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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Good spot Dave. ?

    ūüŹé I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it ūüŹé

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    That would explain why VW’s price list runs until October 31st then.

    What is telling though, is the announcement about AP’s only being guaranteed until the 31st October, is tucked away on a web page most people probably never look at. It should be on both the Motability home page and on the car search pages!

    If Motability cannot give certainty of Advance Payments beyond 31st of October (yes just 31 days) it is a very poor do, particularly for those who, due to no fault of themselves, can only order post 31st October.

    In very much like the DLA-PIP transitional payments coming out of Motability’s vast profits, perhaps Motability should look to be guaranteeing (within limits) that the published Advance Payments will remain the same no matter when ordered throughout this quarter.


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    Only 3 VW Sharan’s on the scheme and they are all petrol with a slight increase in AP.

    Anyone know why the VOLKSWAGEN SHARAN ESTATE 1.4 TSI SE NAV 5DR DSG AUTO is cheaper (£1,099) than the VOLKSWAGEN SHARAN ESTATE 1.4 TSI S 5DR Manual (£1,699)


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    Mini Q4 Prices ‚Äď https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ccdn.codeweavers.net/pdf/mini/Q4_2019/7300997_MINI_Motability_Q4_2019_Customer_Pricelist.pdf Given that 90 odd cars from Mini got removed this would suggest that the motability web site has a lot of updating still to do.

    Or it’s closing due to lack of interest. ?

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    Volvo XC40 Price List 01.10.19 – 31.10.19


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    Has anyone spoke to Motability directly about the cull in numbers?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Motability Search now showing 2036. Diesel Shazza back on Tiguan R-Line tech. 270 Fords – most not avaialble to order.

    So – everything back to normal.

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    Which Mobility Car


    I think I have found your next car: Hyundai Tucson Hybrid N-line. £1399 Manual £1999 Auto

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    Now  118   on  MINI      100   AUDI    maybe  i could  get  a job   there not exactly setting  bar very high   lol   numbers on car  search  2036  correct  numbers  read   2033

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    Hmm I’m not sure on N line spec (only because I’ve not compared it recently) but lovely looking Car.

    i love the idea of Diesel combined Hybrid, since we have moved depending on the winter we get this year the next one may have to be 4wd.

    11000 miles in I still can’t fault the Tucson

    At present I would have to compare the Tucson/RAV4/Xc40 but not due to change till Jan 2021 so hopefully by they Hyundai will have the Palisade Available for the UK (Dreaming I know)

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    Lol James at this rate my Numbers could be right after all.

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    My  number for tomorrow   is    2088   lol

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    The issue with the Tucson N Line is that looks aside its very light on spec when compared to the likes of the Premium SE, i.e. theres a rwason why its cheaper

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    Nissan UK price list (note it’s only from the 1st till 31st October)


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    Vauxhall uk (note also 1st October till 31st october)


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    Roy S

    Captain Kirk – I’d say go ahead and order the 2 series coupe as soon as you can! Partly because the price has only gone in one direction over the last 18 months or so (including one big jump at the end of 2018, I think), but mostly because it is such a pleasure to drive and just to be in (the 218i M Sport in my case).

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    Didn’t we used to get the Mazda 6?

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    Which Mobility Car
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    Which Mobility Car

    Didn’t we used to get the Mazda 6?

    Yes we did, disappeared yesterday.

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    WHY?¬† It’s a really, really nice family saloon and the range starts at only ¬£23,600.¬† The absolute top end model is only ¬£31,300 – and those are the Retail List Prices, not after the Tax Exemption.

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    Which Mobility Car

    WHY? It‚Äôs a really, really nice family saloon and the range starts at only ¬£23,600. The absolute top end model is only ¬£31,300 ‚Äď and those are the Retail List Prices, not after the Tax Exemption.

    It could be a number of reasons, build delays – pricing issues or Mazda don’t want to have it on the Scheme or Motability don’t want to buy it. I’m sorry, it is a great car and after speaking to Motability it looks like its return is far from imminent or not in their words ‘not in the foreseeable future’

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    It just reinforces that paranoid little ‘Too good for the likes of us’ feeling, that’s all.¬†¬†I expect there are a load more KIAs and Dacias on the scheme today then there were a week ago.


    But it’s Small Wonder that some people decided their current vehicle was ‘no longer suitable’ the last time something truly special turned up on the List.¬† We couldn’t dare hope that whatever it was would still be around come renewal time . . .

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    Cheers Roy!

    Yeah I’ve decided. Heading in with my paperwork this afternoon to get the ball rolling. I am hoping they will honour the previous price (not holding my breath, it is only ¬£50 difference).

    Im not due to take delivery til January. I cannot contain myself to wait that long! It is a lovely feeling being behind the wheel of one.

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    Does anyone know why Mercedes have increased their prices so severely?

    I was considering ordering a cla200 for £1600 deposit, it’s now £2700!

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