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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So it’s that time of month again well quater so let’s post all the found deals in here. I Did start one off in motability Facebook and got told off by them and informed I’m not allowed to do that lol. Never mind I know it’s all good in here……</p>
    So Marshall v.w 250 off

    Listers mini 399 off selected cars.

    It’s hard to find them all as many are still updating so pass on what you know ladies and gents.

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    Ron Goddard

    Thanks for the advice, I may try that.  I’m right on the border of the new Q4 list.  My choice was either the BWW 2 series 7 seater or the Peugeot. I had a test drive in the BMW on June 30th -we started looking early – only to find a day later they had removed all the diesel models from this model.  However the AP on the Peugeot was reduced by £400 so it seemed a better bet.  I may look and see if I can get some early indication of any changes before 1st October.  Thanks again



    For some reason I thought you guys had gone for the Kodiaq. I have not really looked but that is the bigger one of the two I believe. Very interesting that you opted for the Skoda over the Tiguan though.

    This is going to be a tough decision as I am also wondering whether I wait for the Q4 prices in case something unexpected gets put on the list! The downside being that they might remove quite a few cars also!



    Would have loved the Kodiaq, but beyond my budget. My initial thoughts was that the Karoq was small, it is smaller, but not small at all and perfectly adequate for our needs.

    I was given week 34 build, next week, but Skoda UK phoned me this morning to say this is still unconfirmed thus likely to be pushed back. If i still haven’t taken delivery of the car by the time Q4 comes round i will have the option to cancel and go for something else… The Karoq is a nice safety net to be had if it comes to that.

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    I had a few emails with VW Oxford who offered me £300 off the Tiguan R Line which is great. They then told me a 35 week lead time! Almost 9 months, lol. Defo gunna see if I can make the CLA work as I can’t wait 9 months



    Have a look at the Mazda cx-5, it’s been refreshed and just come back on the scheme with AP from only £649

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    Trev, just reading your well written post about Karoq vs. Tiguan. We 6 weeks ago ordered an RLine 2wd DSG 2.0d in the undesirable Ruby Red (quite shocking). This was being unable to wait for the 2.0d Kodiaq. We were told today by Listers Worcs that VW have said that we can have any colour….as long as it’s Black, Grey,White or Silver.  We ordered 6 weeks ago! Now they tell us they won’t give us the colour we ordered.

    I have lodged a complaint with VW UK today as the supplying dealer have the exact car in stock in Ruby Red and unregistered, it does have £900.00 options fitted. I have told them I will not pay for these as it’s on them.

    Whee did you ask when told about the Ruby Red car being built.

    thanks Mike



    I can’t help with your issue, though wish you a good outcome! Just wanted to chime in that I found Listers Worcester to be awful, their motability advisor will not budge on AP or options pricing from my experience. They treated my partner and I like beggars when we noted that other VW main dealers were offering discounts.



    Much the same here Matt with my local VW dealer, Heritage of Bristol, I had no choice other than to travel miles to get a deal but I’ve told my local after doing business with them for a decade they need to pull their socks up by 2021 when I order my next car.

    Trouble is although were making a stand for our own good Mr Average Motability customer will just accept what’s on offer, but I live in hope our momentum snowballs.



    I am just finding the lack of communication from some dealers totally shocking! Emails not responded to for days, phone calls ignored / hard to get hold of people. Is the car business doing that well customers are no longer valid and they dont need to make the effort.



    Hi Mike, sorry to hear of your problems.

    I don’t quite understand your question on the ruby red’s  – when i was looking the sales person at Marshall’s South Oxford told me there was only 2 x tiguans in stock left in the whole country – 1 x se nav with winter pack in Grimsby, and the other ther had in SEL trim in 4motion. The salesman also told me all stock vehicles had to be sold by 15th August (yesterday), any remaining stock will be pre-registered and sold as 2nd hand.

    So no point asking Marshalls for stock vehicles i guess, unless the date i was given has been extended and was in no way a pressure selling tactic lol

    Now an interesting thing here about your colour dilemma, is to me it is apparent that the dealer didn’t submit your order to the factory 6 weeks, and has only just recently done it. I say this as with my Karoq order my preference was with the cappuccino beige colour – yet a dealer advised to me (the only 1 of over a dozen i contacted) that the colour is being discontinued for MY19, and if an order was submitted it would just be rejected – and i wonder if that is what is happening here. Is the ruby red colour discontinued for MY19 – if not i’m puzzled as to why you cannot have the colour you have ordered.

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    Hi everyone. New here. Just wanted to add to this. Bowker Preston pretty shocked when I asked about discounts/contribution to AP.  They made it clear that they don’t do discounts for Motability customers. There was a long silence….



    Hi DrOctor, welcome to the forum.

    Yes, there are some dealers that take the stance that the AP is what you pay, take it of leave it. Whilst others dealers think its worth their while offering a discount on the AP, which they make the shortfall up themselves, to attract more sales.

    Either way Motability don’t lose out and get the advertised AP.

    In the current climate it’s very important to factor in lead times / availability as well. Due to new emissions testing there are some long waits for particular models which you can read about in the forum. So please take factor this in to your decision process as some waits are quoted to be 6 months or more!


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    You do indeed need to try various dealers to see if you can tempt them to offer you a discount. In many ways it is just like buying a new car outside of the Motability scheme. The standard “Motability set the prices” is often used to deter any discount being offered and no doubt it has the desired effect on many customers. People who visit this forum will however know that discounts can be offered and some of them can be quite amazing to be honest.



    Morning guys.

    I have a few test drives lined up over the next couple of weeks, not holding out much hope on a discount apart from VW.

    CLA this Friday: With a roof box for holidays I think it could work as a family car, we will see though!

    Tiguan R-Line: Communication totally shocking at the first garage so have gone to one that is also close by. The first obviously didnt want the business. I am seeing a lot of Tiguans on the road though which is putting me off slightly.


    3 Series Touring: Does what it says on the tin but also see a lot on the road. A real tough decision ahead so am hoping the test drives help to make our minds up.




    Thank you for the welcome. Surprisingly, although we have been Motability customers for a while I never knew about this great forum! I have tried the discount thing previously  (asked about getting a complimentary extra from a Volvo dealer) and they said no we only make about £50 from Motability.



    There must be a sales guy who receives Motability (PIP etc) as I would love to what they make. I have heard dealers even claim that they make a loss on selling a Motability car! I find that pretty hard to believe and the fact some dealers DO offer a discount they obviously are not losing out!



    Hi Chris

    Been into my dealer today and he has said the Touran 1.4 will be fitted with the 1.5 for future orders.

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    Newfie you just made my day and hope your dealer is correct.

    I’ve been using Google translate the last few weeks trying to see what My19 may hold for the Touran on the German VW site and if I get this engine I will be over the moon and worth the wait for delivery as I estimate that running the Touran 1.4 TSi 180 (extra weight and power) would be more expensive than running my 1.4 TSi 122 Golf I have now but the 1.5 TSi I hope, with its up to date technology, the new Touran will have the same economy or better as the lighter less powerful 1.4 Golf.



    That’s a thought James, is there any Motability sales persons who are disabled themselves.

    If we listen to the BBC you would think every other disabled person is an Olympic medal winner so surely there must be at least one person who fits the bill.



    I had to drop the order for my Tiguan as an untoward happening has meant I need a bigger boot space.  So I ordered the 1.4 SEL Touran like yourself.

    So spent a good couple of hours with my dealer this morning sorting this so if he is right we will see the 1.5. in our vehicles.

    I sat with him whilst he ordered and got my order number straight away.

    Current info we I am looking at late December for delivery

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate



    Exactly, there must be someone. There must be someone who knows what dealers make. I am sure each dealer will be different but you could probably draw a happy medium.




    I think it’s fair to assume they are on a basic + commission basis salary structure.

    Commission will be not only on individual sales, but also the dealership as a whole, and will be spot commission increases i.e if they need to shift a number of certain models they have in stock.

    Yes, motability cars are already discounted from retail and i can show that with my recent order form –

    Skoda Karoq SE L 1.6tdi man in petrol blue with spare wheel

    On the website car builder the OTR is £26,320

    The OTR price on the invoice is £23,832.10

    That’s a 9.45% discount for Motability

    If the dealer was to offer £500 cashback, the discount percentage would increase to 11.4%, an aprox 2% rise which could be the sales exec commission rate.

    The Motability specialist confirmed to me they receive commission on motability sales, but won’t receive that until he hands over the keys.

    This may not answer your question wholly, but hopefully gives you some insights, and probably leads you to more questions lol

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    In comparison to Q2, it seems that Quarter 3 has been a pretty disappointing one for discounts, and cash back deals.

    New offers have been thin on the ground and most of the Q2 ones have been discontinued.

    The Stratstone MINI £500 cash back offer (which I took advantage of) was one of the few to carry through to this quarter, and my dealer doesn’t think that offer will continue for much longer either.

    WLTP has surely affected things seeing as most manufacturers are, with some notable exceptions, struggling with delivery times across the board whilst others have very few wltp compliant cars to even offer at this stage – which is entirely their own clucking fault.

    From a dealership perspective, there is really no incentive to entice motability customers with special offers and deals for cars that will take god knows how long to be delivered.

    Especially when their drawers (oh matron! 😀 ) are likely already full of unfulfilled orders and their phones, texts and emails full of disgruntled people asking where the heck that car they ordered months ago is!?






    Interested in Volvo XC40. Would like to know where I could get £500- discount. The AP is extortionate.

    Also looking at Mazda CX- 5

    and Honda HRV all auto

    Congratulions for all those who got themselves  deal and kudos for the generous sharing.

    Thank you all.





    Anyone know if either Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Volvo and Skoda dealerships in north London or in Greater London our city of London that willing to do any substantial discount off the AP.

    Thank you

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