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    looks like the gnome strikes again.

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    Good Luck with this, Scotland.  It surely can’t be worse than what we all have inflicted on us at the moment!

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    Like others, above, I sincerely hope that the Scots’ government does not screw over its disabled as nastily and viciously as our encumbent “rulers”. If they ask Boris to be a patron then, well, need I say more?

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    However Motability has won the contract to be the accredited provider of the vehicles under the new Scottish scheme:


    and as the Scottish allowances are the same monetary amount as PIP/DLA Mobility, it will more or less carry on as now no doubt.

    I have it on very good authority  that he Scottish government originally ‘forgot’ that veterans allowances (WPMS) was both higher in value and paid by the UK Government, so veterans in Scotland were initially excluded form getting a vehicle until the error was pointed out.

    In the end it was probably easier for the Scottish government just to accredit Motability as the provider and carry on as normal.

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    I forgot to add to the above post, why do you think Motability just happened to be opening new offces in Scotland????????????

    ”Yes of course we will create new Motability jobs in Scotland, if of course you choose us as the accredited supplier”

    Or am I being just a touch cynical?


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    Although I’m in Scotland we are all in it together hence…United Kingdom 🍺

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    Crazy how scotland want to become independent

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    So can i ask what is the point to the new Scottish benefit when PIP is still being rolled out all over the UK including Scotland if they knew they were going to do this why waste all that money on Scottish assessments and appeals in Scotland or was it just a money thing. any it doesn’t matter what ever they people in charge decide and for what ever reason , we the disabled people just need to say yes sir/madam



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    Despite not being a native, I’ve lived in Scotland for 20yrs. Although I always experience hiraeth 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, especially when leaving the Land of my Fathers, I have always loved it up here. Mrs Bowly is a Scot, as are both Bowly Jrs, they are Simple Minds, and not The Alarm, and would play in blue if the oval ball was their thing. So, I’m as integrated as a foreigner is ever likely to be (still sound like a twmsion mind 😆). I’m not a nationalist, frowned upon independence, and generally consider politicians to be unreliable and power hungry. But, I have to say that I am becoming more in favour of an independent Scotland as time goes by. The current COVID situation is a prime example, the Westminster crew look like clueless amateurs, where ‘The Sturgeonator’ has waited, listened to advice, and made better decisions. She has become more credible as Boris and his boys have continued to be demonstrably ineffective. As a consequence, if she manages to swing another independence referendum, she’ll win it. Is that good? Statistics can be bent to any political need, so it’s hard to tell. Scotland is certainly not poor, the oil industry may be weakened but it’s still worth billions, and we have existing institutions that would allow independence without major upheaval. I would, as a non native remember, consider that the UK would be the loser if Scottish independence came to pass.

    As far as this change to benefits is concerned,  I would have a reasonable guess that it’s just one more area that would then be administered internally, and that’s the agenda. These smaller moves of almost sneaking changes in is a stealthy way of shifting ever more power to Holyrood. One less thing to worry about when considering a yes vote. Being benevolent about it, the Scottish government are much more credible as a government for the people, and this change could be viewed as a way of mitigating potential reductions that might come from Westminster. We have paid a penny more in income tax for years up here, in exchange for more favourable financial situations for local councils, transport, and of course the NHS. The SNP has been effective enough in its administration to have no political competition for many years now, and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon.

    A long winded way of saying that I don’t have much fear with this change. Insofar as I trust any political entity, I would be happier with almost any other than the clowns that operate in Westminster. I shall now climb down from my soapbox.

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    To be fair – the Scottish Government has tried to consult with current claimants and disability organisations. They have delayed the start of taking responsibility until they could be as prepared as possible. Personally, I was hoping that they would take responsibility before I would have my PIP review so I would have liked it if they had taken responsibility sooner. I have found the MSP’s and ‘ministers’ at  Holyrood more approachable and communicative than those in Westminster.

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    For Brads information not all of Scotland wish to be independent but I’ll not get political other than say I respect everybody’s view no matter how they vote but your comment seems certain or fact when in fact it’s not the case for all of Scotland’s citizens it’s like me saying everyone in England voted Tory? 👍

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    Getting ready for independance, so they will need this stuff in place. and the best of luck to them.
    I love Scotland, maybe one day I will live up there rather than just visiting regularly.

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    Just my point of view but as far as oil and whisky goes there not worth a lot of money until there taxed and its the end user who pays that tax so the larger the population the more income and just hope that a population of 5 million can support such a wonderful support system.

    One thing I’ve learned over my 68 years is that ALL politician are lier’s and double crossing tow rags and will sell their mothers for your vote and it’s all too easy to have all the right answers when your not the engine driver.

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    There appears to be no entitlement to Mobility Allowance if you are over 65. This will be a major shock for those currently in receipt of it under PIP and a major loss of income to be able to afford a car.

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    It can be if you are over 65. No Mobility Allowance will be paid, so help with transport costs or the opportunity to have a car in lieu.

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    Should say no help.

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    Death rate in Scottish care homes twice that of England ones. Testing regime much worse.

    Scottish performance re Covid looks good thanks to supine MSM but the reality is far different.

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    Let’s get back to motoring 🚘🇬🇧👍

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    Footloose, I’ve been bad. I should never have indulged in political banter. I’ll not do it again. Right, how about religion then? 😉

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    lol😂your welcome at mine anytime and that applies to all my English,Welsh,Irish and wherever your from forum friends..however it is bucketing down currently ☔️ 👍

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    We love you littledave, your welcome up here any time, along with the rest of our English, Welsh and Irish friends on the forum and out with.

    I can’t believe you brought that up littledave, bad judgement in my opinion.

    Scotland is open for business and as we’ve had no covid deaths in a couple of weeks its safe to come.

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    I wonder how this will affect me – I’m still on DLA.

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    Chris i think you’ll need to do the pip assessment then in 2021 you’ll need to do the Scottish one.

    my wife’s pip assessment is due for review oct this year

    i did my pip last year and thought that was it because it was so hard to go through

    now they bring in yet another new system , im hoping  that you i will just move over i really dont want to go through the degrading humiliating assessment again

    its a worrying time yet again

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    do we think we might just automatically move over to the new benefit if we just recently be through a PIP assessment

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    I’ve still got “indefinite” award on my forms. Hopefully they’ve just forgotten about me.

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