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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So it’s that time of month again well quater so let’s post all the found deals in here. I Did start one off in motability Facebook and got told off by them and informed I’m not allowed to do that lol. Never mind I know it’s all good in here……</p>
    So Marshall v.w 250 off

    Listers mini 399 off selected cars.

    It’s hard to find them all as many are still updating so pass on what you know ladies and gents.

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    Interesting reading from Motability Leasing Ltd website for dealers…….

    Distance selling, incentives and discountsI

    You should never distance sell, upsell or offer discounts or other incentives to any Motability Scheme customer.

    Our commitment to treating customers fairly means they get the get the same deal on the same vehicle, wherever they are in the country.

    Our price guide provides consistent pricing that all our dealer partners must follow.

    The customer must be present when placing an application to make sure the Scheme and vehicle selected have been assessed and are suitable for them; and they fully understand the financial implications of the lease. Applications taken over the phone are not valid.

    The worry-free package ensures everything is taken care of; don’t sell Scheme customers things they don’t need such as service packs or vehicle checks.

    Let it be your customer service that makes your dealership stand out.

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    Hmmm. That’s interesting. So what happens to those who have already had help with their AP’s? Or has this just been implemented?

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    JS (justsaying)

    A new thread on chrisk post and topic has been started here:

    Is this a new thing?

    Droctor I’ve left your post here as moving posts cause havoc with a flow of a thread. Feel free to ask in other thread. But in brief  it’s a new statement and reminder to dealers, its not something they have direct control over.

    Please all direct any questions on this topic to the new thread so we don’t gate crash this one


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    Berry’s bmw no longer offering discounts on APs!!!!

    skoda deskers in Essex Suffolk and Kent have been useless thus far & no incrbtyvrs / discounts & official 25+ week lead in time in new orders !!!!

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    Seat Ateca 1.6TDI SE Tech Manual (suitable for under 25’s) Only £299 AP

    For a limited time, your local Pentagon SEAT dealership is giving Motability customers £250 cashback just by purchasing a brand new SEAT car from them.

    Which makes this Ateca only £49 AP



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    £49 looks like a good deal to me if the car suits your needs and there is no longer any major delays with the seats due to the emission changes.

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    Although posted as an individual post, worth duplicating here.

    Chris Allsopp from Marshalls VW of Reading (Berkshire) is offering £350 off ANY model during Q4.

    For enquires, please email Chris direct –

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    Looking for a Volvo V40?

    Got a great deal here from Marshalls Volvo, they have dealerships spread across a large part of the uk

    The offer is £500 cashback off any V40 including the Cross Country –

    This is in addition to a potential £500 Good Condition Bonus from Motability.


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    Hi All

    I ordered a Kia Optima 1.6 crdi Auto GT-Line S Sportswagon in Pearl White metalic, from Park’s Kia in East Kilbride, G74 3XH 5 miles south of Glasgow.

    I ordered it on 7th September and picked it up on 4th October, my due date for changing over, with the colour and trim I wanted. I recon that is good timing by today’s order times.

    This is my second Motability car over the years from Park’s which is a large Multi Dealership, under one roof, which sells Kia, Abarth, Fiat, Citroen, Dacia, Hyundai, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault and Suzuki, (with an Arnold Clark Vauxhall garage next to it and Ford also in East Kilbride, with Mazda a couple of miles away in Blantyre). East Kilbride has a large modern under cover shoping centre.

    My Motability agent Rhona Nichol, was a very helpful, efficient and friendly and offered £100 off the Motability AP, which is not “hold the front page” stuff but better than nothing, they also put between quarter and half a tank of petrol in the car. Kia have plenty of the new engined Kia Optimas in the country (the Optima Phew has just gone on the list).

    I am sure Rhona would be happy to give £100 off the other makes that they do if you tell her callmejohn sent you. You can get her on 01355 818058 or email her at,. Wednesday is her day off and be sure to tell her callmejohn sent you.

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    You clearly hate Motability Andrea, and appear to have your own personal agenda.

    This Forum is not the place for your vitriolic posts. I suggest that you look elsewhere for a platform for your anger.

    Any similar posts will be removed.

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    coralie winship

    does anyone ever get merc discounts

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    Although I have extended my contract now, so am not hunting for a new vehicle for a while, I have just received a mailshot from Pentagon Alfa Romeo in Doncaster, South Yorkshire offering £200 cashback off any Motability Alfa Romeo ordered before 31st December 2018.

    Incidentally, Stratstone Mini in Harrogate and Leeds are still plugging their £500 cashback off any Mini until 31st December 2018:


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    Infact to add another, Bristol Street Motors are offering £250 cashback off any Citroen ordered until 31st December 2018 (scroll down the linked page a bit because they have got the page format a bit wrong):

    Also £500 cashback off the Volvo V40 (sadly nothing off the XC40), again scroll down the link:


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    Patricia Spreyer

    It is time to order a new Motability car, looking at BMW X1. Do you know of any discounts that may be available on the advanced payment.


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    Berry Heathrow BMW have been known to offer discounts, though it was reported they weren’t doing any last quarter. Still worth an email to see if they have anything this quarter –


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    Good afternoon folks


    Can someone kindly tell me how to post on the forum.


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    You just have @roadwarrior is there something in particular you would like help with?

    Welcome to our little family.

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    Thanks Trev

    Our Juke is up in December, literally just had a test drive in a GLA 220 D SPORT, THEY’RE not doing the 48 hour test, so I took it out, there was one bar of fuel when I went out.  Had it for a couple of hours, phoned them about the fuel and they said I’d be fine to get back on reserve tank as we were 10 miles away, U was going to put a 10er of diesel in. Long story short conked out on a 21!!   I repaired to a slight incline behind crash barrier for safety and the whizzing cars going past.

    Would anyone be kind enough to give feedback on the Glass d 220?

    I wonder sometimes about car journalist’s , some are quite negative about the GLA . Is it maybe partly because they are spoilt for  choice of above average vehicles?

    I’ve done a fair amount of research into the GLA and it appears superb. Any fe d back ould be most appreciated. The short list now looks like: Mercedes GLA 220

    Peugeot 3008

    Nissan Qashqui N connect 1.5 diesel.


    If anyone needs any feed back on the GLA , I have a little to share.




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    I order my new car in December, I made up my car (MINI) with chili pack etc a few weeks back so I was prepared. Recently they changed everything no more chili packs etc so now I have to start all over. Only issue is there’s no new upfront price costs for the new mini which is annoying, I can’t price a car up to my budget if I don’t have an upfront cost to start with. I really hope they keep the 500 off deal too by December.

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    @Chris, what is this upfront cost you speak of, are you referring to the AP?

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    Thomas Donaldson

    Hi all new here but just a little advice if your in the same boat as me . My vehicle is due for renewal 29thJan 19 so i have to order it now ish, I wanted to order the Mini from Stratstone as they have the £500 cash back. Only issue is the small print, check it to avoid disappointment, the offer is if the vehicle is ordered and REGISTERED  before 31st Dec 18 . Motability WILL NOT allow the dealership to register the vehicle until 1 week before delivery so making it outside the t’s & c’s for the £500 cashback. A bit disappointed as the extra cashback would have been very nice. Hope no one else is in the same boat but best to check just in case. Cheers all. T

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    Thanks for the warning Thomas.

    Stratstone are a group that regularly provide cashback deals each quarter – i wonder if a discussion with them would provide some leeway in order to get your business, even if it’s a different cashback offer they provide next quarter, that they will honour that one for you… worth an ask.

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    Anybody ever had a discount or money of optional extras at a Peugeot dealership?

    the ones I have rung are all saying the same thing which is no chance😥

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    Not at Peugeot dealers they don’t seam interested.

    I rang and emailed about 5  dealers who all said that thecotder book I’d that full they don’t need to offer any discounts. ?

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