Q1 2021

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    Speedy James

    New arrivals and departures.

    Predictions anyone?

    Good and bad welcome

    Not long now………

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    Probably not the particular one we all want and not the apse want to pay,

    is that me being too negative

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    There is already a pinned pist for this?

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    Which Mobility Car
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    I can’t understand why it’s as though if your genuinely a disabled individual it seems as though you have to jump through every hoop to be approved for benefits and schemes and then there are individuals that claim to be genuine and tick all the boxes only to be proved not years down the line and it’s the same case maybe real people in need are to embarrassed to ask for charity and will go on struggling through life things need to change

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    John Morris

    Somehow I think you posted this on the wrong place….

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