Problems with VW 1.5 tsi petrol engine

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    Hi all,  after months of waiting my vw Touran petrol auto is finally being built.

    It was ordered and test driven as a 1.4 petrol auto but this has been replaced with the new 1.5 petrol.

    Trouble is I am seeing some bad reports about this engine throughout the VW group.  Anyone have the 1.5 petrol or know anything about the problems?

    Apparently the engine is very jerky and kangaroos at low speed. Any help appreciated.

    Regards, Wonky

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    The truth is out there. 😎😂 .

    A job for Mulder and Scully maybe ? 🤐

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    Magnum Mike

    I love my Golf 1.5 tsi dsg se nav minchin kirkwood Mcvey now done 11500 miles been fab from day one in fact now running better than ever and very economical I have the 130 bhp engine not the 150 bhp engine

    I like Magnums....

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    Phil, if the dealer gives you a bill for any work just work out how much time it has taken for said work to be done and bill the dealers for the same amount, I did this with my dealer, you should have seen the faces on them when I gave them the invoice from one of the companies I’m still the registered owner of!


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    Mate they never said how long ?

    but it can’t possibly take a day or half a day.?

    they are just updating parking software, checking fluid levels looking at at bulb fault,  But the bulb works fine?

    They said if you wait you may be 5 hours? So a courtesy car is my only option? But that wasn’t motability that was thr dealer.

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    5 hours!!!???

    So 10 minutes to plug in etc, 4 hour coffee break, another 20 minutes to do the work, 5 minutes to take the stupid video, 15 minutes to figure out how to post the link, 10 minutes for service receptionist to finish her nails whilst on snapchat to her mates about last night then you get your keys back!

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    If you are in the showroom and are a connoisseur of coffee perhaps try out the range the dealership has on offer ?

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    Last time I popped in the coffee bar was a mess, no idea what coffee went where. Ended up with fruit tea that tasted like rubbard ruins. ☠️


    So I’ll pass unless they have cleaned up their act.


    But do motabilitity pay for like for like cars while the dealer has your car? Or do you have to ok it with them first, I’m not paying out for such a tiny service.

    I doubt they will touch the bulb as it’s working/ or update the software.


    Im sure I could have a warm brown with 6 sugars.

    read last years dealer magazine and then drive the 3 miles home.


    While im there I’ll get the official opinion of the 1.5 engine and it’s problems. 👍🏻

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    So I dropped my car this morning at the dealers. The guy gave me a petrol Tiguan as a loan vehicle.

    I think it’s a 1.5 s manual and I’ve got to say at first it seemed fine. But I got out onto the main  road and pulled away in a line of traffic and the car kangaroos down the road about 4 times.

    I had to keep dipping the clutch then try and pull away again.

    The cars behind must have thought I was a right spanner.

    So I put my flashers on and eventually I pulled away.

    Odd as it was fine as I pulled away from the dealers and drove about 2 miles in 5th.

    But then it was really smooth. No diesel push in the back when hurrying from the lights on rare occasions.

    But I experienced it for my self.

    Its like the car was stuck in 2 cylinder mode and couldn’t pull away?   Odd one.


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    Interesting day between kangarooing and 2 cylinder mode?

    Its eerie that cutting two cylinders makes no difference to the vw Tiguan power, as in it didn’t have much in 4 cylinder either.

    But this car was base spec with running boards that just got in my way?

    When I dropped it back I was asked what I though?

    I said why does the engine try and stall so you end up kangerooing down the road.

    He just said they all do that it’s the price you pay for good economy.


    My derv was showing 52mpg the 1.5  was showing 32 mpg.

    I wouldn’t buy one.

    Buy the way they topped up my levels, updated software, checked the contact on my LED  lights from dropping it off at 9am they rang me at 430pm just before I got the video.

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    Magnum Mike

    Phil come and have a test drive anytime in my 1.5 tsi dsg Golf 130 bhp engine never kangarooed and showing 58 mpg after 14.000 miles

    I like Magnums....

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    Mike I don’t disbelieve you it can’t be all bars?

    But the Tiguan is 2 ton, they originally offered me a golf estate but I couldn’t t get comfy in the model they had.

    It just amazed me this car was 2019 plate manual spotless with 700 miles on it and the sales assistant just said we have a lot here do it.

    The only thing I could see was before it did it it said 2

    cylinder mode on the dash?

    I have no axe to grind just reporting  what i experienced.

    I was worried as mine had a software update as a recall but it seems as smooth as ever. But it had lost a litre of oil and the screenwash warning light was on after 5 months  and 10k

    But I drive the derv auto version every day so I’d stick to that for now.

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    Magnum Mike

    Mine is 90% in 2 cylinder mode it really helps the economy

    I like Magnums....

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    Whilst it may deliver good economy running for 90% of the time in 2 cyl mode it must be the most uninspiring drive ever to keep it in eco mode, I couldn’t drive round with Miss Daisy in the back all the time knowing I was paying £265 per month for that privilege.

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    Hi Vinalspin,  shame on you, we must all believe our Politicians and do our bit to save the planet!

    (very tongue in cheek) for now I’m going to stick with the grunt and torque of a clean Euro 6 diesel.

    Regards, wonky

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    Magnum Mike

    But Vinalspin miss Daisy in the back is blonde busty suntanned blue eyes aged 55 lol

    I like Magnums....

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    Hi Mike 11, you have a fair point.

    Regards, wonky

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    Mike that really surprised me how quick it went into 2 cylinder mode, almost immediately  I wasn’t expecting that.

    They’re seemed no reason for it sometimes?

    Ive never driven the 1.5 petrol one before only the 1.4 which I didn’t like as It seemed like it needed to kick down all the time to keep up with traffic, that obviously was an auto.

    It may well be set up differently in the golfs? As I said they changed me to the tiguan , I’m by no means a  boy racer the clutch was lovely and smooth? So why it would kangaroo?

    Also im no mechanic so I don’t understand the engineering apart from the basics.

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    Believe me once it was rodeoing along the fuel consumption wasn’t anywhere near our dirty derv.

    Its always been high 40s to mid 50s since we got it.

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