price cap raised

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    Price cap raised and other changes from Q1

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    Nick M

    Good read there crispy, jan 1st looks to be interesting with hopefully more additions to the scheme

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    Joe London

    That’s good news. But also the max AP is going up. Really annoying for folks who took on cars this year, and again shows how motobility make snap  decisions. With the raised ap, folks are going to have to crunch the numbers, to see if it makes sense, or to open a wider choice of cars by going Pcp

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    Good find crispy. Jan will be interesting…

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    The little taffia

    They have also introduced a maximum bhp of 200 for diesel/petrol with 225 for electric. Bye bye Octavia VRS!

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    Which Mobility Car

    Intrigued as to the 225 bhp limit for electric cars, considering the new Leaf has 148bhp and the BMW i3 168bhp. The latter has a 0-62 mph time of 7.3 seconds. Can’t wait, the future should be fun. (For about 100 miles)

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    Nick M

    I’ve just read this link for probably the fourth or fifth time already and the following quote is a bit flakey to say the least

    ‘ In addition, if a car within a model range offers additional benefits for our customers over and above the ‘qualifying’ model, we may allow these to be offered on the Scheme at our discretion. These benefits will likely include sat nav (for helping to plan a journey), autonomous technology (self-parking is an example) and leather seats (to help access and egress). The maximum on-the-road price for these discretionary derivatives has increased to £33,500 for manual cars and £35,000 for automatic models. ‘

    The top spec Kuga Vignale with certain engines is already over the 35k limit? <b>#confused</b>

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    I think this is them allowing themselves a ‘grey area’. If a manufacturer offers them a more expensive cars at a steal. (like the outgoing xtrail they were trying to clear)…

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    Audi A4 estate was too expensive to be on the motability. But with the new rule hopefully estate will be as it’ll hold the wheelchair

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    It looks promising …. let’s see how it works in practice.

    Some of the more ignorant dealerships may just have to start treating us with a little respect again.

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    Valid point pops

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    Very valid point pops. As I’ve just moved and couldn’t face xmas shopping again today I dropped into a couple off local dealerships (they don’t no I’ve already ordered lol ) so Honda dealership a family run franchise for 20 odd years etc etc was the first speal, all going well and getting good info until I mentioned motability and asked if prices are about to increase or cars be added due to change? Well that was the end of that, NOPE was the reply we don’t know come back after the 1st and in his 14 years they have never been given new list early! Well needless to say I took great pleasure in showing him the Hyundai list and asked him for directions. I didn’t realise smiling in a smug manner felt so good, a decent respectful sales person makes all the difference perhaps with the chance to upsell things can improve.

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    Thanks for posting crispy

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Have to say i thought the mention of leatger seats to aud getting in and out was a bit of a stretch UNTIL i yried my neighbours kuga zetec ( which has the material seats ) and b@@ger me i just could not twist and turn out of the car like i do in mine – actually got stuck  – now sold on the benefits of leather so my next car will have to have leather again and not the fake suede stuff

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    justsaying>…………… how much fun would it be if motability allowed us to be mystery shoppers popping into loads of branches, ill have a field day, dealers would have to change their ways then lol.

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    Nothing stoping us as a group coming up with and doing a WMC mystery shop points sheet everyone can take part in. And printing results, dealerships will soon get to hear about it. On topic and thanks for finding trev I think with retail sales continuing to drop if run up to march is the same Q2 will se the biggest change

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    Sorry Crispy not trev

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    Practically back to the old system.

    Volvo had the XC60 on some time ago, pre cap, which had a 40k plus price tag in showrooms and should have been too expensive for the scheme but Volvo made it fit motability pricing.

    Looks like those days of what’s available is down to the negotiations between motability and a manufacturer may be coming back.



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    Darn, can’t catch a compliment these days lol

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Looking good Trev “wink”

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    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    A cap of 200bhp – Disabled people using Motability must not go from 0-70mph quickly!

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    Lets be fair – unless you buy a heavy car 200 bhp should be more than enough to progress reasonably quickly

    If you want a racing car then perhaps moyability ( which is mainly there to get you from A to B) is not where you should be looking for your car

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    Just a thought I was watching an episode on tv last night where an electrc car was involved in a crash the fire service was not allowed to go near it until a special team turned up because of the danger of the electric battery ect ect if it shorts out or wires come lose it charges the whole car. That’s scary stuff. Think they should have a cut off button like buses have lol.

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    That’s a very good point. They surely should have processes in place. They can’t just develop this technology and not provide a ‘how to’ to the emergency services. What if the car needs cutting?

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    Perhaps they will be fitted with explosive sections so in the event of a accident bits will fly off in all directions

    Kust like those cars i had as a kid.

    Oh wait – fiat are nearly there with the new punto – the first car in years that is guaranteed to kill the occcupants in the event of a crash

    Only scored a big fat zero in the ncap tests


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