Price Q4 confusion.

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    Tony Ball

    As a result of changes in my needs I have been given the opportunity to change my much loved Tucson for a vehicle that will be more suitable for my needs. I have been looking for a 7 or 8 seater that with the rear seats down I will have room for a scooter hoist and 2 small/midsized scooter. My search leads me to the Alhambra as a leading contender but to select the trim level is causing confusion. As far as I can tell the 3 models in lowest to highest spec and Seat price are the SE, SEL and the Xcellence. But the the advance payments do not quite reflect this. The SE is £1999.The SEL is £2399 but the top of the range Xcellence is £2299. Is there something I might be missing.

    Might there be a more suitable vehicle that will satisfy my needs.

    Thank you in anticipation of any advice.

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    The Vw sharan, seat Alhambra or ford galaxy sound like they should be on your list of road tests.
    As unlike SUV type cars they tend to have a lower loading area.
    Remember AP reflects lots of things including stock levels, sales and depreciation amongst other things.
    Of the three the Galaxy would be my choice.
    But test them all.

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    Agree galaxy is a better handling car for those still young in heart ?

    As stated the AP will also reflect the purchase price, running costs, depreciation etc. The xcellence will depreciate less than SEL.

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    William Clarke

    hi have had the top of the range alhambra auto diesel for the last 3 years its a very good car no problems

    the sliding electric doors are fantastic you will love them and more room than you can shake a stick at


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