Pip anyone been turned down ?

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    Had letter in post today my DLA finishes October I’ve had motability car for 20 years phoned them up and put a claim in today for PIP said I would get form in 2 weeks gave them my local doctor hospital doctor etc

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    In my case, and I assume its the same for most folk who go to appeal is after the DWP make their decision you get a letter saying something along the lines of “your DLA/PIP will stop on ‘such and such date’” or if like me with my care allowance increasing from middle to higher rate but the mobility part going from higher rate to lower rate the letter just explains how much they will pay you in future for the award they gave you and for how long and of course giving you the good news that your car is going if you don’t get the higher rate.

    Once you lodge your appeal all the payments that were set out in the outcome letter will continue but the extra money for higher rate mobility will stop.

    If and when you win your appeal you will have a back payment from DWP back to the day they stopped paying you high rate mobility. The amount you get will depend on how long you kept your Motability car after losing higher rate but that’s a minefield of variations so can’t say anything certain on that as my case could be different from other cases because of the Motability transition handshake you get if you lose DLA that only counts if its a DLA to PIP transition and not a PIP to PIP transition.

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    Letter said my DLA stops in October

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    AFAIK It shouldn’t stop until after your PIP assessment unless you did not respond to the “your DLA is ending” letter.

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    Andy MacNicol

    I had no problem getting my PIP 3 years ago. The local council here has a benefits advisor and he filled in the form for me asking me the relevant questions and advising me how to deal with the face to face assessment. That was no problem as a lovely lady visited me at home and went through the process with a great deal of understanding as she was a nurse of some years experience. In Scotland, these assessments are no longer carried out by ATOS or any other private company. The Scottish Government decided that they would deal with assessments directly and have employed their own staff to deal with claimants. This means that they are more sympathetic towards claimants as they are no longer chasing targets.

    I also had a letter recently advising me that instead of the benefit running for 3 years as previously, it would continue for 10 years before I was reassessed. That was a great relief as I was in a bit of a panic about whether I would still qualify even though my condition is a lot worse now.

    For many reasons, I am grateful to live in Scotland as the Government here have the health and well-being of the people as one of their priorities unlike the uncaring, money driven policies pursued by Westminster.

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    Menorca Mike

    My form came went to cab filled in sent back with doctors letters

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    Menorca Mike

    Wonder how long it will be before I hear anything ?

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    My story is very much like yours Andy, I didn’t need a home visit on my renewal thankfully and like your good self was given an “ongoing” 10 year min award

    What a relief it is when you actually read it!

    I too live in Scotland and used the Welfare rights department of my local Council, great service, have filled in my forms over the last few years, it’s good having someone in your corner rather staring into space when the form lands on your door step

    The last time I spoke to them, coupe of years ago now he was saying that people like us who had been given such lengthy awards and were on the higher rates of PIP May not have to reapply for Esa every 3 years which is the standard length of time ( in Scotland anyway ) as it was deemed a waste of money and resources and unnecessary for us poor sods to go through

    That would be another major bonus if this was actually  implemented

    You’re spot on about the Scottish Gov actually giving a monkey about us less fortunate souls!


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    Some interesting reading but for personally for me I do wish the DWP take note of the statement there in where DNS say “The DWP should take proper account of disabled people’s evidence at the mandatory reconsideration stage.”

    In my case it would have saved me loads of stress and would have saved them loads of money but hey oh.


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    @mike Hi, any sign of your forms turning up yet and if so, are you getting on ok with them? ( Hope you don’t mind me asking? )  Hopefully you will breeze your way through to the correct result after  your face to face if you have to have one.

    Btw, I can’t remember if I reminded you to make sure you photocopy everything before you send it away.

    Once you’ve had your F2F you might get a text a few days later,  if they have your mobile number, to let you know that they have all the info they need, if not, give it a few days and then you can ring and ask for a copy of the assessors report, it will give you a good idea of how you’ve scored on the descriptors, although the DWP decision maker can change them but at least you’ll get an idea.

    Anyhoo, I hope you are getting on with it ok. Good luck!




    Any news on how @Tomas and @macca got on at their F2F’s? I do hope all went well for them both on the day, fingers crossed! ( Again, I hope you don’t mind me asking? )

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    Hi Zelda, my F2F is all done now, it was underlined to me that they are just as unenjoyable whether attending as a chaperone or a claimant, having now done both. Its also now clear to me that no two assessors have the same approach. The assessor encouraged me to obtain a copy of the report as soon as its available, which I will, and i’ll find out in due course what the decision is.

    If need be it will be MR then appeal. One thing is for sure, i have no control over the result and so i won’t be losing any sleep over it, got enough going on as my wife is all set for a joint replacement surgery this week so that very much has to be our focus right now.

    Very best of luck to anyone else going through it just now.

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    Menorca Mike

    Zelda my form came last Monday I went to cab Tuesday and posted it Wednesday with photo copies etc it’s great to have you back we have missed you on here

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    My AR1 review form came yesterday,it states “have things have changed since your original award”.When i submitted my original pip form i was refused and appealed and  achieved my awards from court decision.

    My question is do the Ar1 review forms take into account original pip form or court rulings when comparing the answers to questions?


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    I had the C.A.B. fill the form in for me as firstly they have very helpful and knowledgable staff and secondly I can’t hold a pen long enough to fill the form in, it’s free so give them a call and make an appointment, get as much help as you can.

    +1 I did the same

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Hiya @MenorcaMike

    WOW! What a lovely thing to say Mike, thank you for your very kind and unexpected words, they are very much appreciated. Very nice of you indeed to say such things, thank you!   🙂 I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to drop by, sadly.

    I’m assuming from your name change that you’ve jetted off for your holidays, I hope that you have a super time and that the change of scenery does you the world of good but please could you bring the sunshine back with you, i’m getting a bit fed up of all the rain we’ve been having. 🙁  Have a great time Mike! 🙂

    I’m glad that you’ve got the form filling out of the way, those forms are a job and a half, especially since you have to be so specific with your replies. What a nightmare, let’s hope that your award will be for the full 10 years so that you don’t have to go through it all again for a very long time. Please keep me informed as to how you get on, my fingers will be crossed for you. Good luck! 🙂

    Thank you again for your very kind words, they meant a lot especially since i’m just a noob around here 🙂



    Hi @macca

    First of all, I am very sorry to hear that your wife is to have to undergo surgery this week. Even the most routine of surgeries are still enough to worry the most hardened of souls, so I can imagine things are a bit stressful in your house at the mo. I hope all goes well and that your wife is soon fully recovered and feeling tickety boo. Take care of yourself too, when you’re not 100% yourself, it’s not easy to look after someone else too, so make sure to be kind to yourself 🙂

    You are quite right not to worry too much about your claim at the mo, as you said, you can’t change much at this stage, so you’d just be fretting for no good reason and you have enough on your plate to deal with this next week or two, so you have the right attitude to it all.

    Anyway, I hope that you get your full award without the need for an MR or appeal, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and also for your wife.



    Hi @paul

    Treat it like you are putting a brand new claim in. There is no guarantee that they will read past claim forms, so just assume that they won’t read them and go from scratch.

    Give as much info about your difficulties as you can bearing in mind the descriptors.

    On an earlier post on this thread, I added a link to the Self Test on the Benefits And Work website, have a go at that to remind yourself about the descriptors and the wording they are looking for.

    Earlier on in the thread Joss recommended joining the B&W site to access their information, however, if you don’t want to, yourable forum will always try to help if you have specific questions, as will the good folk around here, i’m sure. Good luck with your form and the rest of the process.

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    Menorca Mike

    No Zelda I’m still here I went to Menorca a lot years ago and young Brydo on here wanted advice as was thinking of going there next year ! Great to have you back I love your advice and comments many thanks

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    I have a lot of very useful files regarding benefits. PDF format are we allowed to post these as required? All I can see photo formats.

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    Just a quick word about getting help, if I can do such a thing as a quick word. ?

    I never got anyone to help me with the original PIP form and that was one hell of a mistake.

    Reading my previous post you will see I’ve said what my doctor said after losing higher rate mobility by 2 points i.e. “THEY JUST NEED TO LOOK AT YOU”.

    I use a pavement disability scooter to go everywhere and apart from getting from the drivers seat of my car to the rear to unload the scooter it would be hard for anyone to ever see me walking/stumbling/tripping.

    At the assessment I unloaded the scooter from the boot of the car with my carer wife help 200 metres down the road from the centre, drive into the centre and get up from scooter in to a chair and waited to be called. I did get up and with the help of my walking/stumbling/tripping stick made my way to the toilet all of 5 metres away and under observation of cameras.

    I proceed to the interview room on scooter, out of scooter into seat, no walking but was asked to stand again and when the assessor seen my instability quickly told me to sit down again. Interview finishes and I leave on the scooter.

    I lost high rate but then went out and got help from a lottery/council/volunteer walk in centre and as soon as they seen me walk (left scooter in car not worth the hassle of unloading back before I got a hoist) the 20 metres guess what they said “I can’t believe they took away your higher rate, THEY JUST GOT TO LOOK AT YOU”.

    Even at the tribunal I was asked by judge and doctor how I walk and said “I find it very hard to explain why I can’t walk but I can demonstrate what happens when I do try to walk” and with that with stick in hand I start to get out of the court seat I was IN. They both said with urgency “No don’t walk but try your best to explain”, won’t go into how I did that now but will say this, no one, not one official have ever seen me walk even to this day.

    So no matter what else always get help right from the start and I repeat what my helper told me the day I met her “YOU SHOULD HAVE COME TO US EARLIER”.

    Say no more.

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    we have had a Thread like it before, but soon disappears of the front page. I’ve put the idea to the Others of having  a sticky with and under the Forum Favourites with useful contact numbers etc for such content, being Quarter change WMC I’m sure you can appreciate is very busy with the home page, we will get back to you when we can. I don’t see any issue other than depending on source and Interlectual Rights but we could monitor that as we go along.

    thank you for the suggestion thinking of others, much appreciated.

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    Which Mobility Car

    @mods I have a lot of very useful files regarding benefits. PDF format are we allowed to post these as required? All I can see photo formats.


    If you email them to me, I can host and provide a link to the files.


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    Lol, thanks WMC

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    Well, got the DWP text this morning to tell me they’ve had the F2F assessment report, so made the call to ask for a copy.

    Keeping an open mind and will see what it says when it lands.


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    Fingers are crossed for everybody going through this ??

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    Wouldn’t yer know it, just as I’m waiting on a copy of my pip assessment report, my local post office depot goes on an unofficial week long strike. The strike has ended now, so hopefully things will get back to normal shortly.

    On the upside my wife’s surgery went well and she’s back home. Now the long tough road to recovery starts.

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    Glad to hear that mrs macca has got the hardest part over and done with macca, as you say, long road to recovery now but at least she’s home and can take her time getting well in her own surroundings and where she can get some proper rest, so that she makes a full and speedy recovery.

    Hopefully your assessment report will soon turn up and that it will put your mind at rest a bit. Fingers crossed!

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    I’ve not heard yet Zelda been nearly 3 weeks is that good news ?

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