Q4 Pricing and information – New Motability prices 1st October 2020

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    Which Mobility Car

    With Q4 just around the corner and the advance warning of an increase to Advance Payments. Please post all news on this thread.

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    Which Mobility Car

    I will kick things off with the fact Honda have updated their site to show Q4 prices:


    There is no Civic listed – presumably this will be added in the future unless anyone knows of supply problems?



    Do you think we will see any new audi a3 added this quarter ?

    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Eagerly awaiting the BMW list!


    WRONG – An advance warning that there COULD be an increase in advance payments, in my letter it says nothing that there WILL.

    Just saying.

    Menorca Mike

    Well said

    Menorca Mike

    Omg WMC the Honda jazz ex has gone up £500 and crosstar gone up £799 !


    WRONG – An advance warning that there COULD be an increase in advance payments, in my letter it says nothing that there WILL. Just saying.

    I am pretty sure that a company with the resources and experience of Motability would not issue such a dire warning unless they were confident that overall Q4 pricing will be heading upwards.

    The next quarter’s pricing is done during the current quarter, so Motability will already know what direction Q4 prices are going in, hence the warning.

    Imagine the flack if they issued this warning to their somewhat vulnerable customer base, only for Q4 pricing and vehicle availability to go in the opposite direction? The Daily Mail would have another field day attacking the scheme – ripping off disabled people after giving very bad advice to order before 30th September etc etc.

    Whilst we will all probably find some vehicles which either remain static in pricing, or even decrease, I do think their warning is pointing to an upwards trajectory overall.

    Menorca Mike

    It is indeed Dave I didn’t they would increase but looking at Honda they have but I’m still looking forward to next Thursday hope Toyota don’t put their prices up


    It’s simple the car users have to pay for the demise of the car and at some point everyday people won’t beable to afford them. A lot of us are being priced out of the market.

    I so glad i got my civic when i did as it’s no more, i think because of eu fines that are coming soon. So the solution is 2 engines which costs more than one and they need to create the software, which cost money the id 3 had problems and i read an article about the problems. the goverment track and trace system and app has cost 10 billion. so you can see why prices are rising. the car makers cannot colaborate and makea join opertaing system… no no no thats against the rules also. so each has to develop their own. Which comes at a huge cost..R&D cost are crazy and a hidden part of the costs and as we move to more technololgy. Costs will rise more and more. It been designed that way and is a UN directive.


    “Omg WMC the Honda jazz ex has gone up £500 and crosstar gone up £799 !”


    Jeez not a good start to Q4 😭


    WRONG – An advance warning that there COULD be an increase in advance payments, in my letter it says nothing that there WILL. Just saying.

    Just Saying ? I know I should of copy righted that lol.

    I believe it’s mainly to the ones that were on a covid extension but unless You are a Dealership you would not of had the letter/email, dated the 10th September which included

    Prices may increase in Quarter 4
    We’re advising customers to act quickly to protect against potential price rises due to disrupted supply chains and a challenging marketplace.

    Our price guarantee means the customer pays the price stated on the day the application is submitted, no matter when the vehicle is delivered.


    Having read the brief on Q4 and the warning to customers on advanced payment increases i can only assume what motability are doing now is a huge gamble!  if like the message reads they have lost 41k customers but the overheads dont change hence the increases in cost so the money has to be recovered somewhere.

    I guess COVID19 is different to the recession of 2008 as back then dealerships had excessive stocks of cars to sell and there were deals a plenty to be had. this time the car plants for some time have been closed and on top of the WLTP issues that we had in 2018/9 it all makes for an uncertain period. if the AP go too high though will it lead to further people leaving the scheme?  and if so what happens to the AP then?  like the article states   there is not only Motability that have been effected by Covid.  everyday people have also.  I for one would not want to trade £250 every four weeks for a car that i dont particularly care for.


    LDC7080, Some good points. If your understanding of the message is correct and I’ve absolutely no reason to disagree, then given that, as at March 2018, Motability Operations’ level of reserves stood at £2.62 billion and that their projected forecast profits of £1.14 billion were smashed by their actual profits of £2.19 billion (2007-08 and 2016-17), then I would argue that burdening the cost of the loss of customers on to their remaining customers would be a blatant case of profiteering. Motability Operations exists to support Motability the charity and even the National Audit Office states that it “has made high levels of unplanned profit and holds more in reserves than other car leasing companies. Furthermore, given its financial model, it is likely to continue to generate significant surpluses.”

    I honestly wonder why Motability have decided that their customer base is to pay more when even the CEO’s of the major manufacturers cannot agree whether the industry will slump or flourish.

    I’m quoting figures from the National Audit Office and it makes for interesting reading. Link below.

    The Motability scheme

    We can all make our own minds up on this.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎


    @JS – My letter was dated, 8th September, again, whilst it suggests there may be an increase, it doesn’t anywhere say, there will be an increase.

    Quote, “Social distancing and disrupted supply chains for manufacturers… It’s possible that deliveries of SOME new cars MAY be delayed, others MAY simply not be available for the foreseeable future and prices of other cars MAY, sadly, have to rise and this is likely to continue over the coming months”.

    The letter then goes on to say, “We are working hard with manufacturers to keep prices as LOW as possible, but given the pressures, this is likely to be challenging”.

    Confused with the, “I didn’t get a letter”?


    VictorOne I hope you are right and there will be no major increases but have motability ever sent out a letter warning of price rises before a new quarter…. seems to me they are just gently preparing you for the inevitable forthcoming increases 🤷‍♂️🤞


    Would love to know the way the b class prices are heading as we can now order before q4 but would be gutted if they went down significantly on thursday. We would be most grateful if anyone gets any advanced knowledge.


    Stav. You can order now and if it goes down in Q4, you simply cancel your order and then reorder it.

    Rep in bmw told me if you get a better price in the next Q, you cancel your order and then simply re-order at the new price.


    Think we’ll do that chris, just have to clear it with dealer so we dont get any nasty surprises.


    My relative who worked for Audi has lost his job due to them not selling cars. So much for prices going up when brand new cars are being so heavily discounted as people are not buying them. Someone else on here was saying that there are so many unsold Q3’s that you could get one immediately.


    Hi Elliot.

    Yes, the rep at Audi was telling me that there are  Q3’s in stock. so if they come on the Q4 then we would get one without waiting. (Depending on Colour spec etc)


    @chris see the thread I started on here yesterday, titled “Dealer charged for cancelled order”. The ability to do the order>cancel>reorder thing seems to vary between dealers!


    Hi Anthony.

    I ordered a bmw GC, 1st of July and cancelled it 20th of September.

    There were no fee’s. Anyway just simply ask the dealer before ordering.

    The rep said to me “people cancel and re order all the time if prices change during the Q’s”

    I don’t know about other dealers. But bmw did not charge me last week.


    I am also puzzled why prices would go up, my local dealership of Mercedes stated there had been many staff redundancies during the covid crisis at their branch.

    That leads me to believe that sales of new vehicles are down considerably, surely they need to offer great deals to encourage us to mart with our money.

    I can see a hit in Q1 of 2021 if there is no brexit deal, as we would likely be subject of import taxes then a justifiable 10% increase is likely.


    Wednesday midnight I can’t wait


    Desperate to see the new VW and Toyota Q4 prices anyone see them before midnight Wednesday please put on here thankyou

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