please clear your car completely of snow/ice

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    today we have the first snow/deep frost of the year and in disbelief i have just watched a neighbour essentially push the snow off most of the windscreen and the side windows but then drive off effectively with out totally deicing the windows or removing snow from the rest of the car.

    before she got in and drove off i was about to put a coat on and ask if she needed help or some deicer as it was obv she wasnt prepared for the weather change.

    i just hope she gets to where shes going and her rush doesnt affect anyone else.

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    Great pics, and sound advice, the amount of people who drive with snow over the car during winter months must think it’s some sort of trophy of who got the deepest 😠

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    My parked van has been hit head on by someone driving with only a peep hole cleared.

    My bugbear is when there is a lot of snow on the roof of the car and its not cleared off.

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    mine too i had a 3dr mini at one time and was behind a big estate car that had a huge amount f snow fortunateley i was a good ddistance behind as when he pulled off suddenly  the whole lot slid off into a huge heap. if i had hit that at any speed there would have been damage to the car as it was we had to get out andd clear it before moving on.

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