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    Hello everyone, thanks for all the updates.

    Quick question – will the Q4 prices be released at midnight or will it be in the morning? I will stay up if they are going to be tonight  (sad, I know!)

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    Not sad at all Captain Kirk!

    There’ll be loads of us hitting refresh a gazillion times lol

    As you can see above some companies have already been updated, some just after midnight, others in the morning and a few stragglers over the next couple of days

    Make yourself a cuppa and get comfy and see what surprises ( if any ) pop up ??

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    Glad I’m not the only one Winston 🙂

    I can barely contain myself! I have my heart set on the 2 series coupe but I have held off from ordering with the tiniest hope that the AP might go down, even a smidgeon ??

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    Which Mobility Car
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    Which Mobility Car

    Winston, We can only hope that the ‘new’ Motability website is more compliant to midnight updates, as you well know the the previous site was clunking into mid morning the day after. If it is not live by 12.30 – i’m  up the wooden hill to bedfordshire.

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    Captain Kirk as Winston has said and us sad ones that always wait until midnight in the hope things change, but from experience the Motability price list will change and re change and finally settle early morning and then take a couple of days to iron out a few mistakes, but we have fun trying to guess what’s real and what’s not.

    Dont let the train spotters know we do this lol.

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    My fingers and toes are crossed, and no doubt come 1am my eyes will be too ?

    I’ve got faith in the new website… ? Lol

    I can remeber one quarter in particular that was a monumental wash out with regards to midnight updates, but I’m hoping those in the market for a new set of wheels get what they want ??

    My car is only a couple of months old but I’m still looking forward to the new quarter ??

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    JS that gave me a chuckle!

    I cant stand the anticipation any longer… and the meds are kicking in. I fear I might miss any further updates 🙁

    But I will hopefully have something nice to wake up to.

    Goodnight all 🙂





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    Money well spent Motability! Thank you for the new and improved website.

    YES That is Sarcasm!

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    Which Mobility Car

    I guess this is goodnight chaps. Thanks for the company, I could not wish for two better virtual friends to share this experience with.

    hashtag – howhardcanitbe

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    Night WMC and everyone else deflated, I’m determined to find another list yet, there has got to be at least ONE Tech guy that has set an alarm and press GO surely,

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    I’m chucking in the towel aswell ?

    I’ll look forward to the updates in the morning… Or Wed

    Night everyone ????

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    Which Mobility Car

    Fair to say the search is still ‘settling down’

    look no further than the Volvo XC40 now from £999 for the T3 r design

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    Dave h

    Tiguan r line tech gone

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    150 bhp (petrol manual) Mazda CX-3 gone.  That was my #1 back up car for if/when I can no longer get into the GT.  (I always like to have a back-up plan.)

    Both the Nissan Qashqai Acenta’s I considered have gone – back ups #2 and #3.

    VW T-Roc EVO SE is still there – #4.

    150 bhp SEAT Arona is also still there – it’s smaller, but would do in a pinch.


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    Charles G

    Mini Q4 Prices –


    Given that 90 odd cars from Mini got removed this would suggest that the motability web site has a lot of updating still to do.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Charles, et al, lets hope so. Some settling to do.

    400 cars off?? That’s a real cull if it stands ??

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Just compared Seat Tarraco on Motability and Seat’s own site

    Motability = 2 models available

    Seat = 13 models available (their Q4 pricing is live)

    So the Motability site is, shall we be kind and say, needing snagging!

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Fantastic pricing for the Volvo xc40, i can finally swap my car for a car that suits my pocket and disability.

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    Shall we not and just call a turd a turd, over 400 motors vanished, great bit of software there, good job they didn’t spend a load of their profits on lipstick for the pig!

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I’ve got to be honest, I wouldn’t take anything as firm for now unless you are looking at a q4 manufacturer’s list.

    It looks to be screwed up as many have disappeared, some have increases/static AP’s/reductions in the same models. (Possible I know but questionable)

    Look to the manufacturers lists for now peeps if available. ??

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Today’s update on the Motability site is interesting:

    Due to uncertainty around the exact arrangements for the UK’s expected departure from the European Union, these prices may be subject to change after 31 October 2019. The prices quoted are guaranteed for cars ordered on or before 31 October 2019 and will apply even if this changes while you are waiting to take delivery of your car (the exception being where the car description is changed subsequent to the original order.)


    So, can we take it that this new ‘quarter’s pricing’ will only last a month?

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    Charles G

    That would explain why VW’s price list runs until October 31st then.

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