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    After going through my PiP assessment last year and other people I now  going through the same. I noticed a similarity with them, in that we answer all the questions and we tick the appropriate box for the question that we feel is appropriate to use I.E  1. Preparing food.  Tick  One A to F  so we tick a letter Say we complete the form then submit it , we go for the assessment then they quizz you on what we put on the form and submit their options on all the questions , Then we wait up to 8 weeks to find the results (hope your still with me ) I have heard different things like assessor said claimant walks their dog , but they don’t have a dog claimant was calm and relaxed should no signs of anxiety ect ect ,  so <b>1. Preparing food. </b>you tick  A but the assessor awards you<b> F  </b>and does the same for all questions ….


    I was wondering if anyone that’s been through pip have had the assessor agree with what you put on the form and ticked the same boxes, or are they just disregarding what we’v put on it put what they want

    hope this makes sense

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    My assor was actually really nice she spent most of the time playing with my guide dog William, but in fairness most people do that even the lady in my local VW dealer.

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    The more information that you give to a given question is your friend. Don’t just tick the checkbox, give details that are true and accurate. Read each question and understand what they are asking you. Use their terminology!  You can do something but, you can’t do so in a safe and timely manner without risk to yourself or others.

    By giving them answers in such away helps stop the assessor substituting your answers with a totally fictional account.

    It also helps when your case goes before a decision maker for checking. YOUR  answers and the assessors are worlds apart. A good DM should here bells ringing. Something not quite right here.

    But if you only tick the box then you are giving the assessor “artistic licence” to put in what they like.

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    I found they took no notice of the what I had written on the form and just put what they wanted.

    They even pointed out that I had a good grip on my walking stick so that went against me.

    Took 14 months via tribunal to get my award.

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    Depends on the assessor you get I think.  My transfer from DLA to PIP was a disaster, assessor wrote I walked 85m to the assessment room from the car park, in fact it was around 15m as I was dropped off at the front door of the building.  So that lost my mobility award and of course the car 🙁


    Next assessment was a home visit, I’d been in hospital the day before and couldn’t really walk at all, I was seated the entire assessment.  She still wrote I walked over 30m to my car, difficult as a: I never even stood up and b: the car is right outside the front door so 12m at most.  At least I managed to get standard mobility that time.


    My last assessment form came just before Christmas, I wrote in the “any other information” box that I hoped the assessors wouldn’t tell lies this time and let them know about the previous two assessments.  To my surprise I got a paper based assessment and awarded enhanced mobility and standard care for an “ongoing period” which should be 10yrs.

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