Pip Telephone Assessment Shocking but not surprising

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    We’ve looked at almost 400 responses given between June and November in our ongoing PIP telephone assessment survey.

    The horror stories are, if anything, even worse than they were in May of this year.

    Some problems have improved, some have got worse.

    But it’s the breaches of confidentiality, the hectoring and the weaselly questions that have left a real impression.

    For example:

    There was a trainee listening in and she had two people walk through the room sniggering at bowel and bladder questions

    Was asked to make noises like I make while in pain, felt humiliated and degraded

    I heard sniggering and muffled laughter and a mobile phone ring which was answered and not by interviewer

    Still trying to work out why assessor asked ‘How often do you change your underwear’!

    . . . after having to give humiliating answers about myself and my disabilities/illnesses, I heard a man’s voice and then shortly after I heard a small excitable child’s voice!

    The form asks if you can make a simple meal. When I replied that I could not, he asked “So can you boil an egg then?”

    My son has many mental health problems. Has ME and is autistic. But he [the assessor] made silly jokes and seemed to be making fun out of things written in his autism report.

    But they wanted to know, if my husband got the ready meal out of the fridge and gave it to me, if I sat next to the microwave, could I put it in the microwave.

    The assessor was relentless and the more I cried and became distressed he would just repeat “I have to do this, I have to ask these questions”.

    If you are a Benefits and Work subscriber we would strongly encourage you to consult the PIP claims guide well before your telephone assessment.

    It includes warnings of 10 problems to be ready for if you have a PIP telephone assessment, as well as details of the type of questions that are likely to be asked, assumptions that may be made and much more.

    But we are urging all claimants to ask to have their assessment recorded and to strongly consider covertly recording it themselves, just in case the official record somehow gets mislaid.










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    Indeed, personally i would not be able to do a phone assessment and after suffering from the age of 9 years old at the hands of the system. I do not trust any part of it..

    How is it ok to treat people with all sorts of disabilities in this way and people wonder why i do not trust them over this covid so called pandemic. Look how they allowed to treat people, like it’s justified in some sort of way. It’s inhumane and if they can treat the most vulnerable people in this way.

    How can they be trusted.. On all other matters.

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    So what do we do if we want the benefit we need to through this

    terrible experience each time they tell us to ., every time its due for renewal or when the government decided to change what it’s called DLA to PIP I’m sure this will not be the last time it will be changed .

    We shouldn’t need to go though this, but they are really doing all this to save money regardless of who suffers .

    If we could do with out the money  or and the Motability car we might not go through it.

    Im sure there are lots of people that are entitled to PIP but don’t want to go through the process, that I understand ..

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    The truth is rox you can’t trust any of them and that includes Tory, Labour or the Turn Coat Party.

    How much time would you bet on Hancock being made a Sir or Lord for all this hard work during the COVID crisis, no more than 2 year I’d bet even though he lies through his teeth in almost everything he says. Oh and lets not mention the nice golden handshake contracts he and his fellow MP’s have been dishing out to their pals for PPE.

    It’s funny isn’t it but I’ve only had this tarded views of politicians since being put through the DLA to PIP mangle.😁😢�

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    My 3 years is up in March and I’m dreading it already.  I had to go through tribunal last time and really don’t know if I could put up with it all again.

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    Sorry to hear of your experience.

    Have you put in an official complaint to dwp?

    I would reccomend doing this, if you have not done so.

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    My wife went through her review 6 months ago after 3 years of previous award. The original award was only given after 8 months of reviews and finally a tribunal decision. I think it is very helpful to have supportive letters from qualified medical staff that they will find hard to discount. In my wife’s case her consultant professor of neurology gave them little room for manoeuvre with her detailed opinion of her capabilities/conditions in a letter . The result was a 10 year award with only soft-touch review at end of period. Indeed they increased her award to include higher rate of mobility component . This was all done without a telephone interview and i believe highlights the need to be thorough with completion of the paperwork and the importance of obtaining supporting evidence.

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    I’ve started watching The man in the high castle and they said once a week the hospital

    burn the ill and disabled (they actually said crippled) it made me think of DWP


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    I thought more people would have been interested in this topic

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    Unless thing have change the past 3 years the “supportive letters” are trash in the DWP eyes and I think the HMG / DWP have a distrust of doctors because they think in their evil minds that doctors are our personal friends and therefore would just play the tune you want them to play just to keep the doctor patient relationship cosy and the DWP just put anything from doctors in the back of the filing cabinet.

    Then for likes of disabled folk like myself who are perfectly healthy but disabled we don’t see the doctor other than in my case I do see the practice nurse once a year, thought its suspended this year, just to check the med’s I take aren’t burning a hole in my stomach or kidneys.

    So it goes without saying I have no medical informations other than hospital doctors and physiotherapist reports from 2008 when I had a stroke and DWP will not except historic medical information so go figure.

    In the physiotherapist report it states “Mr Chris is likely to need a wheelchair for the foreseeable future” but that info was 10 years old at the time of my transition from DLA to PIP and even though I explained that nothing has change since 2008 and will never change for the rest of my life they and there so called professional assessors think I can walk any distance and in a timely manner.



    Maybe like myself a lot of folk try to put this nightmare out of their minds until the day comes then it’s too late to do anything about. TBH before I went through the mangle I tried to take on board what folk were saying back in 2017 but its just to much to remember all the double crossing low-down tricks they use and you start to think that folk are mistaken and it can’t be as bad as that so you relax and let things go over your head thinking if your truthful everything will be OK so nothing to worry about but truth is they really are low-down bums and I make the remark to her in doors every now and again how we depend on these morons.




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    I thought more people would have been interested in this topic

    Just because someone posts does not mean they are not interested in it.

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    I know this about motability cars but with Pip/ DLA there’s no car ,

    yes you correct because people don’t comment on a post doesn’t mean they’ve not read it

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    I’m lurking.  Others have already pretty much said what I think.

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    I’ve read it, er,,, reading, err

    This enough of a comment for you 😁👍

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>They’re all vile, I think like the Conservative party the dwp attracts sociopaths to work for them.</p>
    The legislation about the meal question specifically says using microwave is not cooking a meal.

    I’ve had a horror story Inc traveling 30 miles on the day to be told the assessors gone home sick they called you which they did 5 mins before my appt & of course I wasn’t at home by then because HELLO 30 miles away.

    Had to wait 8 weeks for another appt & travel again.

    Last one was done at home I was dosed on amitriptyline & all you could see was my face. Despite this I didn’t show any signs of stress/anxiety.

    I out my own Butrans patches on my I own upper back LOL.

    I put an MR in & DWP lost it which they admitted but refused to redo the MR. I waited 12 months for a tribunal & after 3 minutes I was awarded enhanced mobility & daily care.


    Three minutes

    What a farce these scumbags are

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    Oh anyone needing help with form filling, MR or appeals fightback4justice do an amazing job.

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    I’m praying that Scotland will definitely have a kinder approach to claims & claimants in the future. They say they are changing the process (and the name) to change the emphasis & stop the unfairness so many of us experience.Medical reports will apparently be first port of call. That’s fine if you have regular medical input. Not everyone has if they’ve been discharged & have no choice but to get on with it. Should be interesting.

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    About your post, That you have copied from Benefit and works website, who you never credited.

    A lot of folk on here are also members of B&W so will have already been aware of what you copied.

    So Please if you use some ones post from else, then please give them credit for their work. That is usually by posting a link to the post or website.


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    Hi Joss,

    I have posted a few things from benefit and works on here  and I include a link , but on this instance it didn’t work , but I felt the information was very beneficial to the members on here .

    As a lot of  folks on here are  also members of  B&W  I will not inconvenience myself by coping help-full information to the folks on here if the link doesn’t work . I thought it may help people and if one person found it helpful , that was not already aware of it then that’s good  I think.

    Thank you Joss for you observation and advise which I have taken on board.

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    you carry on posting my friend. Not everyone is a member of B&W. My point was just about crediting the original author and nothing more really.

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    Ok  joss,  just wish the the hyperlink worked all the time ,😁

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