Q3 pricing. 1st July 2019

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    With the coming new quarter, it’s time to try and get ahead and windle the all so secretive up coming pricing and cars available for next quarter. happy hunting!

    Personly with so many model changes and the last quarter before registration change, I can see manufacturers using the scheme to off load models which hopefully will give scheme members more choice.

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    given bmw put the i3 on before the 1/4 change i wonder if they were trying to preempt some other manufacturers putting evs onto the scheme? there are a few that currently are above the cap, but could they be imminent. given the issues the motor industry are dealing with could we get some benefit from it.

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    I am very interested in the Tiguan Allspace but dismayed that the SEL is only on the scheme in Manual as it has the remote boot close option only (Not available on the Match)

    I wonder if the SEL 4WD DSG will join scheme in Q3?

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    An increase in either EV/ PHEV / Hybrids would be nice.  It’s funny that you kind of decide what you’d like the quarter before you’re due to order then spend two weeks before the new lists are out in a panic ?.  That’s where I am just now ?.  Anyone else do this?

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    Carmad, we are the same as our order date has always been the last few days of June.  We do a shortlist in Q1 and see what’s still available / affordable in Q2, I guess as a bit of a bonus if there is nothing appealing then we can wait and see what Q3 brings.

    This year was a bit different as due to a last minute recall that delayed delivery of our current car our order date got shifted to the first few days on July – the Mrs had fallen in love with the Leon ST and due to mental health issues couldn’t deal with the changed of date / risk of missing out on it so we did an early termination so that she stayed within Q2… To their credit Motability did waive the £250 fee but of course we’ve forfeited the good condition bonus, the money would have been nice but small price to pay for the Mrs peace of mind.

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    T.J, you’re correct, the strain it put’s some of us in mentally can be daunting, I hope your wife is well.  I always check the prices, even after I’ve ordered wondering have I done the right thing, will it still meet my needs in two years?

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    Carmad, thanks – she’s happy that is all ordered etc but as it was the 2.0TSi model there is still some doubt over the factory actually supplying it as another member on here has there’s cancelled despite having a confirmed build week.

    Know what you mean about checking the prices in the next quarter, so far we’ve been lucky that the AP has gone up every time and in the case of the Leon was discontinued about a week after we’d placed the order.

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    keith king

    I am hoping that this is the quarter that Motability start sharing the wealth (£2.5B reserves) the car that I need large, auto has now reached a £2k AP which is out of my budget. Age old argument, but automatic transmission cars should not be a premium priced option.

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    The reserves are already invested in the fleet of vehicles we run.

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    given bmw put the i3 on before the 1/4 change i wonder if they were trying to preempt some other manufacturers putting evs onto the scheme? there are a few that currently are above the cap, but could they be imminent. given the issues the motor industry are dealing with could we get some benefit from it.

    New electric MINI next month using i3 tech. Even faster!?

    East Yorkshire.
    Still looking for an EV I can get my wheelchair in or has not got a ridiculous AP!

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    Jason Lee

    Hey Mark, it’s only £75 to change the match to electrically operated

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    This is only a guess, but as delivery times for private buyers is one week for the Nissan leaf 40kw and now the 60kw is on sale I would assume Nissan have a number of 40kw to shift.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Wonder if any pricelists going to be out a couple of days early. Could be a few scrambling to the dealers or holding fire ,with a couple days early notice. Only bring this up as I’m sure some prices were released early in the past.

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    If only, Brydo.


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    The new Toyota Camry large saloon .. or is it a hatchback .. is due in showrooms on July 1st. This is a hybrid like all new Toyotas lately. Any whispers of it coming to the scheme?

    I understand Motability need to check the cars first, so maybe August…???

    The RAV 4 is on the scheme so around that price I think



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    1. Like Mark i’m keen on the all space in SEL trim with 4×4 auto. I know I’m pushing it but would also like the 180 PS engine too. I’m parting with my XC60 D5 in the next week or two and have been all over YouTube looking at Allspace, Koleos, Karoq, 5008, XC40 and Tarraco. … constantly. Don’t want to give up the Volvo but the SEL spec and German engines the Tiguan looks good but would prefer more boot space in 5 seater. I’m WPMS too
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    Same here Teza… XC60 D5 with lots of toys going bye-byes by October. VERY hard to find a car comparable on the scheme now even with some really massive APs (not WPMS here). X-Trail if boot space is a biggy?

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    yep, its a shame really, the only thing near it toy wise is tiguan r line tech (which I am in now) but that is not available as all space in r line in allspace. that has a similar size boot as your volvos

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    Big rumours the entry-level price is to be increased substantially. This will enable Mercedes to increase its range, GLC for instance and Jaguar Range Rover to come on the scheme.

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    That is a big rumour…

    What are your sources??


    Hope they are true!!

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    Motability customers ‘will benefit from hundreds of millions of pounds in new funding’

    It is true that they are releasing more funds to help Motability Customers. Whether it will mean more affordable adaptations or more expensive vehicles on the scheme is to be seen?

    I hope this information is helpful.


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    John Cooper

    So it’s not a rumour ? you are just assuming

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    This ‘increase in funding’ was discussed on an earlier thread.

    As customers, we have already had our ‘cut’ of this in the form of the increase in Good Condition Bonuses.

    No money to reduce Advance Payments on normal/automatic vehicles.

    The remainder of the money is being used to fund more WAV’s and for funded leases for under three year-olds.

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    It’s def June isn’t it? Not April 1st ????

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    That extra money should have gone towards the scheme and helped get bigger vehicles on the motability site. The reduction in the cap was a big blow to motability, I remember the controversy well. Some yobs complained that people on motability are purposely getting sports cars, but the truth to the matter was it was all rubbish as usual. Just an excuse to reduce the cap and allow the big cats to pocket the extra money at motability as we have seen recently in the news etc sigh. I do believe motability could raise the cap again to 35k but then the same old yobs would start to yell that it is not fair as disabled people should not be able to drive sports cars. Total shambles I will fight for disabled people alike all day we deserve better treatment.

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    With any scheme, benefit, tax laws etc etc there will always be chances, scammers  etc ( just some MPs )

    But it’s not fair to penalise the genuine people who can afford the AP of a more expensive model

    Ive personally got my own budget ceiling, like everyone has but if be more than happy to see disabled drivers or their carers driving about in bigger and better motors if they could afford a higher AP

    Why has society, massive companies and the Gov  all of a sudden decided that if a few thousand A Holes voice their opinion on Facebook or Twitter then the whole country must feel the exact same way? And siding with them is the right way to go… ?

    Crazy man

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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