Q2 Pricing – 1st April 2019

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    Mine is an auto, 177ps dct. Covered 1350 miles now, a mix of in town, motorway and country roads, driven sensibly in the main. My old X1 (190ps dct) achieved around 40mpg so 38mpg for the Tucson is good in my view as the car is around 100kg heavier. As I have said the X1 fuel computer was always optimistic and the Tucson is always pessimistic so its a pleasant surprise when I fill up.

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    Mercedes c class was added but just se model

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    Do you know if the CLA new model will be on the scheme?

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    old style CLA just been taken off scheme today (but there was no stock anywhere anyway)

    mercedes website has 4 models on it (whereas the old shape was only 1 variant I think) so hopefully setting up for new shape CLA?

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    Are we having a Q3 thread?

    Just ordered myself but might consider a cancel and reorder if anything super interesting happens on July 1st.

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    Yes we will be replacing this thread with a q3 sticky thread, at present seems very quite as we can tell by James Daily updates but I anticipate a lot of manufacturers wanting to offload before the new Registration and needing to get of certain engine varients so personly I think Q3 could be very good for the scheme and more inportantly it’s members.

    Thanks for the reminder I’ll start a new thread in a bit.

    New Q3 thread started thanks Wardy

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