Q3 pricing. 1st July 2019

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    With the coming new quarter, it’s time to try and get ahead and windle the all so secretive up coming pricing and cars available for next quarter. happy hunting!

    Personly with so many model changes and the last quarter before registration change, I can see manufacturers using the scheme to off load models which hopefully will give scheme members more choice.

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    WreckitAnth, will admit that I don’t know the ins and outs of the cap reduction but can see why some people would take issue with high end cars being on the scheme as we get a much better car deal than the general public could.  As I’ve said in some other threads the idea of the scheme is to get people into suitable, reliable new cars but things have to be kept reasonable and the scheme will always be under scrutiny simply because of its high profile and size.  Struggling to word this but here’s a scenario or two

    Someone wants to go to the theatre but for whatever reason they cant go alone, the theatre house provide a free ticket for that second person so that they are not disadvantaged. 

    Someone needs a car so Motability offer a mainstream mode typical of the cars most people drive or would be happy to drive at a very good price compared to leasing privately.

    Compared with

    Someone wants to go to the theatre but for whatever reason they cant go alone, the theatre house provide a free ticket for that second person so that they are not disadvantaged but then go one step further and provide a pre-dinner meal and hotel accommodation afterwards at no extra cost.

    Someone needs a car so Motability offer a mainstream mode typical of the cars most people drive or would be happy to drive at a very good price compared to leasing privately, but for those that could realistically afford to run a car outside the scheme there is the opportunity to drive something beyond the reach of average Joe for a comparability small upfront outlay.

    Cant see any reasonable person having a problem with the first situations as they simply put the disabled person in a position roughly equal to the majority of the “general public”, on the other hand its not hard to see people questioning the second as that puts the disabled person in a much better position without any “need” to do so.

    I guess this is the issue Motability faced, people must have started to question if there is a “need” for a charity to be putting people in cars beyond the reach of a lot of the general public and whether they had strayed from their original aims / were more or less subsidising people who could afford to run cars privately by doing so.



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    So, still no AP leaks then ?

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    TJ, You seem to be assuming that all disabled people have the same needs and any average car without an AP would meet their medical needs,

    As someone who had to put my own hard earned £3,250 to cover the AP (hardly sounds equal to a free meal and accommodation to me), to enable me to get a car that was automatic, had a large enough boot to take my wheelchair, luggage and other additional medical supplies that non-disabled people don’t need to worry about. On top of that I needed leather seats that are powered to make transferring from a wheelchair and it could not be an SUV as they are to high for transferring. It is also a great help to have a (360) reversing camera as you do not have the same freedom to turn round when you are driving a hand controlled car.

    This basically leaves me needing a large automatic estate car with the specifications I need, not as a luxury but on an essential needs bases, through no fault of my own, that I just happen to be more disabled than the average Motability customer.

    Now TJ, can you please tell me which cars on the Motability list would meet my needs, without an AP up front, as I could certainly have used my own £3,250 for other needs.

    As a medically retired civil servant, who was and is a taxpayer, I consider it to be my business if I wish to scrimp and save to get a car to meet my needs. I would never dream of telling a retired civil servant or nurse or anyone else that I as a taxpayer, I don’t mind if they go on holiday to somewhere like Blackpool (where I am setting of to for a week later today), but I am not happy about them spending more of their own money to go abroad to a more glamorous and warmer place. I am quite sure that I would be quickly and firmly told to go and mind my own f****** business, as they can do what the hell, they like with their own hard earned cash.

    We all get the same amount of either DLA/PIP Mobility component or ex service men/woman’ WPMS, which we can put towards a Motability car, however if a person has more essential medical needs, they can put their own hard earned cash to make up the difference at no additional cost to Motability. No one is getting free meals, accommodation or more costly cars for free. We, the general public, the news papers and last but certainly not least Motability should be more concerned that we the disabled can get cars that meet our needs. not depriving ourselves of what we need out of necessity, just in case we upset some people who are more fortunate with their health, but suffer from severe misplaced jealously.

    By the way my car is a Kia Optima Sportswagon, not some Premium Executive make or sports car. but the car very much meets my needs and I am very happy with it, as I was fortunate enough to be able to put up the AP and hope to keep the car for five years. However I do think that Motability should use their vast sums of profit to level out the difference between manual and automatic’s.

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    he wasnt saying that, he was replying to those who said that motability should use the surplus to subsidise the ap. not that everyone should have a basic car. as with any govt scheme there have to be limits and overall i think the choice is there. many of the restrictions for the more disabled of us are more to do with the current design of cars. boots are smaller, hoists wont fit as many suvs now have tapered rear ends so the opening isnt tall enough.some marques dont allow options like leather seats etc unless you buy an  expensive pack add on. these are not issues down to motability but the fact that many mid to larger cars are all looking the same.

    if someone can afford an ap to get a particular vehicle then thats their business but the scheme overall has to have limits and hopefully motability takes into account the changing fashions of design and its impact on the disabled when setting those limits.

    unfortunately manufacturers dont take any account of the needs of the disabled when designing cars.

    it is a pity in this country that autos are less popular and therefore more expensive and it would be a huge help for the disabled if something could be negotiated about that.

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    Motability set the cap after all the fake news about us disabled getting free premium cars but since then the price of new cars has soared along with the EV market which is only getting more expensive, the cost of EV’s compared to ICE vehicles is way higher yet Motability has done nothing about raising the cap to align with these cost increases at all!

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    Which Mobility Car


    At the same time the DLA/PIP payments are only increasing in line with inflation, you have to cut your cloth accordingly. The average offered price of cars has increased from £24,383 in February 2008 to £33,559 in February 2018

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    So by that then the cap will stay the same for the next 5-10 years, all that will be available on the scheme will be tiny group 1 hatchbacks, I know that’s an exaggeration but if the cap stays the same for another year then the list of available cars will shrink again and again, less choice, lower spec etc etc, at what point do they review it then?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Post WLTP testing where every model has to be tested, manufactures are releasing less trim lines, removing the lower ones (that fewer people buy) this has increased the prices on paper, take the Audi Q3 for example the new car has removed the SE trim making it over the £29k cap for cars to be allowed onto the scheme. The first move is to increase this level, this will happen.

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    I wasn’t saying everybody should be forced into a “cheap run about” just that its easy to see in some situations why the general public could take exception to a charity providing high ends cars.

    Sorry to hear of your health concerns and the impact they have on the choice of cars, the fact that a Kia is suitable and that your very happy with it somewhat reinforces what I’ve said in other threads that all the while peoples needs are being meet by the current range its quite hard to introduce high end cars back into the scheme without some negative press.

    The tickets were not a great example, sometimes struggle to put things into words…

    Might be better to use your holiday example, if someone wants to save hard for something then fair enough that’s their choice and they can reap the rewards of doing so by picking a nicer destination, but its not hard to understand why some people get miffed when they hear of a charity that offers holidays to the disabled is then sending them on luxury cruises with only a small portion of it being paid by the person going.

    Probably still a rubbish example but I know what I mean lol

    Having the option to pay an AP and get a better car is a good thing but there has to be a limit on what’s offered otherwise it would be easy to get into the situation of having high end Range Rovers at 10K AP on the scheme which only a select few could afford and probably even fewer actually need – at that point its not really a charity providing affordable motoring to the disabled but a very cost effective way for the well off to run high end cars.

    Mitch, see what your getting at with modern cars as they certainly seem form over function in many cases…

    Wondering if Motability would do well to introduce some kind of grant for optional extras that are needed for medical reasons?  Something along the lines of model x with £500ap isn’t suitable without a £400 option pack so a quick form is completed with a covering letter from a GP and Motability then cover most / all of the cost of that option – that way people that really need such options are not having to find large amounts of extra money to get a suitable car and those that just “want” extra spec pay for it as they already do?

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    Haven’t really thought this through properly, been up most of the night, but why do motability have to reveal all the cars on the scheme. The scheme could display the current list but have an already agreed list that is not advertised. So if you wanted say a Tesla and an AP had been agreed with motablity you could get it and only you, motablity and Elon Musk would know about it lol

    I REGULARLY see top end cars parked in disabled bays with blue badges displayed so disabled people are avoiding the scheme and buying what they want.

    I don’t want to offend anyone but this “can we have some more” “we should be grateful for what we get”, ” don’t make waves” mind set really annoys me.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Post WPMS testing where every model has to be tested, manufactures are releasing less trim lines, removing the lower ones (that fewer people buy) this has increased the prices on paper, take the Audi Q3 for example the new car has removed the SE trim making it over the £29k cap for cars to be allowed onto the scheme. The first move is to increase this level, this will happen.

    I gather you mean WLTP testing as opposed to WPMS testing?

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    Which Mobility Car

    I gather you mean WLTP testing as opposed to WPMS testing?

    Sorry, oops. I’ll change it now.

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    Interestingly Seat have changed thier front page and terms say 1st July however the price guide is still Q2,  however the Tarraco is missing from the front page,

    if true it would seem prices for Seat at least no considerable  change but the Tarraco may of dissapeared. This may at this point be a typo so I would take with a pinch of salt until fully changed. As th Mii isn’t either


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    An Ateca would certainly be an option I would want to consider, but Seat’s hard and rigid position on specs kind of put’s it on the back burner. I.e. the FR Sport 4 drive DSG is the only spec that would appeal, but can’t have adaptive cruise on it, or if i’m remembering rightly, a reversing camera. Yes the price is very good but just too rigid to make it any more than a maybe.

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    Like many I continue to work full time and my amputations although make it difficult has not stopped me therefore I save to be able to afford a vehicle with a higher spec and AP but it helps that I rarely go out,drink or go luxury holidays which would be the same for anyone disabled or not that wishes to spend money earned and saved as they wish and I don’t really care much for those that judge me as I exit my Bugatti!?

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    VW shuttle

    T&C say 1st July on the transporter shuttle on this site, I’m not sure how that fits with present prices or availability


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    Brydo, don’t think a hidden price list would work as there would be a lack of transparency – they might not reveal the discounts given by car makers but the end results are there for all to see in form of a publicly available price list.  Imagine it would be nightmare from an admin perspective and people would enquire about all sorts of weird and wonderful cars.

    Nothing wrong with people avoiding the scheme, if the car you want isn’t available and you have the means to get one privately then go for it.  PIP isn’t means tested so people going down that route are in a roundabout sort of way getting a 7.5k discount on a car of their choice, assuming they change it every three years.

    Don’t think you’ll offend anyone, there are so many people on the scheme that opinions of it will vary.  Personally the Mrs and I are happy as it works for us, would be nice to have more estate cars but the trend is towards suv so can’t really blame motability for that – of course if they could add a mental 700hp AMG wagon for £200ap I wouldn’t say no but as long as we can find something suitable then job done.

    Realise some people have complex needs and for them the cost of suitable cars may be an issue, as mentioned in my last post perhaps some kind of grant would be a way of improving the choice by lowering the cost for those with a need for such options / features.

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    Which Mobility Car
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    Ooh, prices incoming!!

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    Peugeot    34   less cars  Q3

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    So far seems diesels are holding in there and manufacturers are using Motability to of load them.

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    Which Mobility Car
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    No electric FIAT 500 still. From a company having to buy credits from Tesla because they have not sold enough EV’s.? Too small for me anyway but……….

    East Yorkshire.
    Still looking for an EV I can get my wheelchair in or has not got a ridiculous AP!

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