Possible AP price rises Q4

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    Had a call from my Peugeot dealer yesterday as I’m due a pick a new broom broom.
    She told me of big AP price hikes in Q4 across the Peugeot range. Now she is a friend of a friend and I have no reason to doubt her. I also spoke to my friend who works in the same dealership and he has no reason to doubt her either, as he says she’s doing very well and would not need to start phoning people up to try and shift a few vehicles.

    So just putting it out their for folk to take what they want from it.

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    It was amazing Wayne! But first week of lockdown someone came in to our house and stole the keys and took it. I was gutted!!


    When I got the car I had a option of White or Black. And they were in stock, so i had the white one within 10 days of ordering. Got very lucky as you say Wayne.

    I was offered a replacement one. But was 150 spec 2wd, within 10 days again. But I decided to hold out to see if the new one comes on yo the scheme, as it is we’re in no rush now for a car due to lockdown. We don’t really go anywhere

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    “people like me” who “know it all”??? I did not know it was on the scheme at all, I wanted that spec too but had to settle for the 190 SEL

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    Oh Chris that’s shocking and gutting. 😮

    How unlucky can you get. And after bagging the holy grail so to speak.

    Mmoreton5, It was certainly a case of blink and it’s gone. The 190, SEL is still a fantastic car. 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Do you think there is a chance of the Allspace 190 R Line to come back on to the scheme at all?

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    nevermind just checked, starts at over 40k ;[

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    I see you had the VW from MonMotors was that the one in Merthyr Tydfil “Capital”.They any good…not far to travel up the Neath Valley for me.


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    Never say never Mmoreton5.
    Don’t forget it’s only the base model that needs to be under the cap.
    I think the Allspace has only been available in Match trim to date. (Please feel free to correct if wrong) but that’s not to say the R won’t at some point. 🤞

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Menorca Mike

    Chris was right to call you a know it all I do too you said it had never been on the scheme and you were proved wrong I’d get your facts right before you call people again on here

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    Outrigger, I’m from Neath myself, yes it’s actually ‘Capitol’ but yes I spoke to a nice guy up there called  Nathan Holmes, very helpful and was clued up on all the mobility options. Enjoy 🙂

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    “Don’t forget it’s only the base model that needs to be under the cap”

    Wayne, how much is the actual Cap? Is it 30k?

    Thanks Chris

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    I think it’s £30k for auto and £29.5k for manual. Or it was this time last year.

    Again, anyone feel free to chip in if this is wrong.

    To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to it as it is what it is with regards to what’s on offer. But there are certainly vehicles available over this. 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    @BionicRusty the Allspace did come on in SEL trim but unfortunately only in manual.

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    @Menorca Mike, I was genuinely curious as to how he got it, as I didn’t see it on the scheme. Around that time I must’ve checked the motability website daily. I had already ordered the November prior to that, though. Apologies if it came across “know-it-all” like.


    Wish I could have got the rline 😭


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    @Elliot, ahh that’s why I didn’t spot it.
    Thanks. 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Moreton. You basically called me a liar. You said it’s never been on the scheme.

    Leave it there.

    If you wanted  a Rline, did you not consider the 150bhp version? I’d have chosen the 150 Rline over a 190 SEL allday.

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    I noticed the vag 2.0 tsi engine is back on the scheme in the new Skoda octavia.

    Who want to bet me that won’t be on for long.

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    Keep refreshing for new leaked gossip 😁

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    Elliot / Rusty, the allspace has had the sel trim for ages now, it’s still on the scheme

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    @chris I’ve just heard from my neighbours gold fish who used to float around fin an aquarium in a car dealership that the Tesla model s will be added this quarter and at 0 ap.

    But sshhh keep it to yourself.

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    Thats a cool story bro

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