Please advise: BMW X1 or Peugeot 3008 + now or April

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    Hi all, my lease is now up for renewal, I can order now or in April but need some advice:

    Have looked at both the BMW X1 and the Peugeot 3008 SUV. Both look and feel great and are easily accessible for my needs but cannot decide between them..

    If getting the 3008 I would go for:

    Auto GT-Line – either 1.6 petrol @ £2099 AP which offers 48.7 MPG

    or the 1.6 diesel @ £2399 which offers 67.3 MPG

    If getting the X1 I would go for:

    Auto SE 2.0 (18d) @£2249 AP which offers 65.7 MPG

    Which would you choose?

    I know there’s no way to tell for sure, but do you think these prices will be lowered come April?

    Are there any other SUV’s coming to the scheme in April that are worth a wait?

    Thanks in advanced 🙂



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    Joe London

    As an X1 owner, have you checked and costed out the spec you want, the X1 comes well specced, but the 3008 may pip it in the gadgets stakes, If that’s your thing. The VW tiguan has some new models which may make it to the scheme, the comfortline, but again watch the options list, and the Skoda kodiak, is rumoured to be coming on, but its all speculation until you see them, and then what specs and how long for delivery.

    Cant go wrong with the X1, but again, watch the options list, sat nav and real time traffic info is now standard as well cruise control, but no apple carplay or android auto, if that’s important, but the car has a very premium feel, so get a good test drive, as some folks find the standard seats uncomfortable. It is a car that needs bedding in, to really appreciate, the fun drive, and premium feel, unlike a lot, that have fabulous showroom appeal, but in real life a bit of a let down.

    Have you looked at the new mini countryman, that would have been a serious contender for me, but it was not on at my time of ordering, its very premium inside, and certainly has distinctive looks, it shares the same chassis as the X1, so its a BIG mini..

    Also take those MPG figures as a rough guide, in real life, probably no where near that,

    The diesel-petrol argument may be a consideration, but will depend on your driving requirements, and stance on pollution. I would have plumped for the petrol engine in the X1, but the MPG put me off, and was swayed by the the higher HP and torque, on the 25D, probably a waste really, in the type of  car!!





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    I have to agree with Joe, the standard seats are uncomfortable on the X1. They’re too short to support your thighs. Sport seats come with a thigh bolster support which extends the seat and transforms comfort. They are a £395 option. I had to specify electric seat adjustment on mine, as I couldn’t reach all the manual controls. That is another almost £700 on the options list!

    The 3008 seats are also an acquired taste with a high side bolster that bends alarmingly as you get in, so as Joe says, give yourself a good test drive in both.

    Both cars have “look at me” appeal. The Peugeot has more ‘bling’, and the X1 has a more understated premium feel.

    I have driven the X1 but only sat in the 3008 in the showroom for about twenty minutes, so I can’t offer a driving comparison.

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    Joe London

    Pops, I have only sat in one, it was in the forecourt, so had plenty of time to mooch around it, the build quality is not as premium as the X1, a few sharp edges around the door handles, and such, however, we are only caretakers of the the cars for a short while, so other goodies may be more appealing, in the short term.

    As a side note, after two weeks,  and few good hard runs the the X1 is returning 45 mpg, never got anywhere near that in the Q3…


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    Thanks for the fuel update Joe. If I get 45 mpg I shall be very happy. My X1 is currently sat in the sunshine at Southampton docks. I expect to collect it in about ten days, and I will post some pics.

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    Thank you for the advice!

    I totally get the MPG will never be the advertised figure – I’m just looking at all these little things as I simply couldn’t decide between the two. Although I love the environment, both cars a a little heavy and need enough torque/bhp to pull the weight hence the engine choices. I used to have a Ford C-Max 1.6 petrol 2009, was a great car but simply over worked the engine and mpg figures were a shambles. I now have a Kia Sportage 1.7 diesel giving me 40 Mpg on city runs and a bit more on the motorway.

    The Mini doesn’t appeal unfortunately, I only like the old school mini mini ha!

    I went to see the Tiguan and although a fan of the higher spec models, the one available auto on motab is £2749 AP and it isn’t the high-spec. The lower ‘S’ trim unfortunately looks very boring inside (IMO) compared to the others. Before it’s release I was pretty excited to see what they’d come up with but having seen it in person, I wouldn’t go for it over the other two as the higher spec isn’t an option..

    I wouldn’t be looking to add any additional extras to either car – so the total AP is the the AP stated above/by motab (Which makes this decision even harder).

    The interior of the 3008 is very exciting but you can feel the quality of the X1’s

    Only the SE trim is available with the X1 which is pretty well equipped but the GT-Line offers so many ‘gadgets’ !

    Although sitting in both cars they felt comfy, I think your right, the only way to put this argument to bed is with a solid test drive – i’ll be back with my findings!


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    Joe London

    Salsa, have fun with your test drives, in mine and pops experience, you get treated very well at BMW, so have a good test drive, and if its your lucky day, you may get a bit of a discount on AP,  and 10% of any extras you may add, which may sweeten the deal. Snows of portsmouth were good for me, and you dont have to live near the dealer to take the car, as a lot of dealings are done over the phone or by email.

    Just get the best deal, and its only 3 years lease which flies by.

    The poverty specs on the tiguan remind me of my Q3, I was always niggled by the lack of basics, ie sat nav and decent headlights.

    The only other car, is the MB GLA, a face-lift version, is due in this April, so have a mooch around and see if it suits.. have fun…

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    im faced with exactly the same dilemma. Prefer the looks of the 3008 and the gagets but want quality and a good drive too.

    what was your decision after the test drives?

    anyone else have any thoughts? I would welcome them.

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    After a test drive and a few days to think I finally took the plunge and went for the X1 🙂

    The main reason was the dealership offered me some discount on the AP and extras!

    I got a reversing camera, heated seats and sun-ray protection glass (tinted windows) added. Total AP with this was below the 3008’s which clinched it easily.

    Chose to order before Q2 because if prices went up, I would defo be priced out.. And I don’t think the AP for these two will go down as they are doing well in retail sales + the £ value and all that jazz

    Both drive well, however the gearbox in the X1 is probably the best auto I’ve driven IMO.

    The interior looks better in the 3008 but I feel over time it would lose the wow factor (like after I’ve pressed all the buttons etc) where as the X1 just has that solidness about it and have never ‘owned’ a BMW so took the chance specially as it was working out lower AP with the toys.

    If you want more info on the dealer please provide your email as I don’t think publicising his discount is okay if that makes sense

    Thank you all above for the help, cannot wait for the car to arrive!!!


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    Good choice Salsa. I’ve had my X1 for about ten days and it is a delight. It’s comfortable and spacious both as a driver and a passenger, and has a refined ride and ambience. You’ll enjoy the next few years SD.

    Ps: The sports seats at £395 extra are the best option that I added imo.  I’ve driven with both standard and sports seats and the difference in comfort and support is considerable.

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    Joe London

    Please get the LED interior light package, its now a standalone option.. its so cool…

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    Had my X1 sports about 6 weeks and yesterday found out we had a slow puncture. Then told tyres are not available and on back order! Then it was said that the car should be left with the garage on their open  forecourt until a tyre was obtained- no time scale was available  Mobilty first said a suitable hire car may be available, then next phone call a different tale that replacement cars are not an automatic deal when your car is off the road! However when asked would my lease payments be re-embursed ? well then again another tale of why should this happen. I now have a bad taste in my mouth on how can a car of that spec be taken off the road as no tyres are available-bring back the spare if you want a X1

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    Was the unavailable tyre a run flat or standard?

    I’d be beyond peed off to be left high and dry like that. We need the car to get to work, a 22 mile round trip not served by a bus route – so it would be £45+ a day for taxis to get my wife & her guide dog to work. Unreasonable doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

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    The tyre is a specific Bridgestone make to this car and it has just been taken away on a low loader back to the dealer where they hope to have a tyre in about a week. What is news to me is KwikFit, the agent for our cars do not mend punctures. I have trawled their website and punctures are not mentioned at all. However, Motabilty have done what they can to help me by having a hire car delivered to me and its a thank you to them. Somehow the saga still takes a lot of understanding,

    I also understand that a  Mitsubishi model has a similar tyre problem.

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    Joe London

    I have pirelli, are yours run flats?

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    Joe London

    Kwik fit, repaired a puncture on the Q3, but motobility, are very good at authorising the replacement tyres, so its not really in their interest to attempt a repair..

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    I have the xDrive25D Sport auto model with some extras that has only one specific tyre fitted to it, so I am told by dealership. I was lucky to order it before the price cap came into force and had to wait for delivery. This slow puncture ended up with a new tyre after 1.6k miles. The car comes with a one off repair kit for tyres and if used would Motabilty provided a replacement?

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    Yes they do replace the kit, i had to use one on my Picasso. Just went into dealers they got auth from Motability and new kit back in car. Any queries like this i always contact Motability myself and get it in writing from them using there contact webpage. Then you have something to fall back on rather than a forums  hearsay even if advice given in best intentions.


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    see the post BMW X1 for info following a test drive, this may help making your mind up

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