Please help me pick a car..

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    Ive just joined as Ive got really confused about choosing my car.  Please could anyone give me a spot of advice? Bit of background advice so you can  help hopefully.

    I live in a tiny village in the country, limited bus service, no shops, nothing here basically, and my old Honda CRV has just been scrapped. I need a car pretty urgently!  As my car was scrapped I have no insurance payout to buy another so Ive decided to use my pip mobility to lease a car.

    I need automatic, high driving position, and a larger boot as I have a large dog. Id also prefer leather seats. Id also like 4wd or Awd as roads get treacherous here in winter. I can put a max of £1000 down, but thats really at a push 🙁

    So, I need large boot, automatic, suv type, quick waiting time, leather seats if poss, not fussed about make or model but last 3 cars have been honda crv. I prefer Japanese makes but will have anything as Im desperate. Thanks in advance. I know nothing about cars so be kind 🙂

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    Thinking along the lines of the old Yeti, what about the Skoda Karoq?  Only front wheel drive rather than 4WD, but you get a lot of ‘Large SUV’ for £695 for the SE model or £995 for the Technology model.

    Both Automatics, petrol powered, 148bhp.  Seat height nice and high at 71cm.  Boot size 520 ltr.

    Car magazines consistently give it 4.5 star and 5 star ratings.


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    Menorca Mike

    Yes has great reviews and great spec

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    Did the Karoq get a facelift and updated dash like the Tiquan and Ateca?

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    I drive a mitsubishi ASX now and have never had an issue with it, have so much in the car that it’s been a struggle to get another one now we have to change as all the equipment is extras. It’s comfortable, boot is big, the heated seats are great, so easy to drive, great seating position, reversing camera and the panoramic roof. I’d go and try to test drive though as everyone has different things they need but honestly haven’t had a problem with mine and would keep it only we have done too many miles. It does have road noise but the music is on so don’t hear it. I’m not a car freak so it’s fine for me and fits my needs where cars that score higher I didn’t like. Hope you find something though

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    And get onto the grants team asap as whatever they award you will help make your decision easier as you may find you can afford a better car and the BMW x1 is one of the bigger boots I found and it’s what I’ve gone for next but could only do it with a grant. Stock cars are a possibility it’s just ring around to see what’s about

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    Thanks everyone, youve all been very helpful.

    Quite a lot has happened today, I rang a mobility dealer and he said they have one car in stock for Mobility, a Seat Ateca Xperience,  leather and suede seats, lots of spec apparently.  It can be delivered to me by Friday or Saturday if I do the application over the phone with them.  Its 899 upfront.

    from what Ive seen on the internet it looks nice?  good size boot for my bully.  Im desperate for a car but Im going to sleep on it and let him know if I want to proceed tomorrow.  It does sound ideal though. ( apart from the colour…dark camo, sounds a yucky darkish green, but oh well)

    Any thoughts on this please?

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    Experience is well kitted out and should be big enough for your dog and the seat height is good too with plenty of adjustment

    Digital dashboard and led headlights are also really good

    What size engine is it

    We have a 2.0 petrol 190 bhp dsg box really smooth changing and quite swift but only done 200 miles for now and averages 39 might but should improve

    The 1.5 is quite frugal but still has some decent power

    Park assist is easy to use and seems to work well once you get over letting it do its thing

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)
    Seat Ateca FR Black Edition 2.0tsi 190 dsg 4drive Nevada White

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    Sounds like a great result, Bebe1!

    ‘Dark camouflage’ is just a ‘Lets appeal to the lads’ way of saying ‘metallic pine tree green’.  It’s not bad, imho. 🙂

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    looking at the configorator dark camo is a darker version of british racing green. looks quite good on the  screen. i would say its worth a look.

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