Q3 first 1000 miles

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    Donkey Oatie

    Just passed the first 1000 miles on 35tfsi Black edition. Pleasantly surprised by fuel consumption. Overall working out at 36.5 MPG (actually 36.342) calculated from fuel purchase volume not readout although readout is almost spot on at 36.8. On longer runs I have seen 40 mpg (based on computer)

    Very happy with performance and ride/comfort. The seats are a great improvement on the X1 we had before. As usual I only use a fraction of all the electronics, fun to play with but they can become a distraction.

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    Hey Donkey Oatie

    Thanks for dropping in to let us know you are getting on with you Audi Q3. How does the size compare with the X1?

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    Good to hear, can’t wait for ours to arrive hopefully next month, our 3008 is dying even more, horn hasn’t been working on and off for a month, they’ve tried to fix it once already, they’re trying again this Friday coming

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    Donkey Oatie

    Size: Hmmm. difficult to say, bootlength is fractionally longer, The rollator fits in with room to spare, on the X1 it was exact. The tailgate is more sloped so less space at the top but roofline seems a bit higher. No underfloor space in the boot. Seats fold down to give similar space I think.

    The car is a little wider and the cabin feels more spacious. Better storage compartments. Instruments and controls (especially heater) are better than the 2017 X1.

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