Q4 Pricing and information – New Motability prices 1st October 2020

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    Which Mobility Car

    With Q4 just around the corner and the advance warning of an increase to Advance Payments. Please post all news on this thread.

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    Just off the phone to Agnew Volkswagen Boucher road Belfast. They have just put it on the scheme yesterday and I can order today.
    waiting on a Covid test result that was done this morning and if it comes back fine I think I will order the 1.5 dsg elegance.

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    It’s nice to see the Tiguan back on the scheme, thanks for sharing the information. We currently have a 2017 BMW X1 on the scheme in a 2.0 18D Auto – it’s the best pairing I’ve ever had, such a nice drive. The lease is up but I’ve extended till next year, however tempted by the Tiggy!

    Do you think the 1.5 engine is too small to carry such weight? I used to have a Ford C-Max in 2012 in a 1.6 petrol and I used to burn so much fuel as it felt like it was always fighting to pull the weight.

    Any advice/experience with this appreciated, thanks!


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    Des perhaps you could advise what delivery time they quote you when you go in to order.

    That’s the same that I would be interested in, in Atlantic blue possibly but won’t be ordering till Jan 2021.


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    I’ve got the XC40 on order but looking at the tiggg elegance, it’s tempting, roughly the same AP I paid too

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    Had experience of the 1.5 petrol on a much lighter Ateca, and it was weak, anyone point me in the direction of exact trim specs for the new Tiguan because I don’t see em anywhere?

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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    Has any one brought the new mg hs auto.. I’m looking to get 1 on mobility.  Just wondering if anyone had issues

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    Has any one brought the new mg hs auto.. I’m looking to get 1 on mobility. Just wondering if anyone had issues

    The following thread maybe of interest:

    MG HS Exclusive 1.5 GDI auto


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    Honda not available to order

    Hrv withdrawn due to change in gov emotions in jan

    Sitting in honda car park now gutted

    Hrv sport no longer available

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    Sorry about spelling I mentioned emotions

    No crv sport

    No ford kuga hybrid

    No wv Passat


    Any suggestions for mid size car/SUV as selection getting smaller if you want any bhp

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    Numbers going down on scheme due to new gov regs in jan

    No honda hrv sport available to order

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    I had a 1.5 petrol Kuga.
    Never again.
    Really underpowered and awful MPG.

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    Paul D

    Had diesel Kuga(150) for a few years . Nice car then changed to a new petrol (150) version and absolutely loved it .
    Really punchy smooth engine and the MPG wasn’t far of the diesel to be honest !

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    We have just changed from a diesel 150 Kuga Powershift 40/42mpg, originally we test drove the 150bhp petrol as diesel demonstrator was not available, I must admit it was very smooth and potent.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Hi All,


    first time posting but just discovered the VW T-ROC 190PS 4 motion is no longer available to order at VW.

    I have enquired at 2 garages (West London) and both say VW have taken the engine off their systems, big letdown as I was going to order one. 🙁

    I test drove the 150ps but it seemed underpowered, but is the only engine avialable.


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    Hi P88 – agree with you wholeheartedly. Suspect that the 300-ish bhp T-Roc R will still be available but not on the scheme. Seems to be VW policy to give us up-to-150bhp on “ordinary” set of models (Golf, for example) then there’s a big gap until you get to GTi and/or R versions which are too expensive and sinful to get on Mota’ list.

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    What are the new government regulations coming in from January?? how are they going to impact the scheme? if there is a link to them could someone put it up please?

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