Praise for Mobility Scheme on the whole

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    Just for some balance and so new readers don’t think it is all doom and gloom.

    Having managed forums relating to vehicles as a moderator and head admin  in the past, firstly my thanks to those who run this site in what can be a thankless and often tongue biting situation. It is the nature of forums that most posts are often ones seeking advice or highlighting problems. The majority of satisfied have little to post or even the need to search for a forum

    Yes i know Mobility is not perfect and a lot of changes that could be made that would benefit us all. However on the whole i am a satisfied Mobility customer. I am currently on my fourth vehicle and have seen two massive culls during this period.

    As time has passed after the initial knee jerk reactions things have improved in the past, i am hopeful this will be the case again.

    I haven’t always been able to get vehicle of my choice and would like to get higher spec, but as it gives me freedom to drive and not worry about repairs or unanticipated bills I appreciate this system. Also whenever i have contacted by phone or email i have had polite and courteous replies . Maybe i have been lucky who knows.

    My apologies for posting this but there are three sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth. Hopefully new members will not be too disheartened and all can enjoy whichever vehicle best suits there needs. Remember that light at the end of the tunnel may just be a train approaching at high speed :0

    Happy Motoring all


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    Good post HM.

    Thanks for opening this thread. The current situation is far from ideal, but as you say, let’s not lose sight of all the good work done by Motability in the past.

    Speaking as an individual, Motability has always treated me very well as a disabled client. When mistakes have been made, they’ve been quick to offer their support.

    I also have to say that I was fortunate in getting a perfect vehicle for both my needs and desires just before the cap. I understand this may disqualify my opinion in some peoples minds.

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    Very well said iain.

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    Richard Hewett

    There is not a great deal to cheer about when you are new to the scheme and the and the quality and choice of vehicles are diminishing by the quarter the majority of cars are poverty spec and can cost a small fortune if you happen to be in the unenviable position of having a disability leaving you requiring a automatic vehicle.

    Motability is a scheme for disabled individuals so why is it that there seems to be a higher premium placed on auto vehicles some of the AP seem to price people on disability benefits out of a Auto car obviously not as much of a issue if you are working,also motability needs to be more open and communicate far better with its members the fuss at the start of the year over the cap could have been avoided if it had been communicated to us all….


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