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      does anyone know how long the pip renewal process takes ?

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        Taken from the Benefits and Work Forum,

        “I’m afraid I can’t offer you any sort of timescale because we just don’t know. Some people are hearing within 8 weeks, and some are taking up to 18 months. They are dealing with a backlog, and the majority of people are being given a video or a telephone assessment. Some people have been given a paper-based assessment, but I have noticed that many of the award lengths seem to be short.”

        Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!


          Thanks for the info

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            Sent my renewal back in May last year, still waiting.

            New claims are getting priority so you’ll be waiting awhile.

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              Sure is a long wait by the sounds of it then ,,, our 3 years on our current car runs out in may 2025 I’m sure we will hear by then


                I got mine sorted by my Citizens advice case worker. She completed the forms again, renewed within 2 weeks. 4th Oct re applied, 18th Oct all sorted.  I’m not sure if it was so quick because I’ve got incurable cancer though – fast tracking..

                Good luck and hope it gets sorted.


                  My PIP award was due to run out In September 2023, I received my renewal forms in December 2022 and sent them back the same month. My PIP was extended by a year around 6 weeks before it was due to end, so I was able to order a new car at the end of July, six weeks later than I would have been able to order my new car, but I didn’t have a year of my PIP award left at reorder time! I think they may have changed it now so if you’re due to order a new car and are waiting for a revue then you can order at three month, but I’m not certain about this.

                  So renewal forms 9 months before end, 1 year extension 6 weeks before end and I was eventually awarded PIP in December, 3 months after my claim was due to end and 1 year after sending back my renewal forms. I had an over the phone assessment at the end of November. The one good thing I can take from it is my award is now for an ongoing period, which apparently means I’m good for 10 years.


                    Wow. 10 years!?! PIP envy 😂🤣😅

                    I’m classed as terminal and have to keep renewing every 3 years. Didn’t even know longer than 3 years was possible.


                      Multiple factors can come into play when the question does anyone know how long the pip renewal process takes ?

                      For example it will depend on as it always has which of the many new hats the DWP are deciding to hand around to the ltd/reduced staff on that particular month.

                      That decision process imo can also and may well be influenced according to No10s adopted new slogan of the day

                      As always the answer remains possibly weeks/months and in my case yrs



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                        mine was 10 years i think.. but got extended through covid. used about 5 years plus so far.


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                          Hi Matty.  I hope other people have fared better than me in this regard.  I sent my renewal forms back in January 2023.  I heard nothing for the rest of the year & last week received a text to let me know that a telephone assessment is planned for February 9th.  From what I’ve read, once the review has been written up by the assessor and passed for approval, it could take up to another 12 weeks (So I’m not holding my breath just yet).

                          I guess a lot of it comes down to how busy the assessors are in your part of the Country.  I live in Cornwall, so I’d imagine they’ve been busy down here trying to clear the backlog after Covid.  It’s been a very long year for me waiting though, Luckily, I was able to extend the lease on my current car just in time.


                            We sent our renewal to pip in October, had a text last week to say the renewal is complete, and had a letter on Saturday saying we got the pip again for another 4 years , very happy


                              Great news

                              Thanks for sharing


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