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    with Q2 upon us Motability has announced they will be producing their pricing as usual on the 1st April, although you can’t order until the government restrictions are relaxed.

    with the current  economic climate we could see some changes, hopefully even some new additions filtering on the scheme. With Q2 starting next week I know  any advance changes may not make a difference at present but the thread is for reference and pricing for when we can use the information.

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    Noticed the nissan list posted somewhere lat week ,think its off a nissan forum. It would be nice if an anonymous salesperson enlightened us about where we are up to.

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    Yes definitely, wonder if any other car company’s have put there’s out

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    Lots of talk about EV’s, be nice if a little more choice came with diesel autos too…🙏

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    just saw this will looking at bmw mobility it says 2series grand coupe and 3 series saloon also futher down the page the 3 series touring is also on but u can’t click on it

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    And your screenshot covers the price of the 3 series…. 🤷‍♂️

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    Yes it does I don’t want to chat with Emily

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    I zoomed it on my iPad 😀

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    Yeah sorry about Emily lol was £2499 for the 3 series saloon and touring

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    there’s the whole document that was ment to be for Q1 available too for BMW. Interesting read.BMW q1

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    My bad had a brain fart 🤣🤣 loosing all track of time with this lockdown and 12 week isolation 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Come on Motability, now the dealerships are reopening it’s time to publish the new list.

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    Come on Motability, now the dealerships are reopening it’s time to publish the new list.

    Sure they are only open for after sales to everyone, most by appointment and can only do online sales and delivery of cars. Till at least 1st of  june. Plus mb have said it will be 2 weeks before any cars are handed over after lockdown and showrooms reopen..

    I was due to exchange on april the 15th. Not heard anything from the dealer..  since they rang me on the 24th of march. I’m thinking maybe 15th of june if they open on the 1st. 4 months now the cars been at the dealers.

    I may cancel my order if it’s longer than 15th.. But the dealer has my private plate that was on retention, it’s still not showing as on a car at dvla, but if they put it on what then..

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    Well I saw one of them showing a potential customer a used car.

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    I emailed mb yesterday just to confirm  that even if they reopen I could just wait till Q3. I received a phone call today and they confirmed it’s fine to do that. Don’t hold your breath for Q2 list…. I got the impression that they were gearing up for July 1st

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    There won’t be a Q2 list.

    I wouldn’t expect many deals or new cars in Q3 either.

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    On the motability site its saying prices will be published no later than mid june. This is in the faq section.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Car price search and prices to be released on 4th June

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    Great news will it be midnight next Thursday ?

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    Excellent news wmc.

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    So has anyone got some leaks from manufacturers yet lol ?

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    Found this  not sure if it’s new prices or old

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    If it is new ones I’m all over the 3er

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