Qashqai 1.5dCi Tekna+ Auto Diesel

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    Hi there does anyone have one of these , if so, what are you thoughts 🙂

    Seems a lot of kit for the 1749.99 AP

    Many thanks for your  response 🙂

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    I’ve test driven the current qashqai with an auto box, i thought it was a fine drive but the boot is small. We ran a mark 1 qashqai and the boot in that seemed far bigger than it does in this current model. So depends if you need a big boot, if you do then keep looking elsewhere.

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    Does it have the CVT box? If it does then walk away.  If it is EDC dual clutch then no issues. I drive a kadjar 1.5 EDC auto diesel and find it good. Pity about penny pinching.

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    Yes  good package of goodies at a price. But easy to drive as you’d expect, small odd shaped boot.

    If you can get away with a smallish boot then it’s fine.

    Nothing amazing but….ok


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    Does it have the CVT box? If it does then walk away. If it is EDC dual clutch then no issues. I drive a kadjar 1.5 EDC auto diesel and find it good. Pity about penny pinching.

    I read a lot of negative stuff about the CVT box, but from my experience driving my wife’s Honda Jazz, they are fine. I am comparing it to Audi’s DSG and Porsche’s PDK boxes. Maybe they are not the greatest auto box you can get, but discounting the car completely is a bit much imo.



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    The QQ does have the most comfortable seats, I have had mine for 3 years and will change it, probably for another QQ, later this year. There’s not doubt about it, you get a lot for you money with a Qashqai.

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

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    The CVT box is a hideous pile of outdated junk and should never have been fitted to any car after 1985, it’s just bad by design and the way it works on the newer cars if anything is even worse.

    If on the other hand you take absolutely no pleasure from the act of driving and don’t care how or when you get to your destination then that’s the auto for you, however if you have a pulse whilst driving then avoid at all costs!

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    Honda’s CVT has been known to be strong. Nissan CVT is made by a different company and has  a design flaw.

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    I would certainly avoid the CVT gearbox ☹️

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    Just to bring some balance to the debate, Don’t believe all the nonsense about CVT gearboxes generally. I’ve driven my wife’s Motability Qashqai for almost 3 years as she can’t drive now. It’s really down to the type of driving that you do. We use the car locally on rural lanes where the average speed is 30 – 40 mph, rising to maybe 50 max. It’s a brilliant gearbox if you want comfort at those sorts of speeds. However, I do think that Nissan has had reliability issues, and for that reason I would be wary.  If you drive under conditions where you need to accelerate quickly, then a CVT is not for you.  Just in case you think that I’m one of those people that doesn’t enjoy driving, my own car for longer distances and fun is a Bentley with a torque converter auto.  It’s not much fun on the narrow lanes though. In summary: horses for courses.

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    I currently have a manual Qashqai Tekna and it’s a nice car,  it’s certainly the most comfortable  car I have ever driven.

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    Looking at the engine/ gearbox from Nissan website

    DCI 115

    So i assume it is a  dual clutch transmission , is this the same or  different to the DSG box from the VW group ?

    Thank you for everyone’s input so far 🙂


    Many thanks

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    It’s the CVT you should avoid if you believe the horror stories so yours should be find.  ??

    Remember we join the scheme to get a car that suits us, not Lewis Hamilton. ?

    The vag Dsg boxes are generally a bit smoother changing. Especially the new 7 speed. I’ve got  no complaints about ours.

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    Not all CVT gearboxes are created equal, Honda, Toyota and Subaru make decent ones but the Nissan box is abysmal. I should know I’ve suffered with it for almost three years now.

    The DCT in the Qashqai is similar in concept to the VW DSG box but how good it is I can’t comment as I’ve never driven one. The main takeaway from this is that it ISN’T the dreadful CVT.

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    I had a Toyota c-hr for 3 days in november 18 as a courtesy car and that had the 1.8 petrol hybrid with the cvt box, one of the worst driving experiences of my life, having to plan an overtake in advance and the screaming noisy engine when you put your foot down and all you get is noise and gradual acceleration, it’s like playing a game that has badly set up inertia, a truly awful thing to drive at anything but Miss Daisy pace.

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