Problems with VW 1.5 tsi petrol engine

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    Hi all,  after months of waiting my vw Touran petrol auto is finally being built.

    It was ordered and test driven as a 1.4 petrol auto but this has been replaced with the new 1.5 petrol.

    Trouble is I am seeing some bad reports about this engine throughout the VW group.  Anyone have the 1.5 petrol or know anything about the problems?

    Apparently the engine is very jerky and kangaroos at low speed. Any help appreciated.

    Regards, Wonky

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    Id get onto motability say in your opinion it’s unsafe and uncomfortable to be acceptable.

    Ask if you can start to look around for another car.

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    Hi, Philjb!

    I just noticed your post to Ian (24th April) asking about fuel consumption.  If it’s any help I’m getting 49.2mph average in my 1.5 TSi Golf GT (petrol, manual – not DSG) after 350 miles, keeping the revs below 3,500 because it’s still being ‘run in’.


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    Nice one George that’s pretty good

    we get mid 50’s from our 2.0 tdi,  sel Tiguan.

    London to Wyndham to see my son, mostly slowish traffic, but keeping up,when it moves on. Still running in too supposedly?

    That’s loaded right up with chairs and luggage and my other siblings and our bull dog

    The official vw figure is 60.40 but I’m more then happy with anything over 50mpg.

    We hired a 2.0 tdi galaxy over the summer and loaded again I couldn’t get it to do more then 37mpg.

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    Hi, Philjb!

    We’ve just got back from Reading with DH driving – c.85% country roads:15% town driving (i.e. Reading) and he averaged 48.5mpg.  My average (49.2mpg) was on c. 80% A3 (duel carriageway): 20% Portsmouth (city traffic).  The car does have the 2 cylinder ‘fuel-save’ system, which also works seamlessly.

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    It’s amazing really considering how bad petrol mpg used to be a few years ago.

    Ours has an eco mode but I think it just allows the car to coast  and the start stop works harder? But we tend to have it on comfort mode?

    £20 in our old 2.0 tdi gave us around 140 miles.

    This new one we get just over 200 miles

    amazing for a big heavy car.

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    I’m loving mine.  Admittedly it’s only been driven lightly loaded – 2 adults + 1 manual wheelchair on the Reading trip, otherwise 1 adult (well, me – so the term ‘adult’ might be argued!).  It’s the reason I stick with 3 door cars – I’m not expected to drive my family (elderly mum, sister, disabled brother) anywhere because not one of them can get in the rear seats. >:)  My sister has that privilege – she’s got an Octavia full of wheelchair, walking sticks, folding seats, picnic baskets, rugs, a whicker basket full of assorted ‘essential’ clutter and a huge beach umbrella.

    Plus we found the ‘magic button’ that temporarily turns off the proximity sensors so we can park on the drive without risking the ‘no claims’! (YAY!!!)  It was just to the right of the gear stick all along.  Of course, all the other buttons are on either the binnacle or the central Sat Nav + Information screen, so we didn’t notice it hiding down there in glorious isolation.


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    MArtin Byrne

    Hi all I’ve got a Tiguan 1.5 with this issue. And a little stuck confused. Got the car on the 18th march and Just got off the phone to Motability. They don’t to be able to really help. Offered early voluntary end to the contact. But would have to pay 250 to do this. I would get pro rata the advanced payment back. But this does not sit right with me. It’s new it’s faulty. We should be offered a exchange or a full refund. Anybody else had this issue?

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    Hi Martin,    There is now so much evidence against this engine in several models.  Speak to Motability again and explain this. I am certain they will wave the £250 admin.

    Regards, wonky

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    I know it’s over 30 days since Martin got the car, but I was wondering how the 2015 consumer rights act affects Motability.

    It states that you can return a faulty car and receive a full refund.

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    The  problem  with  the engine  has  been brought to motabilitys  attention  This  one could come back  and bite them  Keep a record of contacts with them   What  worries me is that they are still leasing  them to us  and we believing  motability  have the intrests of us at heart we are still ordering  them

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    As said the car if faulty no way should you pay to return it, make an official complaint till they waive the fee.

    Its s a brand new car not a 10 year old one that’s been abused.

    Then buy the 2.0 tdi, the engine is a tiny bit noisy when your going for it, but at least it’s a built proof euro 6.2 emissions engine, with no kamgerooing.

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    If we had a Lemon law in the UK like they have in the US we would not be put in this situation but then you need a government that looks after its citizens so were not going to see anything like that here from any political party.

    Stateside the folk who had diesel gate VW cars got their money back or a great amount of it, here we got zilch other than a promises they would not increase the taxes for these cars but then go on to give local council powers to charge such cars to come into town. Double dealing scum.

    You can buy a computer, vacuum cleaner, kettle or whatever with confidence that if there’s anything wrong with it you can demand your money back by law but cars, forget it, oh and it does not matter if you don’t own the cars because your the one who has to sit in a workshops for hours or go without the car while they upgrade software and whatever to fix naff cars and were only lucky that most council give tax breaks to the disabled driving in congestion or low sulphur zones.

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    MArtin Byrne

    Called Motability this morning. Did not really get anywhere with the first person due to the car being derivable. Pushed a little harder and had the call escalated and they have indeed wavered the £250 fee. Interesting they have taken the 1.5 TSI tiguan of the price list this quarter. Tell you alot me thinks.

    We had the diesel tiguan before but with doing limited miles chose the petrol for all the main reasons. Issue is do I go for the diesel or try something different. The Tigan Match does have everything you could ask when its not bouncing down the street.

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    Try something different Martin, who knows what the next VW mess will be.

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    Hi Martin,  glad you got the £250 waived, it’s only fair.

    I too was switching to a petrol because of short journeys. I waited months for the new 1.5 tsi Touran but when I drove it I cancelled. I am going to stick with diesel for now and am looking for a Sharan or Tiguan. I will just do as I do now with my Alhambra diesel,  give it a blast up the motorway in 4th gear @ 2000 revs for ten miles, every couple of weeks. This seems to keep the Diesel engine happy with all the short runs.

    Good luck with your choice, you’ve done the right thing.

    Regards, wonky

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    I have a manual seat arona with 1.5 tsi EVO engine and never had a problem with pulling off or anything in fact engine returns 40mpg around town and I don’t drive like a old man lol.

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    Same here, James: my Golf GT 1.5 tsi petrol manual is as good as gold.

    Average fuel consumption currently circa 48 mpg – keeping the revs under 3,500 while I’m running it in.

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    James, good to hear you have jo problems pulling off ?

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    My 1.5 tsi dsg Golf 130 bhp model is running fantastic has from day one now done 11000 miles always got 55 to 60 mpg in eco mode mostly on 2 cylinder mode my first tank of fuel I got 650 miles a lot more mpg than my old 1.4 tsi engine that didn’t have the 2 cylinder mode

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    Pete Smith

    I have the golf 1.5 tsi evo r line with a dsg box on an 18 plate,  had it from new and covered 23000 miles in just over a year, not a bad car to be honest, on a few rare occasions I’ve noticed the box can be a little jerky when pulling off from lights, for a 1.5 performance is quite surprising, was thinking of getting it remapped to make it a little quicker but no one has developed software for this yet.

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    Now finished ‘running in’ my Golf GT (150bhp, 1.5 tsi, petrol, manual) and two days ago I got an Average 52 mpg after 120 mile trip on mixed roads.  In my petrol Vauxhall GTC I was lucky to get 34 mpg.  This ‘two cylinder mode’ tech is great!

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    Raul Santos


    I was considering buying a used (semi-new) Vw Golf variant with the 1.5 150hp engine.

    I was wondering if the Kangerooing issue is present since the car is new or with a few mile on it…

    Has anyone had this problem come up only after a 10 or 20.000 miles?



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    Looks like Skoda are pulling the 1.5 engine from their Kodiaq range in Germany, Skoda’s biggest market. Production will cease this summer. Wonder how long it’ll be till VW admit defeat.

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    Hi all,   Just what is the truth about this 1.5 tsi engine?

    I rejected a Touran with it in after test drive.  Other posters on here love the engine in their Golfs.

    If only we could trust VW to tell the truth.

    Regards,  wonky

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    The truth is out there. ??


    bugger is if you are one of the ones effected.


    ill be ringing motability next week just to check this curtesy car is on them when my car goes into be looked and have a software update ( not 1.5 ) at as it was a dealers option and we know some dealers are full of BS and tend to tell you things are free , the. You get a bill.

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