Post your car pics.

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    If you would like to post a picture of your Motability car please feel free to do so. It’s probably best to obscure your number plate before you post, to preserve your privacy.

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    Thanks Noel, It’s certainly got a good boot area and the match being higher than the standard golf adds to that.

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    Bill yes it does, although I’m sure at least once it hasn’t beeped on the way down!

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    Hi Joe from London, nice beemer but did you get the 2.5 x1 on the scheme??. must be well over £30,ooo for that type of car?

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    Hi pauly a price cap was introduced again, starting Jan 2017. So a lot of models that where on till the end of last year, are now  no longer available on the scheme.


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    Cheers Ian, what’s the price gap at the mo?.

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    In region of 28.5K for manuals and 29.5K for autos from memory.

    But just because a car  has a list price under that, there is no guarantee that it will be on the scheme.

    There are also some exceptions to rule like Alhambra and Galaxy for example.

    So you need to look at the motability price guide and manufacturers motability price lists as sometimes models listed which aren’t on the motability site and vice versa. Also there small print says it is subject to change and that has been in evidence this quarter. New Quarter and prices start 01 April

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    Thank you for all that Information Honeymonster i will look in a few days time when the new list come’s out.

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    Mr Guesty

    Your Galaxy is a lovely colour Lee. How are you finding keeping it clean. Does it show up every speck of dirt or is it not too bad ?

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    Andy Kirkham


    Our Focus ST-3 with powershift gearbox, only been on order 8 months, lovely car to driveFocus ST-3


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    Wow …. you won’t have any trouble finding it on a busy car park! OUTSTANDING is the word I was looking for. You must be delighted to have it after waiting so long Andy.

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    Andy Kirkham

    Thank you Pops, a lot of heartache trying to get info on the delay (which never came from Ford), but it truly was worth the wait

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    nice andy

    but it would take me 8 months to get in and out of that.


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    Andy Kirkham

    Thanks Bill, but it is not as bad as it seems, I took my wife who is disabled to the dealership, and I thought that with her back and legs that a higher car would be better for her, so she tried the Kuga and Cmax, but these caused her too much pain trying to get in them, a white ST demonstrator pulled in so I thought I would go and have a sit in it and dream away, the wife then got in without too much of an issue, the seats are fantastic and very supportive, so that was that and she ordered it there and then (to my delight) she wasn’t keen on having “Orange” for a car but when she saw it at collection she was over the moon. We just hope, with everything that is going on with the scheme at the moment, the ST is still on it next time round !!

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    looks like your luck was in that day andy sounds like you owe you wife a drink. enjoy and dont get caught speeding.


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    This is our current one. Due to choose the next one in August. Despite it having a small boot it fits a wheelchair in easily with the parcel shelf removed.

    Mini Countryman Cooper SD (2.0 Turbo diesel, auto) We had the standard model and only added tinted windows.

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    Richard Hewett

    There was a wait on the Focus st due to them being built in cologne on the same line as the Focus RS they also had a shortage of body kits.

    i have ordered exactly the same car same colour with every extra except the sunroof I  have serious back,spine and pelvis issues and can no longer lift my left leg to get in my kuga but I found the Focus to be perfect for getting in and out of also it has the most supportive seats I have ever sat in and I have sat in thousands as have worked for Saab,Renault,Citroen and peaugeot I cannot wait to pick it up in July.

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    Shame they don’t offer the petrol estate, would have been worth a look for us then. I’m waiting for our local skoda garage to let me know when they have the new Octavia VRS in. We saw the old one a while back but we’re not sure we like the facelift it’s had now.

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    Andy, your car looks fabulous,  I have a soft spot for Fords as I was a Ford salesman starting in the early seventies when I was selling Capris and Granadas new, and yes I am an old gimmer!!  Sadly my wife is very severely disabled and has trouble getting in and out of our S max so the Focus ST is definitely a no-no, sh*t.

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    Hello people, new here but thought I would share as I picked up my new car today after a 4 month wait..


    I came from a Zafira Tourer


    Zafira 1



    Its been a great car overall it was ou first motability car and was a godsend at the time, its took us right around the UK and even to France


    But.. time for an upgrade and I need a MPV but also wanted something more fun to drive.. So I this..


    Titanium Model..


     I love all the tech inside.. and it just looks so lovely and feels great to drive.

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    Nice looking car Sean, enjoy it mate

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    Andy Kirkham

    Hi Richard, our ST was built in Saarlouis, in Germany, then sent by road to a shipping port then over to Falmouth on a ship and onto a distribution centre in the midlands, it was easier to find out where it was once it had left the Ford factory than it was before and while it was being built. 8.5 months in total from order to delivery. Had it 2 months now, it was still worth the wait, and even though it is a powershift, we are getting 45/46 mpg out of it.

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