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    Hi Moderators

    I have been trying to reply to Brydo’s Thread regarding Heated and Massage mobility chair.

    I have three times tried to reply and after each time I have noticed that whatever I have written in the reply box and pressed Submit, it has not been put onto the thread.

    Just wondered if there is a problem somewhere?


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    Lightbody try logging out then back in. I’m not aware of any issues

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    It happened to me yesterday a few times, went to post a reply, pressed submit, and it went to the top of the thread. Scrolled down and nothing posted, so typed it out again, pressed submit, and got the message i had already posted a reply… when i hadn’t….

    I put it down to putting in 2 links and the spam filter not liking them, or something like that.

    I did try a 3rd time, and then i got a message saying i was posting too soon.

    So then went into ‘incognito mode’ in my chrome browser and posted from there without the links ok.

    Thus put it down to, the links not being accepted, and then my trying again too soon.

    If i write a long reply now with a link in, i copy the text before submitting, that way if it don’t go through i only have to paste and not type it all out again… not ideal, but works.

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    Takes a few seconds lightbody

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    Lightbody its indeed as Trev says your threads have automatically been deleted it would seem the link is not excepted, I can see your deleted threads and they all contain the same link.

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    Hi Justsaying

    Thanks for the info, at least its a technical problem and not me been dropped from the forum for any reason.

    I will try and see if i can fix the problem.

    Thanks also Trev for the info. I normally use Libre office text document first to write my thread, and then when ready come to the forum and copy and paste, but today I did not do that, and found this problem, I did wonder if my jokes were over the top and I had been banned!! Thank goodness i have not.


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    lol lightbodyae55,

    i just looked back and it was in the dashcam thread i had the same problem yesterday.

    Nothing we can do, spam filter just doesn’t like the text in some links – something we have to put up with, better that then the site being overrun with spammy posts.

    Sometimes i found by inserting a hyperlink in a word like ‘LINK’ works, but not all the time.

    I like reading your jokes lightbodyae55 keep them coming. When you see what Mike gets away with you know there’s no problem (no offense Mike – but whoever taught you to upload pics needs to be shot!) lol

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    Cheers Trev lol

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    Same problem a couple of days ago, took ages typing a reply pressed submit, didn’t check it had posted then turned computer off. Couldn’t understand why it wasn’t there when I put the computer back on, fuming lol.

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I had this a while ago. Turns out either my user or email had a letter missing maybe I did it by error so keen to type and missed it. That was my issue and when I put the correct info in it worked.</p>

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