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    with Q2 upon us Motability has announced they will be producing their pricing as usual on the 1st April, although you can’t order until the government restrictions are relaxed.

    with the current  economic climate we could see some changes, hopefully even some new additions filtering on the scheme. With Q2 starting next week I know  any advance changes may not make a difference at present but the thread is for reference and pricing for when we can use the information.

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    Mike, if you have a look on the car search there’s a few Leon’s with the picture of the outgoing model but there’s also a couple of other listings with “etsi” instead of “tsi”

    as far as I know, the etsi wasn’t available on the outgoing model which is why I assumed it must be the new one.

    its also listed as “petrol-hybrid” I don’t think it’s the actual hybrid but more likely to be a petrol with a couple of Duracell’s bolted on.

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    Yes I see what you mean but I’m waiting now till July 1st I don’t pick up until next March so not got to order till October special order hybrid Seat Leon FR keep in the compound round the back hush hush

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    The waiting list will be massive but there are ways around it 😀

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    Bryan Jefferson

    I thought it strange when my MB garage booked my car in for the MoT and service next week when I thought I was extended for 6 months (my car was originally due back at the end of June) and now Motability say I can order a replacement from this Monday.

    But the prices are all over the place! In early March I’d whittled the choice down to an CLA but I was hoping that the 3 series would appear at the beginning of April but now that it has surfaced at £3249 well, that’s a bit too steep.

    Anyone know of any AP discounts that are still available as in early March I had an deal of  £500 off the AP of the CLA.

    Do you think I should hang on until July 1st?


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    I’ll be amazed if there arent some great offers soon. I suspect with economic uncertainty car sales will slow or collapse entirely. We have panic over no deal Brexit which is now looking very likely (great) so I hope manufacturers are going to want to prop up their sales as much as possible which could be great news for us.

    Of course it could also go the other way, people all rush out & buy cars waiting lists increase & prices rise, cars get taken off motability to prop up retail supply.

    But I’m going to think positive & hope for a price crash

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    Only halfway through my current lease but keeping an eye out in these uncertain times (whenever have they been certain I don’t know) I’m glad to see the VW Touran has held its Q1 AP price and a new comer for me that’s got my interest is the Seat Tarrraco that has a reasonable AP in terms of 7 seat Auto’s.

    If things stay like that for 14 months I will be happy.

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    When looking at manual, diesel, SUVs’, with APs over £2000, with a couple of exceptions, they’re very poor.

    When paying in excess of £2000 AP i would expect something a bit substantial but we have DACIA DUSTER AP £2749 and the like, pretty sad IMO.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Still no e-Niro, then.

    Quelle surprise!


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    I know it isn’t the greatest SUV in the world but the Vauxhall Grand Land seems like a bit of a bargain to me, and when you take into consideration the good condition bonus it makes it even cheaper.

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    John I get the feeling motability have just added the GCB increase onto the AP, so no actual benefit to us.

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    Guys , have been on the phone to 4 different dealers today in scotland its different from mb website , so I contacted mb this morning to let them know their information was incorrect and have now updated website .

    Basically we cant order up here until dealers are opened by government orders and we cant order as stated 8th June .

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    on another side note bmw 2 series gran coupe delivery slots well into xmas and beyond

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    John, until recently I had a Grandland X 1.5 diesel as my company car. I can honestly say that it was one of the biggest loads of rubbish I have ever driven. Very underpowered given it’s size with an awful gearbox.I would steer well clear.

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    Waited for weeks for this disappointing list.

    It does seem to be a list complied in a rush. I’m surprised they released it. Thought they would have been better using there resources into sorting cars in the system and starting afresh on July 1st for new list.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    Totally agree who ever put this makeshift list up should be ashamed

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    How about a price decrease?

    I took delivery of my DS3 Crossback E-Tense La Premiere BEV on 2nd March with an AP of £2,599 (down from £2,749).  It’s now on at £1,599 so £1,000 less!!  It’s a hell of a lot of a car for the price and well worth a look.  I’m very pleased with it.


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    Any news on if we will get the new gla focus st or even the new a3 on them scheme anytime soon ?

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    Hi Peter, that’s great. I’ve got a Nissan Leaf, I’ve had it for 3.5 years now and was looking at the DS3, did you manage to get a good test drive before ordering?

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    VW T-Roc: I know this is a popular car, so somebody might know or remember – was the 2 litre 187bhp T-Roc (petrol manual) on Motability last year?  I thought it was.

    I was just looking at Reviews and thought it looked really interesting, but Motab. site only lists the 1 ltr (114 bhp) and 1.5 ltr (148 bhp) models.


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    Bob. S

    As far as can can remember the Volkswagen T Roc R Line 2.0 TSI 190 DSG, £35,405 Was on the scheme Up to Q1 this year, With a reasonable advanced payment.

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    But not any more.  Pity.

    Looks like I might be in the market for an SUV-type sooner than I had hoped.

    Still, there’s the 178 bhp Mazda CX-30 2.o SE-L for £999.  Usual boring colours, of course.  I thought it came it  turquoise, but no.

    When Dark Blue is the most interesting colour offered it’s time to remind yourselves that almost half of the new cars are bought by women.  I’m not getting Feministy, just stating the facts.  ‘Colour’ is a significant factor for a lot of women (not the most important, but significant), and offering four shades of grey (solid and metallic!) really doesn’t cut the mustard.

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    Georgie the Mazda has poor mpg I always read honest John real mpg very interesting

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    The Mini Countryman has a high powered petrol with all wheel drive, choice of manual and auto. AP seem resonable and quite often mini get good dealer discounts. It’s just been revised as well and looks even better now imo.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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