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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So it’s that time of month again well quater so let’s post all the found deals in here. I Did start one off in motability Facebook and got told off by them and informed I’m not allowed to do that lol. Never mind I know it’s all good in here……</p>
    So Marshall v.w 250 off

    Listers mini 399 off selected cars.

    It’s hard to find them all as many are still updating so pass on what you know ladies and gents.

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    Thanks Pops, I was struck by the overtaking acceleration on the PHEV model. It actually accelerates from 30mph to 60mph over a second faster than the Ford Focus RS and the Porsche Boxster. People talk about top speeds, 0-60 times etc but its that mid-range power that’s of most practical use in real life.



    just had a call out of the blue from a ford dealer 30 mins away he has the car I want in stock and will do for 650ap , now time so speak to the wife lol


    JS (justsaying)

    Ha ha there on here watching you Nick!





    Hey Nick, you talked that one in fella, re: the wife… remember it’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask for permission! lol

    Sound result that though, well done, keep us posted.



    I agree



    That’s great news Nick



    Hi Mike!

    Can you say what discount you received? One of the cars I’m looking at is the CX-5




    The discount was about £300 plus bits thrown in.

    But the CX5 might be more

    Hope that helps




    Thanks a lot for that info, it’s exactly what I would be looking for. Happy days!



    Nice news


    Craig McHale

    RRG Peugeot are offering £200 off the advance payment on the 3008.



    Agnew VW in Mallusk, NI are offering a £100 fuel card with all cars bought between now and 30th June – including new, used and Motability

    I called the other VW dealers in NI and no others are offering any kind of incentive.



    One possibility might be to search for your intended car in something like carwow and then when you start getting the tastier price offers from the franchised dealers, email those ones back saying that you’re looking for motability and please pass your requirements on to their motability sales person if they have one. At least you know that those particular dealerships are open to being competitive.

    Living rurally in W.Wales we have a lack of dealers, nevermind deals! Who else had procured their car from elsewhere in the country and then had it serviced and maintained by the local dealer? Was it straightforward? Any hassles?



    Anyone seen last weeks autoexpress they say smart and mini are the most vandalised cars in uk.



    I haven’t, but your post reminds me of the 80’s and the VW badges that were getting removed thanks to the beastie boys craze…. VW started selling badges to try and curb the vandalism!

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5



    Some more offers from stonearce.  Tuscon se nav was 299 now 0.00. Huyandi ioniq we premium was 1199 now 0.00. Sportage 2 was 199 now 0.00 s cross now comes with 400 cash back. Enjoy.



    Cheers Nick, That Hyundai Ioniq SE Premium is an awesome deal for anyone wanting to look in to green. A hell of a lot of kit, and this quarters best zero ap car i reckon… by a mile.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5



    i agree trev ioniq  se premium 1199 now 0.00 cracking car.



    just called the chesterfield branch who is a hyundai dealer and was informed that the Premium SE is not £0 AP. it is £1100. the lady said it’s an error on the website.





    O for god sake they emailed all them to me as well. I was thinking it was great and as direct I took it as real. Grrrr



    Thanks for updating us Salawat, and credit to Stoneacre for updating their website so quickly.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5



    still waiting for stoneacre to come back to me with an updated list, they have confirmed all other offers valid but they may add more that’s what Im waiting for.

    however I am feeling happy this morning as woke up to a message from a member in the group thanking me, as a direct result of the offers posted in the group she got 1000.00 off the ap on a new kuga yesterday which is always great to hear.

    Bristol street motors.,



    That’s great to hear Nick, I was kinda put off with Bristol Street Motors, as i posted their web deals on here months ago, think it was you who went to enquire about one of the advertised deals, and it was a no-go… yet they continued to advertise it on their website.

    That’s what impressed me with Stoneacre, as the ioniq deal was quickly removed by them once the error was made known.

    But if Bristol Street Motors are genuinely giving deals, then i’ll start keep an eye on them again…. just wished they realised how advertising non-available deals on their website will deter people from considering them.

    Pleased for you being able to help that lady though, i thought £500 was a damn good discount, but £1k is amazing!!



    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5



    Yeah I was surprised at that amount too. Fair play



    £100 of fuel from Evans Halshaw seat.

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