Power folding mirrors on new Golf ?

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    Menorca Mike

    I’ve tried and tried looking at standard equipment on the brand new MK 8 Golf and no where can I see if it has power folding mirrors as standard ? If anyone could help please I’ve always had power folding mirrors on my Golfs and I know when it’s locked when I see the mirrors folded

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    Does anyone remember if the brochure before the updated one on the 20/10/20 had the electric foldering mirrors? I ordered my golf style on the 17/10/20…yep two days before the updated brochure😩

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    Are they getting added to the Rline anyone know?

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    Not according to vw website comaparing all 3 models the life and r-line have electric controllable and heated wing mirrors but only the style has electric controllable folding heated wing mirrors.

    I saw a vid a while ago now deffo pre lockdown and was vw’s ceo talking about their new sales model, one of paying more for extra’s. Some which are on the car already but are dealer activated. So if the 2nd owner decides they want high beam assist say, they take it to the dealer they put in a code and then it works.

    As it was there all along..£££ personally in the all the years i been on the scheme i have never bought an extra if it’s not standard then that car is off my list. like all audi’s, bmw’s or mercedes etc as acc is part of a pack and i need that.. and i do feel thats how it going whereas other makers include alot more as standard but they considered, lesser premium makers.

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    Menorca Mike

    Rox I had test drive in style model I locked it up and mirrors didn’t fold the other styles on forecourt were locked but mirrors not folded this is listers VW Loughborough Leicestershire

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    Menorca Mike

    Please note they were early models probably changed now ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    It was last week i looked for research, to see what you get as standard considering maybe they changed the trim names to cover up the changes or make them seem cooler than when it was S/Se and sel trims of the mk7./7.5 I was shocked the r-line didn’t have alot of the options it did before although i do think the style has quite a bit of added stuff but the wheels are so nasty. I really think Vw gone way to far and if it was me i’d be very disappointed in the offerings now from them. Even though you get the new digital dash alot is not to like or is an added extra and for me on the scheme that is money i will never see back at all.. at least the ap is the difference in payment and one can justify that, but adding extras is there new model and comparing them to the previous versions just not as attractive imo.


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    I know this slightly off the main topic but has anyone test driven any new Golfs? How did you find the infotainment system?

    Everything is all touch screen/touch sensitive and the doing simple tasks like adjusting the dual zonal climate in the car seems like a right headache from the videos I’ve seen online. Was hoping the new GTDs are going to be put on the scheme but all the touch sensitive and lack of buttons is really off-putting!!

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    Menorca Mike

    Jamie I had an hour and half test drive in the new Golf style 1.5 ETSI dsg 2 weeks ago I had watched you tube reviews etc so I had the touch screen commands on voice on steering wheel it drove me mad trying to set heater air con demise etc etc the voice kept saying I’m sorry I didn’t catch that or it will get warm shortly it never did ! The touch screen is very complicated with different menus which takes your eyes off the road ! I’m on my third Golf and the new touch screen was one of two reasons I didn’t order this Golf the other being lack of equipment ! I was going to test drive Seat Leon 1.5 Etsi dsg a bargain at £695 but alas has same touch screen !

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    Hi Mike

    I love having all controls on a menu driven touch screen but I think there should be laws governing that certain things should have real buttons and levers.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of cars with automatic gearboxes are having push buttons for gear select now but I feel this should have some sort of lever where you know for sure which way the car is going to go from a standing start. I know as now there is a display in the cars driver information screen showing what gear the car is in but that can easily get lost while checking out all the other buzzers, bells and lights.

    Much goes for the climate control as it can be a real danger if your windscreen suddenly fogs up and your pushing the touch screen frantically so you can see where your going again but the radio comes blasting out instead causing more panic.

    For thing like setting coming home lighting and how many times the flasher flash when you lock the doors the menu driven system is great but main driving control should remain hardware not software in my way of thinking.

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    Menorca Mike

    Totally agree Chris

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    I have been a loyal vw man for years bit now due to order this quarter have had scirocco,golf mk6 ged,2018 tiguan r line

    Golf and tiguan seem quite barren interiors having been to vw today

    Added extras are off the scale

    1500 leather seats

    650 for decent alloys.

    On the way home I paid a visit to skoda dealer.

    I looked at a octavia sel

    All extras seem to be included

    Folding mirrors, blind spot etc

    Full leather 300 pounds

    Nice alloys 300 pounds

    Nicely spec car with full leather and nice alloys for1200 pounds

    I am now getting over my badge snobbery and thinking of ordering

    Anyone had one and are they any good?

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    Does anyone know if the wing mirrors fold back manually? Just got one today and nervous of breaking the thing.

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    On my old golf mk7 they had a button on the drivers door to close and open the mirrors manually if need.

    Often I used to use it when i parked up and was waiting in the car on a busy road. The only other way was to use the key and lock the car but i duuno if it is still the same on the new golf, but my current honda also has a button to close them.

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    The new one I have doesn’t have the option to fold in electronicaly with button on the door. My older one didn’t either but they were old school ones you physically could move in. This new one however doesn’t seem like it wants to budge and I am scared that will rip the mirror off. Anyone expiring this to was wondering if had to twist or something, can’t find anything online. Garage not returning calls nightmare

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    Does it not say in the owners manual is all i can suggest, but from pics i have seen i would imagine they do and often they are very stiff to release them. They don’t look like the design of the mount of the mirror has changed at all.. from my mk7 after just watching a vid and only the style has the electronically folding ones after looking on the vw site and comparing trims.

    you can look at a digital manual here https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners-and-drivers/my-car/manuals

    but you need to enter a vin number so i cannot.

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    Hi Matthew I got a Golf series 8 r line this week and I too was scared to fold the mirrors in, but my brother in law done them for me this evening but they do fold manually

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    Hi all, hope I’m not too late to the party, I have just ordered a new golf style in moonstone grey and I can’t wait! But I found the ‘mirrorgate’ strange, ‘electrically folding mirrors’ are listed as standard equipment on the Style model I have ordered, however not on the more expensive Rline and cheaper style, strange… But I quickly discovered this wasn’t the case, a quick search on Auto trader brought up 70 plate Golf Styles without electric mirrors (I scrolled through the photos and looked at the little mirror joystick at the side to see if the folding graphic was present), as I kept looking I then found a few WITH folding mirrors, which again confused me, but because I’m such a saddo, I checked on DVLA to see when the respective cars were registered, and found that cars registered in the first month of the 70 plate period (September) did not have electric mirrors, and cars registered from October onwards did have.  October onwards cars also get a pretty slick looking LED light bar which stretches across the grille, which is a dead give away! Light bar = folding mirrors, no light bar = no folding mirrors (this is just for 70 plate cars).  I’m probably telling you guys something you already know but I figured I might as well mention it, and if it clears it up for one person then I suppose the scrolling though hundreds of pictures was worth it.  Stay safe everyone!

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    Menorca Mike

    So Lewis has the basic life model got the auto folding mirrors when you lock the car ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Just got the mark 8 today – feb 9th. I was shocked to find it hasn’t got folding mirrors. I presumed it was standard as I have had a few golfs before that have all had them. absolute liberty.

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    Just to add, it was the 1.5 tsi life model.

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    I’m another with an early Style model. No folding mirrors despite brochure and website at time of order saying it did have. Was a bit annoyed.

    As it goes, I’m thinking of asking to change anyway. I came from a Kuga and I’m finding getting in and out of the Golf is much harder than I thought and I’m getting extra pain in legs due to this and lower sitting position. (I have MS).

    Just have to pluck up the courage to contact Motability to ask…….

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    You’ll probably have to go top spec to get them as standard.

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    I’m another with an early Style model. No folding mirrors despite brochure and website at time of order saying it did have. Was a bit annoyed. As it goes, I’m thinking of asking to change anyway. I came from a Kuga and I’m finding getting in and out of the Golf is much harder than I thought and I’m getting extra pain in legs due to this and lower sitting position. (I have MS). Just have to pluck up the courage to contact Motability to ask…….

    Yep the Golf is hard to get out of and it’s why I had to give up after two Golf’s and a Seat Leon and go with something a bit more off the ground. I loved the car so much I just couldn’t let it go but after 9 years and myself being 9 years older that doesn’t help when your disabled and I gave in.

    Going back to topic, you have to be very careful with VW’s configuration, brochure and advertising slogan’s because some things in them are blatantly pulling the wool over your eye’s and some are simple mistakes.

    I remember a couple of years ago, may have been on this forum, arguing with someone that the Golf SV comes with front parking sensors, definitely, honest, I’ll bet me house on it. After checking directly with VW-UK it turned out that it did not come with front sensors so after pointing out to VW what their ads said they took down the misinforming advert a few days later and of course folding mirrors come into this area where brochure are very misleading more so when you see a photo of an SE model with small print at the bottom of the photo saying “model shown SE with upgraded satnav display” or words to that effect.

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    Menorca Mike

    I agree Chris I’m on my third Golf goes back in 5 weeks my new ChR is easier to get into and long list of standard equipment which is extra on the Golf now

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Mike Cooper

    What Rox said on the 29th October still stands having checked the on line configurator.r-line and life models come with “Electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors with memory feature”. Style model has “Electrically folding/adjustable door mirrors,separately heated with memory function” Very easy to take a brief look and take it that all 3 models have the folding mirrors.VW need to make this much clearer to avoid disappointment when your car arrives with the non folding mirrors.

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