Q2 Pricing – 1st April 2019

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    So the Proceed is on apart from the GT model because wait for it…. its 1 bhp over the limit at 201…

    which means I wont be changing car this quarter, that is so petty tbh 1bhp is nothing, there is no way I am ever getting another car with under 150 bhp that is estate size as they never get nowhere near claimed mph and overtaking on the motorway is well ermm…. plan 2 miles ahead job and considering I live in a town were to do anything you have to go on the motorway, I might as well keep my money and stay with a underpowered fuel guzzling estate that I have.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Mazda CX-5 – turns out the insurance issues that caused it to disappear can be rectified by increasing the Advance Payment by £700. Now Starting at £1499.


    Kia Pro Ceed – Starting at £1699 Advance Payment. Could the old Skool Estate car be making a comeback?

    ‘ You won’t buy the Kia Proceed for the way to drives or for its so-so infotainment system, but you might be persuaded to part with your cash for its slinky body and massive boot ‘ Matt Watson


    Seat Taracco – Big 7 seater, cracking value. Prices starting at £799  for the 1.5 litre petrol. Only Manual cars listed presently.


    Alfa Romeo Giulia –  ‘me again’ £3750  Advance Payment. Remains to be be seen if you can actually order one this time.

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    Have you test driven the Seat Leon ST 1.5 148bhp petrol?

    50 mpg, and it accelerates very quickly, especially when you stick it in sports mode.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Holly Molly WMC!!

    I paid £999 for my CX-5 in Q3 last year, Q2 this year £2,699……. worth every penny!

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    So if the Tarracco is starting at £799 and the allspace starts at £1149 why would anyone buy a Kodiaq? They are all basically the same car.

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    Just seen the AP on my car go up £100. Now just £100 difference between Premium and Premium SE.

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    Is there no Motability Quarterly Price guide pdf being produced this quarter? It is usually the first thing Motability make available, before they update the searchable price list etc.

    Just about every link to it on the Motability website seems to have been removed.

    Does this move bode for another quarter of cars going on and off the ‘available list’ at the drop of a hat?


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    fwipperie – £100?  That’s nothing.  The AP for ‘my’ Golf GT 1.5 TSI has gone from £499 to £2,249.  Even assuming it’s the new model that’s a jump of £1,800 for a flippin’ 150 bhp hatchback!

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    vw golf r gtd 2lr diesal gone up to  £3749,yet same golf gt only £1249.

    very strange

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    Which Mobility Car


    Quarter 2 changes are never the most fluid of changeovers. The Price Guide has always been a first release but everything appears a little late (and a little clunky) this quarter. March is the busiest time of the year for the whole industry so its understandable if a few things are a little slow to publish.


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    Gutted that the Lamborghini Huracan didn’t make the list this quarter…

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    Golf gtd only £1849

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    Are they having a joke on the new golf r line 1,5 PETROL AUTO jumped from 899 auto to 3749 what a joke

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    Tiguan 1.5tsi Match seems to have been taken off but 2.0tdi only 150 more now.

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    A  class Merc  220 d

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    No1 on my shortlist was the C5 Flair auto (which was already pushing the budget) unfortunately it’s gone up another ton : (

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    We often find from 1 quarter to the next there are few significant changes. This seems to be the case here.

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    Seems the search facility has now crashed anyway.

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    Peugeot Rifter range gone up by £800, really, for what reason exactly? oh I know, it’s a good vehicle for the disabled so let’s screw more money out of them! Nice.

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    golf prices are a joke. no one will ever pay that amount ap

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    Tiguan R line tech 150 2wd auto has dropped 100 beans to £2899

    Thsts a lot of car with a lot of kit for that AP

    Still early, so more cars could come n go

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    Magnum Mike

    Seat Leon’s autos a bargain 2 litre excellence top of the range auto nil payment !, 190 bhp leather camera etc etc etc

    I like Magnums....

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    Which Mobility Car

    A class Merc 220 d

    Great Spot James. 400nm of torque and 0-62 in 7 seconds. fancy screens too.

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    I had a test drive of one a couple of months back, and as much as I love the new interior and tech, unfortunately it’s just too low for me to get in and out

    But if someone doesn’t have those difficulties then it’s great looking car to have

    One thing I did notice though is that it’s expensive to add on the extra Packs you can buy to give you the the upgraded larger screens and augmented reality sat nav etc

    But it’s good to see that model and engine on the scheme now

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