgety over bad roads, and the seats aren’t that comfortable.

    I currently lease a Mazda CX-5 2.0 petrol on an 18 plate. And I love it soooo comfortable and enough performance albeit quite thirstay averaging 36 mpg.


    shortlist so far :-

    Mini Countryman phev

    peugeot 3008 hybrid 300 4×4

    ford puma st line x phev

    kia Soul ev


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    Hi Vaun

    Have a Mini 2 door hatch myself. Do not know of anyone  with a PHEV Countryman but there’s s thread over on the Off Topic section called “Mini Matters” in which the ordinary Countryman is discussed, particularly its ride. Hope this may help.

    Basically, the most important thing when choosing a Mini of any type is drive the thing. Difficult now, of course, but essential if ride-quality is important. Moreover, drive exactly the one you fancy. I drove a four-door hatch as a test. Liked it. Ordered a three-door, expecting same ride but it’s more choppy and harder. Wheel base length seems to make a difference. Go for smallest diameter wheel, higher profile tyres really do make a difference. The adjustable suspension makes a small difference but only two settings: hard and very hard.

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