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    Which Mobility Car

    Quarter 2 (Spring) prices are launched on 1st April.

    Please post here any news and information on new prices.


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    Ive decided to go with the GTD, placed an order with my local VW the other day and all has been approved!

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    Ive decided to go with the GTD, placed an order with my local VW the other day and all has been approved!

    That makes two of us. Mine is ordered but subject to a test drive when they open up. Dealer said he was ok with me cancelling as they would be able to sell it very easily. He also said he bets I don’t cancel!

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    Yeah I doubt you’ll be cancelling @Richardw . Car looks fantastic, what colour did you decide on? An optional extras?

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    Have you driven one? Gone for white, wholly impractical given where we live but I liked the contrast with the black trim. Landrover is black and didn’t fancy having 2 black cars. Poor choice really but never mind.Thought I was going to go for the 19’s but when I saw the 18’s in the flesh I preferred those .Went for the Harmon Kardon instead. How about you?

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    I haven’t driven one yet hopefully when the dealers open up I will get one organised. Sounds nice, I liked the white but I had White golf before! I went with Moonstone Grey and ending up getting winter pack (heated seats) and the upgraded 19″ alloys. I actually saw someone with set up on the new golf and the car was a real head turner.

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    If you get the 19” upgrade wheels do you then have to get the sport suspension?

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    I don’t think so, it’s just a recommendation. Can soon become an expensive car if you’re not careful.

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    You dont have to get the optional DCC suspension with the 19″s. You can just keep the standard one which has no cost. You dont get DCC as standard even with the 18″s so its not like your missing out anything.

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    Do you mean that it’s written in Motability rules that you can get dealers to order based on the previous quarter’s prices?  Do you have a URL where it states this?

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    Glos Guy

    Do you mean that it’s written in Motability rules that you can get dealers to order based on the previous quarter’s prices? Do you have a URL where it states this?

    No, that’s not correct and nobody has said that. You pay the AP that Motability quotes on the day that you order. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for the car to arrive, or if the AP changes between now and then, you still pay the AP that applied on the day you ordered.

    To give an example:  A car is currently advertised today (quarter 2) as £2,000 AP and you order today. The car takes 6 months to arrive and you collect it in October. By then, it’s quarter 4 and the AP then might be £3,000. You might also end up with a 2022 model year car. None of this matters. You still pay the £2,000 that applied on the day that you ordered. Hope that clarifies. Sounds complicated but it’s very simple!

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    I test drove the xc40 T5 recharge today. I currently drive a BMW X1 118 X-Line.

    I only had 30 minutes in the car but i can honestly say its probably the most comfortable drive i have experienced.

    The engine felt good, silent but enough power. I didnt get to take it out on the motorway due to time but from what I experienced i did really like it. My BMW felt weird afterwards like the engine sounded louder, i felt the bumps a bit more etc.

    Also i didn’t get to drive in electric only as the battery wasn’t fully charged. There was another test drive prior to mine. But the Hybrid mode seemed good enough.

    overall i am happy and i will be ordering one. It was the xc40 or a Q3 for me in the end it was a easy decision.

    I can order from mid May for a Mid August exchange.

    Not sure on production lead times at the moment but ordering in July may actually mean i wont get this for mid August.

    So for me it makes sense to order in May to give it more time for production and delivery.


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    Been looking at the gtd and thinking of ordering, same dilemma as yourselves chaps with the 19s. From the configurator online when you choose the 19s it gives you the option of DCC for £725, but there’s also a free sports suspension option there with gti front shockers and rear standard shock absorbers. These options only present themselves to you if you select the 19s so I think you get some sports suspension for free for the 19s, if so do you lot think this would affect the ride majorly in comparison to the 18s and standard stock suspension? This is a biggie for me

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    I spoke to VW dealer about the 19″ alloys and the DCC.

    The DCC is an additional extra regardless of the alloy size. SO even if you get 18″ alloys you will have to pay 725 if you want the DCC. Otherwise you will get the stock suspension. Same situation with the 19″ if you get them you have the option to get the 725 DCC extra or you can just get the stock ones. So in conclusion you won’t feel any difference in regards to the drive because the DCC is an additional extra which isn’t somthing you’ll feel even when possibly having a test drive.

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    Thanks for clearing that up, I’ll probably go for the 19s then when I order, I know it’s only a inch. But an inch is a lot (no pun intended) lol. I’d be kicking myself if I ordered the gtd without them. There isn’t one with the upgraded alloys to test drive, but you’re right I think the ride will be just fine as I have drove the 7.5 and that felt good so I think it will be just fine. Thanks for finding out James.

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    No worries! What spec of the GTD have you decided on?

    Also have you driven one yet? I am still unsure about all the non touch buttons, all the reviews are saying its a nightmare to control the aircon etc.

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    I have ordered one. Kept the 18’s as I just preferred the look of them. Went for the Harmon Kardon instead.

    Haven’t driven one yetas York don’t have one. A little anxious as order was subject to test drive and no one seems to have one!

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    I’ve got a Golf 8.
    Great drive as expected but trying to control anything on infotainment system while driving is a nightmare.
    Sensors for safety functions constantly go off and a few software issues.
    Personally I feel they’ve really over complicated things.
    Hope you find it ok……

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    hi pal, I think I’m going for the 19s and the winter pack, I’d love the pan roof but that’s a grand in itself so can’t justify that. No haven’t test drove I’ve only drove the 7.5 and that was nice so I thought the mk 8 would be similar. But now I am considering test driving and I know I’ve seen the reviews on YouTube I wish carwow did one. Will you be ordering?

    @richardw great choice apparently there’s not much difference between the 18s and 19s but I know I’d kick myself later. Wish I could have the Harmon kardon too lol you can really blow the bank specing it up. Let us know your test drive goes mate.

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    @davew these were the only things that were putting me off I hope they do some updates. I think I am going to test drive it now.I think the drive will be amazing. I love tech but I will have to see how easy it is to work the infotainment system definitely. Thanks for the heads up mate

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    No worries pal.
    Good luck

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    Lee Bengough
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    Mike 700

    VW ID.3 new retail only pricing , and spec announced, with different packs available, both on retail and Motability!

    For example,  the ‘Style’ can now be ordered with a Panoramic Opening/Sliding sunroof at an extra £690.

    Factory orders are apparently taking 10-12 weeks, but could be quite a bit longer, I’m reliably informed?

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